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  1. Hi friends, Still new and looking for advice! I've had two successful clients in December, which were fabulous! I found the verification process not user friendly and my 9-5 picked up so I took a break after that. I've been back since then and done some research, as you can see, but running into some interesting issues that have slowed me down and I do wonder if anyone has any suggestions. I don't want to ask for a deposit, but I've been stood up twice now, super disheartening. Any suggestions around that would be wonderful, its just kinda a bummer tbh. I've also experienced many texts asking "what services do you offer?" which I'm not really sure how to answer, considering I've posted the above ad. What else should I include? Is it really appropriate to start listing every act you're up for? I'm not trying to write a softcore porn novel over here... Thanks Lyla friends, for creating a pretty cool spot for a newbie to ask questions! xo Trish
  2. Thanks! I think I’m looking to stay more local, for now. I’m working on this verification process and I feel like even after this second cup of coffee I’ll need more 😂 thanks again for the info!
  3. Where is the best place to post ads for Thunder Bay? 💋 thanks new friends!
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