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  1. Thanks for that. It’s what I would have assumed to be the case, although it’s kind of inevitable that it would become more common usage.
  2. That's certainly my impression, but would love to hear from providers if they mean anything by it.
  3. Is this phrase a well established code, or does it all depend on the provider? Asking for a friend 😉
  4. Now that was a transcendental experience! I opted for a long KGFE session and Cherry's outfit was both mind and body boggling! She is just as gorgeous as her photo's suggest, only more so. And attired in around 3 square feet of leather and zips, there's a danger you'll forget how to speak. For our date we split it into two somewhat unequal halves, with the D/S first and a smooth, almost invisible and unspoken transition to more conventional activity to finish. The kink phase was fabulous! I'm not at all experienced in the art, but Cherry judged the mood and level just perfectly. It will be interesting to look in the mirror tomorrow, that's all I will say. Communication beforehand with her secretary was excellent also. I was able to make clear what my aims and limitations were and Cherry had clearly thought about how to play it beforehand. She is just the most wonderful companion. Involved, genuine, very responsive and skilled beyond measure. I will most certainly be at or near the head of the queue when she returns to grace our fair city.
  5. Quick update. Not only does she ask for a deposit but she sent me a "selfie" of Stormi Skies!
  6. IN/outcall | Halifax | Nova Scotia | Female Escorts | LeoList Anyone? Yandex came up with nothing, but I don't think the outlet in the background is North American. Also pic's seem to be of two different girls. If legit, looks interesting.
  7. Yandex didn't throw anything up I could see. Area code is GTA.
  8. Well, that was an experience and a half! I'd always been intrigued by Melody's LL ad', but for some reason I'd never taken the plunge. Very glad I did. For starters, she is absolutely lovely. Just the prettiest face you've ever seen, with a well toned, perfectly (for me at least) shaped body and delightfully soft skin. We chatted for a bit, what with it being our first meeting and then almost casually got things underway. She has some serious skills and I was soon on cloud nine, where I remained for the rest of my visit. The ending was one for the ages! She loves what she does and does it very well indeed. Receptive, responsive and altogether a delight to spend the morning with. I will be back. Just need a bit of a rest!
  9. So I recently visited Melody (I'll post a review separately if she's cool with that). The reason she can be hard to reach is that she has quite a dedicated following so doesn't advertise much. When she does she gets a flood of texts and if you haven't followed the instructions in her ad', you will be at the back of a long queue. Which would be a shame as she is dynamite!
  10. available all night! horny and clean | Halifax | Nova Scotia | Female Escorts | LeoList. Anyone seen this young lady? All looks a bit too good to be true. Image search threw up an SP ad from Ontario (no date) and area code is Alberta.
  11. !!!!!!Play with me babe!!!!! | Halifax | Nova Scotia | Female Escorts | LeoList Photos show up on Yandex. Some are from MetArt.
  12. I've taken to adding the Lyla Review filter to LL. Only way to be sure.
  13. Yes I have, but the bait is usually Caucasian. It was one of the numerous 19-23 olds with full face pics. Turned up to find a Chinese girl, with little to no English. Made my excuses and left. Always worth using Greenteal's "how to" guide to check the photos. They've pretty much all appeared elsewhere. Can't say whether they are trafficked or not, but it's rife.
  14. I'd be interested to hear from SPs why so few offer Greek services. Is it because most guys don't know how to do it properly, or is it more of a hygiene issue? I've heard from a couple of ladies I visit that they had a bad experience, so longer do it.
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