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  1. t100025


    Once in a while. They change who it is once in a while but it seems universal that they're fake pictures. Service is usually decent, ladies often much older but not necessarily bad looking. Definitely not super model teens like the stock photos they use. They're pretty much the only ones advertising in this area that are real other then CJ. Don't have any CJ info, but pictures look real. It'll pick up now more after this covid stuff. By pick up I mean the occasional traveller. Not like Timmins gets much up here lol
  2. Little late but she's 110% the girl in the pics. As usual way better in person. Had a great time and she does a good massage Not sure if she'll be back around but maybe.
  3. In case you think the pics are too good to be true, she's real. Had a good time. Definitely worth a visit.
  4. t100025


    The ad stayed mostly the same for the asian but the pictures changed and the name is now Candy. Is it still the same woman? Anyway Keissy Hennessey is coming end of september, so that's a good one to try. If you're into petite young blondes with big boobs then she's for you. Her rates are higher than most around here but check her site out. That's really her, and she tends to look better in person.
  5. t100025

    honey , tall and thin

    There was a post in another forum but no real details. Just they they had a decent time with her, and that the pics are real, but somehow she's even skinnier than the pictures now. I'm sure others must have seen her by now but no one wants to post.
  6. Nadia ( 6312) & Jenny (8031) are definitely real, and definitely worth a visit. Just decided to take one for the team since there aren't any reviews up here for them, just some people asking and no responses lol. I've never done a Duo before but I thought it's worth a try. Both ladies are beautiful, very friendly, clean, and fun. Definitely worth the visit.
  7. No but she isn't stopping through like most, she's actually in an apartment building. She also is almost guaranteed to not be the girl in the pictures at all. Asian ad's usually always use fake pictures of young models.
  8. t100025

    Has anyone seen Angel Lee 4086?

    Nope. Angel Lee has been advertising on and off for some time. I'm sure someone must have but this forum is pretty inactive despite the views on threads. She seems to be local. There's also the really skinny Diamond, the busty blonde, and a couple others that appear occasionally. They all banded together at one point with a website and 'agency' that seemed to fall apart pretty fast. Ever since they've just been running separate ads. I'd usually stick to out of town ones. If you see Keissy come by, she advertises here and is well worth it. Check her site out and know who you see is who you get.
  9. t100025

    Question regarding BP

    It would be hit and miss. I've seen a few ad's pop up in Timmins recently, mostly black girls coming from who knows where. If you keep an eye on it, some seem to return, others like the one you posted are new. If you can find legit reviews or info elsewhere, then that's the best bet, otherwise you may have to take a chance. With that said a lot of these people coming by unfortunately have no reviews anywhere I can find them. I've had my eye on Hanna Angeles who seems to be coming by once in a while, but no info. You'd think someone would have seen her if she keeps coming back. A few black girls keep returning that may possibly be one girl. They all seem kind of similar and sometimes offer strap on play/toys. I did try one of them and left a review somewhat recently. She's not currently posting but she does return. She was legit, real pictures and all. Maybe I got lucky. I don't imagine the other black girls are scammers but I can't know for sure. There was recently a blonde supermodel girl who posted about the role play experience of a lifetime, nice pictures of a petite blonde girl. Google says she's a fake. Some people have seen her before, left reviews as a warning that it's a bait and switch, she's nowhere near the girls in the pictures. A site like this is generally more reputable, but unfortunately not used much.
  10. This place has been pretty dead, yet girls keep popping in and out of town for some reason, so I finally decided to check one out. http://sudbury.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/1st-time-6474868494timmins-sweet-lips-mixed-bangin-bodytoysst-on/40271716 Real pictures, and definitely worth a second visit. Guess I chose well.
  11. t100025

    Timmins Fun

    Check the local paper ads to see who's currently in town http://classifieds.timminspress.com/timmins/adult/search?ap_dsc=1 As of now, there's an asian offering massage who seems to be visiting, Desire's escort who is apparently an agency from Toronto, and a local lady. Keep an eye on the announcement section on cerb for this area to see which travelling ladies are coming by. http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=222
  12. t100025

    Timmins "desire's agency"

    Doesn't look like a Toronto number to me. Also, the ad never said from Toronto before. Must be a new thing.
  13. For the Asian Sandy, it's the same Ad as before, but a different name now. Last time it said "Kelly is back" so I guess Kelly left, and now it's this asian. Someone posted on another board that Kelly was fun, but the pictures were fake. It's likely that these pictures are also fake, but the girl may be alright.
  14. t100025

    timmins locals

    People that live in Timmins probably won't try out whatever local ladies pop up. They don't advertise anywhere but in the paper, and you won't know who or what you're getting. As for travelling ladies, there's a few that stop by throughout the year, and it seems like a few more decided to make the trip recently. I don't know who's convincing them to come all the way up here, but we should be glad they do. Upcoming ladies are: Victoria Jolie and Keissy Hennessey at the end of the month. There were also two upscale ladies offering duos last weekend. There will probably be a few more stopping by now that Summer is finally sort of here. If out of town, you can search timmins press classifieds to see who is currently advertising in the paper. Locals don't post anywhere online.
  15. t100025

    Emily Rushton

    If you're considering seeing Emily, stop considering and do it! You won't be disappointed when you see her. She's even hotter in person than in her pictures. She'll make you comfy and won't rush. You won't regret it.