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  1. I have had the pleasure of seeing several ladies over the years and they have all been great. I do have to nominate Jessy Celeste. She is the one that I have seen most often and she has always been charming, compassionate to my needs and shortcomings and very affectionate to me.
  2. WOW! Just about perfect! Thanks GT.
  3. Thank you. You have done a wonderful job.
  4. I like all of the nominations and would like to add Greenteal for his wonderful "Babe of the Day" posts.
  5. Hannelle reminds me of Justine Bateman from "Family Ties".
  6. In a number of these pictures, Zsanett looks a bit like Shannen Doherty. Love the itty-bitty tits.
  7. So very close to perfection. Thanks GT.
  8. wynn


    Love the eyes.
  9. So close to perfection. Thanks GT.
  10. She can dance for me any time!
  11. I do like the fact that she is a natural redhead😊
  12. I see that Alma has now retired. She seemed like a lady that I would have liked to meet.
  13. She looks better as a redhead but still a beautiful lady. Thanks GT.
  14. Thank you GT for brightening these dark days of distancing and isolation.
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