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  1. Total scam. She's hijacked someone's website. Requires a deposit, which is fine, but at the last moment asks for the balance by e-transfer, then disappears.
  2. Don't touch this ... ♕〓♡〓♕PROPER♕ PRESTIGE PLAY♕〓♡〓 | Halifax | Nova Scotia | Female Escorts | LeoList
  3. I met Berlin a couple of weeks ago after weather prevented our first date. She is an absolute delight. Pretty as a picture, relaxed, smart as a tack. Enthusiastic, genuine and delightfully responsive. Just the perfect date. I will always endeavour to be at the front of the queue any time she chooses to grace us with her presence.
  4. Interesting, but the key word I think is "extreme." What I gathered from the Lustig video is that over exposure to dopamine actually caused cell death. I don't know if "fasting" can repair this, but if you go cold turkey early enough, perhaps it can be mitigated.
  5. He ain't the only one! I guess the argument comes down to whether the addiction is to the behavior or the response. Either way it isn't a good place to be.
  6. Here's an interesting video. A little technical, but it covers something a friend asked a while ago. She wondered why so many younger people today are so troubled. My response was that the life we live in the developed West is now so dissociated from the life for which we were designed that major structural problems were emerging. So many of our mores and social structures were built around our actual and deep seated biological needs and motivations and with their erosion in the mistaken belief that we were "advancing", we are coming up against a hard reality. Anyway, listen and learn ...
  7. Mind you, a lot of eminent people in the medical field have been accused of that lately. With disastrous consequences. I don't know enough to critique him myself, but happy to learn.
  8. Two very thoughtful posts. Well considered and written. Just to throw something in, I was watching a fascinating video regarding serotonin and dopamine. (Happy to provide the link if anyone is interested). Interestingly, they interfere with each other, but the big take away is that you can easily and quickly become acclimated to dopamine. It actually becomes a clinical addiction. You need more and more to achieve the same "high". So while you may not be sex addicted, you can become so to the neurochemical effects that sex produces. As for Berlin's penultimate paragraph, that is truly inspired. Pretty much every trade and many products can be "evil" if used or sold by the ill-intentioned. Just think of the slave labour that is used to produce everyday objects. As Orpheo says and Berlin agrees, just because something can be evil is no reason to ban it outright. People often clamour for "clamping down" or making up new laws, when our basic legal code already allows for effective prosecution, if only the officials responsible would do their job.
  9. I wouldn't assume that for a minute. Far more likely your scammer used someone else's photo's.
  10. Thread here . Bunch of very suspect posts (check out how many are new with next to no other posts.
  11. Concur. That's high end even for Toronto. I could get over three hours with one of the fabulous ladies with whom I am familiar for that rate. For two hours' worth I could get a bloody overnight!
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