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  1. Thank-you Ice4fun, and I apologize to anyone if I missed the part of their posts where they were actually talking about voting for a certain party based on their policies and not their personal opinions about the leader of said party. Anyone who votes should look at the platforms and what the parties want to do, and how that affects you directly. Then choose what's best for you. That's it. Forget about Trudeau, Mulcair, and Harper as people. Think Liberal, NDP, Conservative as a group and decide which group is best for you. I get that this is a tough crowd to be in favour of conservative, but they are still winning in mind, based solely on their platform. Or, more accurately, because the other platforms are not good for me. Liberal - Well I'm not really sure what they propose. They have a very vague platform. But mainly I won't vote for them because they want to get rid of the TFSA, which in my opinion is the most powerful financial tool that us Canadians have (for both those of high incomes for tax free growth, and for those of low incomes for tax free growth where an RRSP contribution makes absolutely no sense). As my Aunt said after learning Trudeau would get rid of it "maybe the liberals have other avenues to make their money grow and not pay taxes on it". For those of you that believe for some misguided reason that the TSFA is bad, at least it's there for all Canadians to take advantage of, not just a select few at the top. NDP - $15/day daycare. $15/hr minimum wage. Sounds fantastical. However, as much as I love little children, I have no desire to pay for other peoples child care with my taxes. Sorry. But that's my position. You chose to have kids, I shouldn't have to pay for it. The $15/hr wage I'm indifferent about, but know that also means an increase in taxes. This is why the NDP = increased taxes. They have socialist platforms. However, they haven't suddenly reduced the cost involved in caring for your children, they've simply changed the way it's payed for. From the pockets of parents who decided to have the kids, to the whole working society (this still includes the parents - it just comes from their paycheques, not their pockets). So I'd honestly like to vote Green. Elizabeth May was fantastic during the debate and has won me over as the most competent leader. But I have no green candidate to vote for, so haven't looked at their platform to make an informed decision. This leaves me with the conservatives. They are the only ones that are not going to increase my taxes, while still allowing me to save and grow my money tax free. That's what's best for me at the moment. I encourage you all to choose what's best for you. That's what democracy is supposed to be. It shouldn't be based on opinions about the people, their hair, their smiles, or their age.
  2. Hello gentlemen, I will be available all of next week for us to get up to some wild adventures :-) I will be available mostly during the day, but some evenings may be an option. If you have my number, please text me to set up a meeting, otherwise please email [email protected] Hope to see you soon, Carrie
  3. I would love to see you again. I am hosting this coming Wed thru Fri (July 1st to 3rd) if you would like to join me in some adventures? Please PM me email me to make a booking. Or text if you already have my number. Looking forward to seeing you, Carrie
  4. I for one am glad a male's attire is being so intensely debated. It's so rare and refreshing. Female's attire is so often mentioned in media and news that hardly anyone notices, but it's one of those things that drive me crazy... For example "..... The Tecumseh, Ont., woman, who was dressed in a conservative black top and pants and whose hair appeared lighter than when she made her notorious videos, declined to comment ...... " completely ruined an otherwise interesting article about making sex videos in public spaces, http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/woman-gets-probation-250-fine-for-streaming-live-sex-show-from-windsor-public-library Wouldn't we all find it strange if every time a male went to court (or did anything for that matter) we got a description of their attire? I would welcome it. We could judge their innocence and guilt based on their clothing :tongue:
  5. Those are all great ideas! I love the idea of renting a bicycle, but unfortunately the girl I am with is from China and has never learned to ride :-( I think today would be a great day for yoga and the war museum! Or perhaps a boat cruise to check out where Mr. Harper lives. One thing that has evaded us, is the horse carriage rides. We saw them the first night we were here, then the following day at lunch. But we can never seem to find them whenever we have the time. Anyone know how that works? Thanks for all the suggestions. Appreciate it
  6. So I'm in Ottawa for real work and find myself with little to do tonight / tomorrow before I head back home. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for amazing things to do? I am with a non-SP friend, so as much as I would like to fill my time with some lovely gents from here, it is really not an option. I also figure this thread may help future visitors to Ottawa take advantage of their time here. Preferably it would be something that is unique to Ottawa / Ontario. Bonus points if it's cheap. Bonus points if it's near Ottawa/Gatineau centre. Bonus points if it is exciting and adventurous. What is your favourite thing to do in this wonderful town?
  7. It must be watched in theater. I don't say this often. I find most movies not theater worthy. However, a small screen would not do the stunts and effects justice.
  8. Oh you're mostly right pleasureme, It wasn't that his 'problems' are sexist. They are after all, just problems he has. That most people have.. humans fall in love, women cry, men cry. The bad part came when he said that because of HIS problems, a whole gender shouldn't be able to work in the field. "The OP, mistakenly, grouped all into the same category"... What did I group all into the same category? I am confused by this... I too found the social media responses hilarious. That was my point. I was laughing all day yesterday seeing my lab counterparts partake in this feed. I see now that my starting post really should have read "I think they are hilariously brilliant", and opposed to simply brilliant. I find it funny. Truly hilarious. Seriously. Writing on such a topic is hard. I can see how the tone of my original post was lost. It's supposed to be lighthearted. When I asked if you found it funny, it really should have said funny too. I think making fun of the situation is much more productive than getting all up in arms over it. Additional Comments: Oh I found another compilation of good ones. http://gizmodo.com/these-lady-scientists-are-so-distractingly-sexy-im-in-l-1710920322 LMAO
  9. In case there are those who are unaware of the latest gossip in the scientific community, then check out some of these responses to Tim Hunt (A nobel prize winner and Sir). I think they are brilliant. http://mashable.com/2015/06/11/female-scientists-responses-tim-hunt-distractinglysexy/ They are in response to the three problems he has with girls working in science that he announced to journalists and fellow scientists while giving a talk at a conference. These three problems are why he believes women should not be allowed to work with men. He says it's too distracting... 1) He falls in love with them, 2) They fall in love with him, 3) They cry when criticized A quick google search will bring you all up to speed, and if I used twitter I would be all over #distractedlysexy, where I think the issue is being handled brilliantly. It highlights what a fool he is. Science is rarely sexy. What do you all think? Funny? Do we dare delve into the broader subject where this sort of sexist opinion is still prevalent in a lot of disciplines? I mean, really, why is it that the girls have to go? Couldn't he have instead said that men shouldn't be allowed to work with women because they get too distracted. ;-)
  10. I completely agree with Peachy. For me it has nothing to do with the new laws that I have been fairly silent recently. It's simply that sometimes getting picked apart time and time again just makes it discouraging to participate. The thread about the risks of STI's comes to mind for me, where I felt I had to validate and defend my desire to obtain better information. It's tiring to do that, and not worth the effort. And I've seen it done to many others, where if there opinion doesn't go with the masses, they are berated. I personally would love to talk about more issues and am tired of every thread becoming about the 'new laws'. So I'll start a new thread now and see if I can start a discussion that I am sure will bring out a variety of opinions... Or at least I hope it will
  11. I am just fishing here, but I am hoping one of you fine gents will be at CSC, and that perhaps we could coordinate some sort of fantasy play time into it?!?!?!?! ;-) I will be there. We could have so much fun ;-) Please only message me if you know what I am talking about. You can PM or email [email protected] Hope to rendez-vouz soon, Carrie
  12. Hey everyone! Hope you are all happy and enjoying the sunshine as much as I am :-) Unfortunately, I see rain in the forecast for next week! Therefore, I think it would be a perfect time to create our own happiness. I will be hosting Mon the 11th until Thur the 14th. Won't you join me? Please PM or email me @ [email protected] for bookings. Cheers, Carrie
  13. FYI. Just in case it's not obvious to you. Announcing that you have booked with someone who is only coming for one day, kind of ruins it for some others. Not many like to be 'second', or like the thought of other men on the same day. I get that you are just trying to help and say how wonderful she is, but she doesn't need your advertisement. And you may have just hindered who contacts her when she visits and I only assume that wasn't your intent. If you want to reco, perhaps you should wait until after the fact. Not trying to start a fight, but from a gal's point of view, this post doesn't help.
  14. I am waiting for you :-) I will be hosting next week, Mon April 13th until Thurs April 16th. I would love to see you. Please PM me or email me at [email protected] for questions, bookings, and details.
  15. Reminder to stay vigilant [QUOTE]TORONTO â?? A 43-year-old man has been accused of abducting a sex worker at gunpoint and keeping her captive in his Toronto home for five days. The woman was used as a sex slave before she was able to escape over the Easter weekend, police said. The brutal ordeal began March 31 when a man approached the 27-year-old woman on the street. After "a business transaction" was negotiated, the woman agreed to go to a home with the man, police said. "When they arrived, the victim felt uncomfortable with him and wanted to leave," Insp. Joanna Beaven-Desjardins said. The man then allegedly "produced a handgun, threatened the victim and held her against her will." Beaven-Desjardins said the woman was "bound with duct tape and handcuffs" for five days and "repeatedly sexually assaulted" and subjected to "some form of ritualistic actions." While Beaven-Desjardins was unwilling to elaborate on what the woman was forced to endure, she added "he did do things that we are very unfamiliar with." She said the woman escaped from her abductor on Sunday, fleeing through the front door onto the porch. "That's when somebody who was walking by heard her screams and called us," Beaven-Desjardins said. Officers were dispatched to the home, but by the time they arrived, the kidnapper was gone. The victim was taken to hospital for treatment and has since been released. She is now recovering from her ordeal. Investigators arrested a suspect on Monday. A woman who refused to identify herself at the home wouldn't say if she was at the roominghouse while the alleged kidnapping occurred. She also declined to make any comment about the accused man as she sat on the front porch of the home, across from Leslieville Public School. "I don't think you should assume everything you were told is fact," the woman said, asking reporters to leave her alone. Neighbours recounted the scene early Sunday as officers swooped in after a woman, who several witnesses said was only partially clothed and bound by duct tape, emerged from the home screaming.[/QUOTE]
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