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  1. Yes, she's local. No concerns. All legit.
  2. Chances are its a scam. Pay upfront on website. No thanks
  3. Same for valhalla. Gone down in the last year or so as per some of my coworkers.
  4. Ive seen her about 4 years ago and all was good back then.
  5. My thoughts exactly. Any info on an SP is good to have. We can then make our own judgement after and take with a grain of salt if need be. Ive seen Juliebbw and it all went smoothly. I had a hick up with Kodi. Now based on what i know its for me to pursue a meeting with Kodi again or not.
  6. I know that. Thats why i didnt post anything bad. I actually had a time lined up. She said yes to the time (in 45 minutes). And then no more communiation on her part.
  7. I got an initial response, but then it stopped. So not sure where to go with this one.
  8. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/northern-ontario/thunder_bay_sexy_and_ready_for_you-5145160
  9. I texted to find out the rates. She asking for a deposit. I replied back saying that I wasn't doing deposit and I'd pass. Her reply was that I was been reported for time wasting. WFT? So here the link. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/shemale-escorts/northern-ontario/thunder_bay_new_pictures_and_video-4941043 Here's a pic of the texts
  10. Nice body. But no comment. Please read between the lines. I did toftt once and found out the pics were fake but she was a gem and ended up repeating. I figured i would try again and had my fingers crossed.
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