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  1. Anyone know of any ladies visiting Sydney this weekend? Or Local ladies?
  2. I would also be interested in that.
  3. I saw her last fall she was wonderful.
  4. Anyone ever seen this Lady in Glace bay? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/cape_breton_need_some_company_glace_bay_incall_new_phone-4364618
  5. I would also be interested in this.
  6. I had some conversations with her. I almost booked but we couldn't arrange a time. She was very difficult to pin down for a time. she looks really nice and was very friendly. However before i manged to book with her, one of the ladies on here told me to beware. said she had a pimp that hits you up for money. Not sure if that was true, but that's what i was told. I never booked, but i think about her sometimes and wonder if I missed out. If you do book or hear any news on her that is different or any news at all, please PM me. Hope it works out for you. Nothing about Glace Bay, but i sometimes feel you have to be careful about the ladies in the Bay. Just a feeling, nothing from experience . Hope i'm wrong. Cheers.
  7. I would also be interested in this.
  8. I think that you have to be very careful with LeoList. Many of the girls are not what they seem , are fake , or at least out to scam you. Just my opinion but its how I feel. Cheers.
  9. It is closed. I went a couple of times before it closed. wasn't bad. Additional Comments: Bobbies Touch?? Never heard of it. Tell me more//
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