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  1. I'm a bit tardy posting this recommendation but better late than never. Had the pleasure of seeing Allie on her last trip to Halifax. She responded quickly to me inquiry and we got the screening out of the way with no problem, very easy communication. Her pictures do not do her credit, she has what I would call an exotic look. Very friendly and easy conversation, what I would call a true GFE experience. Really enjoyed our chat before getting down to other activities. I won't be specific here, but be prepared for a great session. I can't imagine leaving without a huge smile on your face. Will try to see her again. Thanks for the great date Allie...
  2. Pictures are fake, wants full payment prior to arrival - up she's legit all right !!!😒
  3. Haven't seen her ad on LeoList for a long time. Don't think she ever posted a lot on there.
  4. She's also advertising in Winnipeg and west in the last few days. Even if she was traveling - no self isolation!
  5. I suggest you try your image searches again, at least two of the pictures are from Pinterest. Looks like a fake ad to me.
  6. She advertises non restricted services - a huge red flag for me. Be careful.
  7. In my experience most local reputable providers don't require a deposit, some do and that's their prerogative. I have never been asked for a deposit. Almost sounds like there is something in your approach that is causing concern for the SP. However if it's a blond you are looking for there are several local reputable ladies, Sierra or Kyle Jane maybe!
  8. Ok - gotta say...with so many great ladies here on Lyla, why take the chance?
  9. Picture is taken from Pinterest, so its fake. It would be a no go for me. I would be very cautious.
  10. I know several people who have traveled to and from NB. No significant delay. I think they are checking for license plates outside the bubble.
  11. Well to start with - its a Virginia area code. Sketchy to me! One picture shows hits from Lyla in BC.
  12. How are the "pre screened"? What about contact on the way here. YFL are a great operation but I've been wondering how they are self-quarantining when they come here.
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