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  1. igab

    Cute shoes. â¤ï¸
  2. igab

    Looks familiar! ð??ð???
  3. igab

    Nom nom nom nom
  4. igab

    IMG 0051

    I always enjoy your curves...nice picture sweetie!
  5. As a long time hobbiest I'm not a big fan of COF. I've never done it and really don't see the point of it. It seems to be something that got introduced into porn and then people thought they'd act it out for real with an SP or a willing partner. For me cumming in her mouth, pussy or ass holds way more appeal as it's really about the feeling as opposed to the visual. IMHO it seems somewhat disrespectful and that's probably because I'm old school. I don't like to do things that might degrade a woman; instead I like to have mutual pleasure. That's why I tend to go with a favorite and stick with her as the sex gets better and better. I guess you'd say I'm a big fan of GFE and I just can't see myself enjoying COF or her enjoying it either for that matter.
  6. My first hint would have been in reading the ad. She describes herself as "busty" and the young lady pictured in the ad is anything but busty...so ya.
  7. Just be aware that you are creating a paper trail or maybe in more modern parlance, an electronic trail of your economic activity. Those records will be subject to subpoena by folks like Revenue Canada or LEO investigators.
  8. Every so often I go to a strip club...once a year usually. I mean I'm kinda addicted to my ATF but I get the yearning for strippers every now and then. So I poked my head into the Nuden tonight. It was dead but my eye caught a gorgeous black girl called Diamond (not her real name lol). She came over and chatted with me and we hit it off so good that we were laughing our asses off and surprisingly got very personal with our information exchange. 20 years old and just a sweetheart we went in for a few dances. We had a lot of fun and I highly recommend her.
  9. igab


    Mmmm very sexy
  10. igab

    MMMMMM there's that hair I love so much!
  11. igab

    20150225 133745 1

    Now that's a great bum!
  12. igab


    Very nice!
  13. igab

    Very sexy pic
  14. igab

    OH my my my!!!!
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