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  1. Code orange isn't to bad , just make sure the girl is clean ect.
  2. I found her on Twitter , her name is hazel roots incase anyone wanted to see more if her stuff
  3. A place for sexy cosplay girls in and around the world .
  4. I'm making this thread so people can comment and figure out where to travel and where not to during this Covid pandemic problem the world is having . As of right now starting Thursday November 12 Winnipeg , mb is in code red and most travel will be restricted in Manitoba , I'm not sure how long . But if your traveling please be safe out their ladies
  5. Walked in and WOW .... i was speechless , she was dressed in a cute little skirt that barley fit and was showing off just enough to get me going . I'm a man that likes heels and she has a wide selection of just that . We go right to buisness I asked for a massage and she was willing even afterwards to . Very pretty girl very small I would repeat , I notice she travels with Jay Lynn quiet a bit who also recommended her so I thought I'd give it a try . Worth it .
  6. I'm finding hard to believe some girls are real . Can someone point me in the right direction for Brandon and Winnipeg ?
  7. I really appreciate it thank you very much
  8. Sorry I'm very new to this , I'm just not sure where to begin , I would maybe stay clear or the sps who do kiss because it's a respotiry sickness .... But then again should we were a mask to .. ? I find it more relaxing that a sp doesn't offer kissing or bare service , I'm trying this new hobby probly at the worst time lol
  9. I noticed alot of providers don't provide kissing die to Covid (of so they say ) should we be worried about the ones that do kiss ?
  10. Seen jaylynn in Brandon for the first time. She's a BBW as stated on her add , clean , pretty face and huge boobs . Very friendly made me laugh alot . I would repeat .
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