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  1. Sweet Jesus, now even the Russian media is criticizing the Canadian government as an oppressive regime. Where's Jean Chretien when you need him?! [B][URL="http://www.rt.com/news/310692-canada-terrorism-human-rights/"]Canadaâ??s new anti-terrorism law may violate human rights, UN committee says [/URL] [/B]
  2. We must stop indoctrinating boys in feminist ideology Feminist organisations, backed by government policy, are teaching young boys at school to feel guilty and ashamed of their gender, writes Dan Bell
  3. They may have visited and thought, "Shit, these aggressive bastards will destroy themselves attempting to fight us off with nukes...let these idiots be." Or maybe we're an arcade game where an alien inserts a quarter and plays 'being human'. Or maybe we're just a garden for aliens who feed upon our souls. Maybe there's an alien 'auction', where the highest bids are paid for those human souls who've lived the most interesting lives, and then they plug into our experiences like we watch a movie. Maybe we're alien 'porn'.
  4. If you're going mess civilian, prepare for the fallout. I'd say stay married and hobby! Now that I'm not married anymore, half the thrill of it is gone, which I guess is why I'm into backrooms at stripjoints now, for the thrill of getting away with things I shouldn't! ;-)
  5. Of course there are aliens. I don't know much, but I know enough that our puny ape minds cannot comprehend what is out there. We may be sharing our world with aliens, in fact; we may simply not have the senses to be aware of them. So we have five sense, whoop dee doo, there may be 10 senses, 20 senses, countless senses available to other beings.
  6. Didn't realize we were doing remakes. I'm too tired to find them and post them, but google ziggy stardust bowie and ziggy stardust bauhaus. And google magazine light pours of me and peter murphy (of bauhaus) light pours out of me
  7. It doesn't matter what we think is beautiful. What do you like? Blondes, brunettes? Skinny, thick? Black, white? Jesus Christ, what are we here, mind readers? Tell us what you like.
  8. I had to instruct a girl who grew up to that it's a remake...... and that there's no comparison. Speaking of Lou Reed, backed up by David Bowie, Alcohol, nothing like it: One must be perfectly coiffed and dressed whilst exploring underground tunnels:
  9. Jesus fucking Christ, did you have to pick one of Duran Duran's worst songs?! There, that's better.
  10. Well aren't you a cool motherfcuker....nice choice! ;-) I'll see your Blue Monday and raise you a True Faith In fact, I'll see my True Faith and raise me a Fuck, you can feel them mourning for Ian Curtis.
  11. [quote name=Zeno;694018 Oldblueeyez' date=' I'm picking up on a theme, LOL. Being happily married, I'm worried reading that book may change my feelings towards marriage and women but thanks for posting. I'm going to give my wife an extra hug tonight. Any other suggestions for books?[/quote] Marriage. Meh. Even when it's with a little hottie, it's like, how many times can you fcuk the SOH? Been there done that. I don't agree with everything that book says, but damn, a few things ring too fcuking true.
  12. Naww, that's just half it. We pay them to come because we couldn't get such awesome women otherwise, but having had to live with an awesome woman for a while, yeah, the other half is that they just leave and lose our number. lol
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