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  1. Hi, Any Intel about the asians at Queen Mary? It's been a while, and wondering if they're worth a trip?
  2. starboy869


    Would anyone be able to PM me a contact number for Harley located in the DT area.
  3. Hi, There's a a bunch of ads for asians at maplecrest . Would this worth a trip? I'm not sure if it's just one or more.
  4. starboy869

    Asian Judy

  5. Any thoughts or experiences? https://www.verifiedsexy.com/escort/carolanne/Phone_343-333-7522/204616/
  6. starboy869

    Asian Suko

    has anyone dip into one of the other asians that travel here?
  7. starboy869

    Asian Suko

    any Intel? I won't be able to make it for a couple of weeks.
  8. starboy869

    Good Asians?

    I wish 0838 would offer at least a one day option of duals. I never tried two at once Would there be anyway to pass this on to their boss? cause if they got a hold of me a day or two beforehand I could make it.
  9. starboy869

    Asian GIGI

    Ok thank you. I'll probably wait for the switch up. Semi wishing for MIMI or Emma.
  10. starboy869

    Asian Suko

    thank you the heads up
  11. starboy869

    Asian GIGI

    Hi, Would anyone know if the Asian 0838 would be the same Gigi from a year or two ago?
  12. starboy869

    Vivan 0838

    Looks like she was switched out with Anna. From what remember she's good.
  13. starboy869

    Vivan 0838

    I'm wondering as well. However it for myself it might be a couple of weeks before I'm able to venture on over.
  14. starboy869

    Another 0838 Post

    Any Intel on the new spinner? I decided to skip zaza and wait for the next one.
  15. starboy869

    Another 0838 Post

    No idea. I'm just waiting for nana, Emma, or Lily to come back.