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  1. I visited Sasha recently and would like to second the above recommendation. Her location is great (near IKEA in the west en) and she set up a wonderful atmosphere. She is extremely attractive especially if you like them slim. I am reluctant to go into appearance but she has a terrific body. Her boobies are wonderful and responsive but she is very shy about them because they are not very big. She need not worry at all. As well, her bottom and legs are what one dreams about. After a wonderful back rub to break the ice we proceeded and I won't go into details but she was very attentive to my needs. Anyway the encounter was excellent and once we finished we chatted with no regard for time. All in all, I plan on seeing her again.
  2. I have had the pleasure of being with Emma a couple of times in the past few weeks and really need to let everyone know that the above recommendations are no exaggeration. She is truly wonderful. Her location is very easy to get to and parking is right outside. From the moment you arrive until you leave you will be treated to someone who is very enthusiastic especially if you like giving her pleasure. By the time the hour was up, we both were exhausted. All the details you need are included in the previous recommendations and so I won't go into them, but you will not be disappointed.
  3. I agree completely with this post. There is a place to go for ads and they are organized by SP versus MA. I couple of times I clicked on a shout to find it was a MA not SP.
  4. There are two lovely asian ladies at Laurier and Bank and I would recommend Apple.
  5. Add me to the list of addicts. Maybe I am one step away from being addicted to the providers too.
  6. I would like to second everything that Ryan1967 said in his review of Emily. My time with CERB mirrors his and although I have not had a bad experience, I still was nervous and Emily took care of me in the most warm and sensual way to a point that 10 seconds into a welcoming joint shower, I was completely relaxed and went on to the same experience mentioned above. I also had a second visit that was also exceptional although with the difference of a closeness that comes with familiarity were everything slowed down to a very relaxing and pleasurable time. I hope to have many more visits with Emily in the future.
  7. I paid a visit to Jody this week and had a truly amazing time. She was very attractive, warm and loving. Her location is quite central in the Parkdale area and she made me feel very much welcome into what is undoubtably her home. We had a shower together to get acquainted and carried on the from there. Without going into details, she was very accomodating to my needs and yet made me feel like she was eager for her part as well. I was reluctant to recommend her, wanting to save her for myself, but I read the other comments and thought that I should update everyone and agree that we should give her all the support we can.
  8. Summer, I am new to verb and may represent a growing demographic of those that are retiring in Ottawa and realizing that life is too short and need something added. In this regard, they are looking for incalls and daytime. As far as Kanata is concerned, it would be good for some, but with time on our hands, we can go anywhere in the Ottawa area for a special experience.
  9. Yes, I am finding myself spending half my day just going through the material posted. It is fascinating and although I do have some funds, I am very cautious and nervous about what I am going to engage in. I do like however like the fact that there are some rules of that engagement and with CERB the ability to communicate with SPs in a confidential way with a great degree of mutual respect.
  10. Thanks everyone for your helpful comments. I will contact a sp soon and arrange for an appointment. I also enjoy reading the threads and social groups. I think CERB is a great idea for all concerned and congratulate those that are keeping it in good order.
  11. I am an older guy who is very happily married to someone who does not enjoy sex very much although I work very hard at trying to get her interested. It is am matter of age I guess. I would like to find a sp that would take care of my needs but this is new to me and I am quite nervous about it. Any ideas from hobbyist or sp.'s would be helpful.
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