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    Never had a serious relation until I was 30 which brought me to ottawa, now single

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  1. Kufaw


    making me horny now
  2. Kufaw


    love to see that
  3. Kufaw


    look lovely
  4. Kufaw

    Unwrap me

    call me 613-897-6691
  5. Kufaw

    Unwrap me

    love to see you
  6. Kufaw


    love to have you call me 613 897 6691
  7. Kufaw

  8. Kufaw

    Please call me
  9. Kufaw


    are you in town this weekend
  10. Kufaw

    Optimized IMG 7455

    I acually have a pretty face, at least I think so
  11. Kufaw

    its that for a massage?? if so I want it
  12. Kufaw

    beautiful ass
  13. hair down, didn't have the patience to read through all the texts so, sex first thing in the morning or last thing before going to sleep? im horny both times lol
  14. if someone cleaned my place in 10 layers of fur, I would be happy. Dang, boobs are nice but i need a maid..ha ha
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