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  1. I spent a wonderful evening with Maryah at Brass Club last night. I've followed her for a few months on Twitter (@maryahbrassclub) but we hadn't met before so I wasn't sure what to expect. Also, although she is rated fairly high on the GFE list I was unable to find any previous reviews for her. I saw she was available, and I had a free evening, so I pre-booked to guarantee my time with her. Wow! I was not disappointed!. Maryah is sweet and smart and oh so sexy. She is very pretty and her eyes and smile are particularly radiant. She has a lithe figure with a single piercing and no tattoos. Although she says she is shy, it was not apparent and we had a very relaxed and comfortable rapport. Our session started in the shower with lots of lather, exploration, and naughty play. Kissing was allowed and continued throughout the session and it was phenomenal. On the queen bed we took turns massaging and pleasing each other (all within MA limits) and finished wrapped in each others arms. Finally, another quick shower to rinse off and we were done. Fortunately, Maryah wasn't booked afterwards so she was able to join me for a couple of drinks at the Brass bar, where we discussed a variety of topics including travels, music, books, and the arts. Mariah is mature and intelligent and an absolute pleasure to converse with. (Can you tell I'm a bit smitten?) I will see Maryah again, and give her my highest recommendation.
  2. I met Adriana Bella on Wednesday, during her first tour to Ottawa and she was an absolute delight! I contacted her several weeks prior to the rendezvous and we communicated by email (her preference). Communication was very good and we exchanged lots of information along the way. My initial contact included all of her required screening information. She was hosting in a cozy apartment incall, located just across the river in Hull, with beautiful amenities and ample free street parking nearby. Adriana met me at the door in a very nice outfit that you might see if you scanned the images in her ads or on her website. She is a very pretty college girl and is just a joy to hold in your arms. The kisses and conversation came fast and easy, and I was immediately comfortable and relaxed with her. We discussed many things and shared stories, and she frequently punctuated her comments, or responded to mine, with a cute little giggle. After sharing a drink on the couch while we got to know each other, I excused myself to freshen up and then met her in the boudoir to continue our mutual introduction. From this point on, things flowed naturally and Adriana was both receptive to my attention and very giving of herself. I don't need to share the intimate details but I can say that this was the kind of GFE session that I truly enjoy. We did not rush and when all was done we just lay in each other's arms for some final cuddles and conversation. A few more quick hugs and kisses and I was out the door. This was Adriana's first visit to Ottawa and I'm very happy that I had a chance to meet her. She's only here until Friday so if you want to meet her you will have to move quickly. Don't miss her! I hope she enjoys her tour to Ottawa and becomes a regular visitor
  3. I also had the good fortune to meet Zaara Khan at the new Allegra incall downtown during her October visit to Ottawa. I first discovered her several months ago (advertising as Sasha Wellington) and had tried to see her on several occasions but somehow things hadn’t worked out. During her October tour the stars aligned. Zaara met me at the door and she is a delight to behold. She is a tiny young spinner of East Indian decent, very pretty and exotic. Zaara reached up for a few light kisses which quickly became more passionate as we got to know each other. I excused myself for a quick shower and then the fun began. Zara’s ads are quite descriptive, and give a pretty good idea of what services might be expected. While I didn’t partake in all offered services, we did discuss them so I can confirm they are available (YMMV). Zaara has a very natural look with no ink or piercings. She is an enthusiastic and attentive lover. She wants to know what you like so she can please you and she gets so into it that I had to slow her down a couple of times. She also enjoys receiving and lets you know how much she’s enjoying herself. If you’re looking for some fun with a sweet young exotic beauty, I can highly recommend Zaara. She is planning to be back in Ottawa this Wednesday, December 12th.
  4. No. I drive by occasionally and it still says opening soon.
  5. I started following Natasha on Twitter as I often do when new girls join Brass. Shortly afterwards I received a short greeting which developed into a bit of flirting back and forth. Inevitably, this lead to the decision to meet in person. I arrived at Brass for our session late last night and, as I was being shown to a room, met Natasha in the hallway in all her naked glory. She is very pretty with beautiful eyes and full kissable lips. She quickly ran to throw an outfit on, just so I would be able to take it off her. We shared a few kisses as we disrobed and continued kissing in the shower and throughout the massage. Natasha gives a thorough and relaxing massage with lots of body slides. After the finish we continued to talk and kiss for a few minutes until it was time for the final shower. Natasha is quite young, and new to massage, but she has some skills and a great attitude. I think sheâ??ll do very well and I highly recommend her.
  6. I have not seen her but there have been some favorable reviews on the other board.
  7. I spent a lovely afternoon with Cleo Pearl yesterday. Cleo is a beautiful young ebony companion that I met at the OIC social events. I prebooked with Cleo and the communication was easy. When confirming in the morning, she asked if I had any outfit requests. Having not thought about it, I just asked her to wear some nice lingerie under an outfit of her choice. When she opened the door to greet me, wow! She was wearing a skintight black sweater dress that hugged her curves the way I wanted to. We held each other and shared a few sweet kisses before opening the wine I had brought and moving to the couch. Conversation with Cleo flows easily and we talked about many common interests. She leans in to cuddle, flashes her beautiful smile between kisses, and giggles delightfully. It would be easy to get lost in conversation but we were there for other things so I excused myself to freshen up. Iâ??m not one to share the more intimate details but I can say that Cleo is an enthusiastic and energetic lover. She is a giver and really focuses on providing pleasure to her partner, although she does enjoy receiving as well. All services were safe. When we were done we lay in each othersâ?? arms and I think we both would have been happy to just stay there and sleep together. Back to reality though and Cleo ran the shower for me and then joined me which was a really nice finishing touch. If this sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon, and it was, I highly recommend you contact Cleo Pearl. [url]www.cleopearl.com[/url]
  8. After a long wait I finally had a chance to meet with Xeena this week. Iâ??ve tried before but things just didnâ??t work out. This time I booked early, chose a time, and communication was good. Much has been said about this lovely young lady and itâ??s true, her pictures donâ??t do her justice. She was taller than I expected, at about 5â??8â?, and when she threw her arms around me at the door we were a very good fit. We kissed, we cuddled, and we shared lots of great conversation. There was the fun stuff too, lots of fun stuff! Of that I will only say that Xeena is a generous and accommodating lover and she loves to receive as well. We both had a good time. A lovely voluptuous woman who enjoys what she does and provides excellent service, what more could you ask for. I will be seeing Xeena again!
  9. I have already registered and will be there again. I have found it to be a great opportunity to meet some lovely Ottawa companions in a social environment.
  10. Happy birthday Rebecca! Hope you have a great day. [emoji8]
  11. I visited Harley last night. She is very sweet & petite and a real cutie. Blonde, blue eyes, flawless skin, and beautiful curves. Harley gives a firmer massage than many and it was very therapeutic as she eased my aches away. She has aches of her own, probably due to the firmness of her massage, so she welcomed having a return massage to her shoulders and upper back. Light kisses were exchanged throughout the session. While everything was within MA limits (as expected at Brass) the showers were great slippery fun, the massage was excellent and it was a wonderful hour with a beautiful young woman. Highly recommended!
  12. I was very lucky to meet Violet earlier today. I booked her last minute which is not recommended and for a half hour which was not enough. Another well-reviewed provider had cancelled on me last minute because she had double-booked herself. Violet was in the same general area and was able to see me on short notice and during the small window I had available. Violet is a lovely, warm, and beautiful Asian lady. Even though I was feeling disgruntled and rushed because of the last minute change of plans, she was very inviting and put me immediately at ease. Some tender kisses and then it was off for a quick shower. Upon my return, things heated up nicely. Even though our time was limited, we managed to change places several times while we attended to each other. A quick romp and everyone was happy. I feel that a half hour was only a quick taste of Violet and her skills. I will be seeing her again and for a longer session next time. Her pictures are recent and accurate and she provided the services listed on her linked website. I give her a high recommendation.
  13. I've been flirting with Scarlett on Twitter for a couple of weeks and finally had a chance to meet her last night. I've seen her beautiful smile in some of her posted pictures but I was unprepared for the beautiful eyes that accompany it. They are green with a hint of blue and it's easy to get lost in them. She met me in the lobby at Brass and I immediately noticed that she had remembered to wear the outfit we had discussed. I like that kind of attention to detail! Scarlett is not a spinner but has lovely womanly curves that are quite effective during her massage. She also enjoys receiving massage and I was happy to oblige. She has only been with Brass for about three weeks but clearly is enjoying what she is doing. Scarlett is bubbly, intelligent, and talkative and makes you feel at ease through the whole session. She is careful to ensure adequate time is available for the different activities she has planned. If you've been looking at her pictures and wondering if you should go see her, do it! I highly recommend her. If you want more adventure, ask her to bring a toy or a friend for a duo.
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