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  1. Great video mate! The link didn't work but a quick Google search for Nina Hartley Sunny Lane quickly turned it up. Cheers!
  2. After nearly a week of abstinence since my last encounter I was really on the pull this week. I've been doing a ton of reading on this site - both the general threads and this lovely reco section. Earlier this week I saw Annessa post an addy so I checked out this rec thread. We exchanged a few texts and then Bob's your uncle we had our date set. When she showed up I loved what a hot totty she was. Tall, slim with a beautiful face and a totally wicked ass. She has lips from heaven and once inside the door we got right into a hot round of snogging. That got me right worked up and we let things cool down a bit as we shared some wine and chatted. She certainly is no blinkered toff but a totally cool chick who is also extremely sharp witted and funny. Once we got starkers the fun really began. Annessa managed to both enjoy herself immensely and managed to tease and please me to the point where I was totally mad for her. Thankfully at the at point out came the Durex and we got right down to rumpy pumpy. After a few go-rounds of that I was spent, exhausted and be bit wobbly-kneed. Truly one of my experiences and I'll definitely be ringing her up again.
  3. Here is a good 'plain English' description of bill C-36 including a good description of all the vague sections that are open to interpretation by future courts. Q & A on Bill C-36
  4. Ah, I'm at the same point but have been resisting so far. Last thing I bought - a wireless mouse that will go with a laptop I'm shipping to a friend who has just arrived in Canada from the Philippines.
  5. I prefer evenings. When the sun starts setting I'm in the mood for shagging.
  6. Enter the Dragon My fav Bruce Lee movie
  7. I'm single mates and I'm not the type to be involved in a relationship just to get sex. Also this hobby allows me to bat way out of my league (you know, kinda like Woody Harrelson's character in True Detective). So basically I got attracted to this hobby so I could have sex with hot women.
  8. Saw Jayne's ad on BP and one word came to mind - hawt! (search BP for Jay or Jayne to find her). We exchanged a couple of texts but our schedule didn't match. However I really wanted to see her so asked for her to contact me the next time she was in town. Last week she contacted me and we setup a time for this week. She was very professional and courteous to deal with. I tried to find other reviews on her but couldn't find anything but as my offspring says - YOLO so I went ahead and saw her. I was quite glad I did. When I first saw her I thought she was even prettier in person. She has long dark her dyed a very slight red, deep brown eyes, a very pretty face and a very petite body. She was a bit shy at first but as the action progressed she got a lot less shy. She is practically the definition of a spinner as we switched from CG to mish with me just lifting her up and swinging her onto her back. Oral was great - on her she was clean and responsive and on my she had great technique. Overall I was deeply satisfied. She says she comes here almost every week but only needs to advertise once as the one ad generates a ton of calls. I can also believe that she has lots of repeats. I know I plan on it.
  9. A ton of stuff at the drug store. Got a text from my offspring earlier today that began - "Can you pick something up for me at the drugstore?"
  10. Wood meat skewers for the BBQ - twice! I've been marinating some chicken souvlaki for a day now and bought skewers earlier but left them at work. Had to head out and buy more as the meat wasn't going to last another day in the fridge. Sigh, getting old.
  11. As they saw on Honest Trailers - bewbs. I personally like 'em small - everything from tender A's to killer B's.
  12. Getting woken up at 7:00am yesterday by a huge crane truck delivering roofing shingles to the house next door. Getting woken up at 7:00am today by a crew of power hammers. Why so early! The roof will still be there at 8:00, oi!
  13. With few exceptions, all the SP's I saw back home were conservative when listing their ages in their ads. Seems this lady just doesn't remember to stick to one. Not a sign a manager is involved.
  14. Watched Twenty Feet from Stardom, an excellent documentary on backup singers. I liked how they didn't shy away from explaining why so many are black and their history from singing in church.
  15. Apologies in advance if this isn't the right section. Other boards (for different interests) have a section for new comers to introduce themselves. So hello everyone. From my quick look around this place looks to have a ton of goodies and features and it'll probably take my poor brain a while to learn them all. I'm new to the Ottawa area but not new to doing this - been doing it for a while now back home in the UK. Looking forward to learning things and hopefully making some friends.
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