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    A place to relax, slow down, and admire the beauty of a woman's legs.
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    I am creating a Special Group for those who ADORE breasts.. ( , ) ( , ) place your favorite breast shots!!
  • Public Club  ·  Last active

    A group dedicated to the ladies that wish to not wear any support for their breasts and their bum too. We salute you !
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    For the fan of the separation between a woman's breasts, it is also revered to the separation between her butt cheeks. Often revealed by a low cut dress or low cut undies.
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    This newly founded group was initiated by Peachy, I just formed the group. We welcome men and ladies that enjoy the seductive view of sexy feet, and legs. Ladies please do give us some photo's of your feet, and lets enjoy sexy part of the anatomy.
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    This social group is for spinners and those that love them. The Online Slang Dictionary defines a spinner as "[a] women so small and light you can literally spin her around while she is on top of you during sex".
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    Ginger, scarlet, auburn, chestnut. So much variety, but so rare. Are you a redhead? Do you love redheads? Join us to exchange information, experiences, pictures, have social events, etc, all in appreciation of that rarest of beauties, the redhead.
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