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  1. I didnt mean to target all providers. You're right about checking for references. Leolist providers in most cases are fake or sketchy. I would never send a deposit to a lady i've never met before. As for sending a deposit to you Sugar, Amber and Emily R. , you are the only 3 ladies I would send one so far if needed.
  2. She's real and very nice lady. Can't go wrong with her.
  3. Can't go wrong with Amber. Great lady. Sam is real. Susie and Julie also. Lola if not in jail.
  4. Read the thread. There's already a link!!!
  5. Read her ad. You have to call. No texting
  6. I agree with Youngblood807. I saw a few years ago. Had a good time also.
  7. I wasnt sure if she had been released on the no deposit bail.
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