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  1. Aficionado

    Tease Incorporated Closed

    No. I drive by occasionally and it still says opening soon.
  2. Aficionado

    highlights of the day

    Congrats KarmaKiss! You go girl![emoji8]
  3. Aficionado

    TERB Issues?

    Yes, it's not working for me.
  4. Aficionado

    Info on Maria Love

    I have not seen her but there have been some favorable reviews on the other board.
  5. I have already registered and will be there again. I have found it to be a great opportunity to meet some lovely Ottawa companions in a social environment.
  6. Happy birthday Rebecca! Hope you have a great day. [emoji8]
  7. I think it was Club 644 and it was the precursor to Valentinos.
  8. I once visited a provider and, upon retiring for my preliminary shower, discovered that the bath mat was already sodden. I wondered how many feet had already trodden upon it. Good session nonetheless! I'm in agreement that the fantasy works better if there's no indication others have been there previously.
  9. Aficionado


    For some reason the Ottawa section on Backpage.ca is redirecting to the US site. Other Canadian cities seem okay. Seems intermittent, though.
  10. Aficionado

    Any reviews on Rina from AsainPassion?

    I saw Sara just over two weeks ago and was a first time client so that should still be okay. Maybe your introductory text wasn't composed in a way that made her feel comfortable? And yes, someone else manages the texts for her. I was maybe a little over the top about how excited I was to meet her and the response was "ok"! Sara and I had a good laugh about it when I told her about it and let her read through my texts!
  11. Charcoal for the smoker.
  12. Aficionado

    What is for supper tonight?

    Considering I have seven pork shoulders in the smoker tonight, I think it's gonna be pulled pork for the foreseeable future!
  13. Aficionado

    Terb is down ???

    I experienced the banned IP this week. I did receive a response from the mod and it seems to have been related to my vpn. When I turned it off everything worked. Will try again with the vpn once the site is back up.
  14. Aficionado

    Female Grooming

    I'm another vote for bald. I don't mind some decorative shrubbery but I prefer the playground to be clear. On the other hand, grooming choices wouldn't deter me from seeing someone I was interested in.
  15. Had a first meeting with a lovely lady on Thursday. Things were great and I thought we were connecting well. Then, without thinking, I made a comment I intended as an observation but instantly realized was hurtful and inappropriate. By then the damage was done. I have reached out to try and apologize but I fear that it is too late. Hopefully I've learned the lesson to think before I speak because I never want to hurt someone like that again.