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  1. I know the topic post isn't you I was just clarifying who Johnboy43 meant and assumed he was talking about you 😊
  2. Oh I'm not arguing that. Just saying she might ALSO be pregnant lol.
  3. Her Only Fans says she's pregnant and in her 3rd trimester. Could also explain an absence. But also maybe she doesn't change her headline often either so who knows.
  4. Have people here seen her lately? I know there's a pretty lengthy post about her.
  5. You are a gentleman and a scholar! Thank you!
  6. Most of them don't specify the gender of their duo partner, they just say they offer duos. You could always message and ask if they have a male duo partner. The default for most is likely female as that's more often what people are looking for but doesn't mean MF isn't an option. Could also check the male escorts section on LL for the same and ask if they have a female duo option.
  7. Has anyone tried to see Bella? I checked her pics in google images but didn't really see anything. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_-8877969
  8. No. Not really. I'm just curious. And she's so damn hot lol.
  9. She changed it. The deposit was $100 per hour booked but with min 2 hour bookings it meant everyone was giving her $200 which is a lot for someone with no local reviews who has multiple posts saying she was coming here. If she is just 100% a scammer I hope no one got tricked. She does have lots of good reviews as well but there's also a juicy merb thread so who knows. Real turned scammer? Real but scams outside the areas she actually works? Real but just has some life issues getting in the way. Oh well.
  10. There are a bunch on LL but they're basically all bait and switch so you don't know who will be opening the door. Could be a huge win and could be a big L. Most seem to be fine if you just walk away though as well. They also change all the time so you sort of need to TOFTT and let others know if you have a good experience so they can jump on it before that girl leaves.
  11. That's why I'm curious if she actually ended up coming here and if anyone here has seen her. I'd be surprised if there was enough interest to fully book her week with 2 hour sessions. I'm sure some people love longer sessions though.
  12. Honestly I'd have booked her if she was doing 1 hour dates but she told be minimum when she travels is 2 hours and I really just didn't want to commit to that.
  13. Right? I know obviously not every hobbyist is on here but I would expect ONE person at least to have seen her and be willing to comment. Hell even just a "I saw her but don't want to talk about my experience" would be fine.
  14. I'm curious if anyone has seen her? I heard she was fully booked for her trip to Halifax this week. Would love to hear from anyone who has actually seen her though. Comment or PM. Cheers!
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