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  1. regardless I still had fun plus she and I talked a bit afterwards I wasn't hurried out but I was still nervous so I left sooner (oops) and should've stayed longer which NotchJohnson kinda helped me realize that too is part of visiting a companion but that was my first visit and a fun "learning experience" 😁
  2. I has some lidocaine in it which is a local anesthetic and supposed to desensitize you slightly and it use with a condom (which I think they have already to go) to keep it off from your partner 😁 ; But that's exactly what I thought take afterwards to start hh appointment and can make an h appointment later... hindsight 😕
  3. after I think about it I still had fun regardless and not so bothered now ( at myself not my SP) for not having two hh appointments vs one h appointment for my first SP and not knowing really what to expect 😊 now that I've said something... I should've had this with me though (picture) next time.... 😁
  4. I wanted to complain and she if she'd change her mind because we barely got started & we have another 30-40 minutes left of the hour appointment 😇 maybe if I wasn't a bag of nerves (first SP) I might have said something beforehand... but there's always next time
  5. it was my first time with a companion... yes she did offer me the shower after but didn't think about what you mentioned above 😁 I was too bothered at the time after thinking I had an hour which should be lots even if I started off "premature" thinking the next round will be better, then was told of msog so I smiled and said that's fine and left because I never even got to do much after using up my "fun money" I should've had the hh to start then add extra time if needed but there's nothing I can really now...
  6. this ad was deleted a few times and keeps reappearing... I just ignore now...
  7. I had an appointment that was supposed to be for an hour ($220) and gave her the donation at the start which was fine what bugs me is it was about 1/2 hour and >10 minutes of actual "playtime" because I prematurely "finished" (oops☺) before I even started and thought oh well it's an hour we go again but was then told "too bad" that MSOG wasn't on her LL ad. instead of saving $80 and only having 1/2 hour which would've been fine regardless of a "premature" finish I almost feel like I was scammed because I wasn't told of "MSOG" until after... it's not her fault so I'm not leaving names... just saying...
  8. what about putting money into an account and giving the password when you meet? Just wondering 'cause I've see that (not an e-transfer) Haven't done that before just sounds strange
  9. OOPS... never noticed the burned plate and lighters on the counter... I wonder what she was using that for..
  10. can't think of anything nice to say about stupid things/... thinking of 2020 😎
  11. has anyone seen her? Sarnia has no section & is pretty close to London https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-western-ontario/sarnia_incalls_outcalls_new_in_town_maria-5962219 not much happening in this forum 😕
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