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  1. IT was over a year since my last visit just happened to be in town contacted GINA she was available very clean and took sanitizing very serious very impressed a wonderful time again she is amazing made the trip very worth while she is a real gem
  2. seel48


    Travelling thru the area for the holidays and took a chance to book some time with her.Luckily she had time to see me It had been a quite awhile since i had seen her set up 2 hour appointment and the time flew by I left a very happy gentleman still first class in my books Thanks for seeing me Gina always a great time
  3. seel48


    I hooked up with Gina after not being in the area for a while once again a super Lady fun time as before will not go into any details but quality time.My 2 hour visits fly by. I travel western Canada a lot and she is my still my favorite.
  4. seel48


    Meet with Gina a couple of weeks back spent 2 wonderful hours with this gem easy to contact great conversation and the rest was even better will not go into details very good value.Thanks Gina till next time.
  5. Had the pleasure of meeting with this fine lady yesterday very easy to be with.Great surroundings and a body you can't keep your hands off of.Will be repeating shortly and often.
  6. Spent the afternoon with Gabby was the best time ever Thanks:icon_biggrin::-)
  7. Seen in may had a wonderful time highly recommend!! will back shortly for a visit.:icon_biggrin:
  8. Highly recommend Saskatchewans best keep secret:D
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