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  1. Great posts....I would recommend adding a picture of Jenny from "A Touch Of Class" in Kingston ....a beautiful and sensual woman who is a delight and pleasure to visit...
  2. ...just got home from an hour with Jessi, who is visiting Belleville from the Kingston area... this young lady is definitely worth an hour of your time if you are looking for a thoroughly ������ and sensual encounter...her skills, energy, and enthusiasm put her at the head of the pack, and arranging an encounter with her was both straight-forward and direct (eg.no BS)...I would definitely repeat and I hope she gets enough community support, during her visit to the Belleville area, to return here on a regular basis ... so if you want a great return on your amourus investment, gentlemen, take advantage of her availability/visit to our fair city before she is gone.....
  3. Willy54

    Cabaret and Go-Go

    ...have been to both clubs...used to go quite regularly at the turn of the century (remember when lap dances happened at the table and used to cost $5 ) ... the GoGo used to be the best club in town, but now, with its new owners, has some crazy door fee policy that is a real turn off, because you have to pay this just to get in (doesn't matter what time of night it is !!)...this kind of desperate move usually indicates that business is bad and is often confirmed when you go in and find the place virtually deserted...a real shame cause the club itself used to host the best peelers in town !!! The Cabaret was always a little seedier, buth the area for the private dances was much more initimate and private ....the Doctors Hotel was great for the brief time time that it was opened after its redecoration (it has since caught fire and burnt down) ... haven't gone to these clubs since they banned smoking ... stripping without smoking just seems wrong, somehow ...I know its healthier for the girls and all that, but it still just seems wrong ,,,,,
  4. Willy54


    ...saw Ms. Khloe early Monday morning (about 7:30 AM) ...just out of the shower, she was friendly and accomodating , although her pictures displayed on her AD @ Backpage were obviously not recent photos ( not quite as toned as advertised) , but then again, neither am I, so I guess we're even....service was ok ...she was nice and very accomodating, but I think she would be an "acquired taste"...probably would not get a repeat visit from me...not her fault,,,we just didn't click...might be different for you, however .....
  5. Willy54

    Green spa on college street?

    ...it is true that the Belleville area is once again back in the massage business, and this particular spa does offer Xtra services, but they are limited to nude massages and you do leave happy ... it's nice to have this massage option in Belleville again....
  6. Willy54


    ...I have tried to contact her several times using the number that appears in her add, but despite leaving several messages, have never gotten a response ...after doing some preliminary searchs on the web, it would appear that this SP requires that you initially connect with her though a website (ie Adult Friend Finder or something) and do a video chat before getting together ...some sort of screening process, I guess ,,,sounded like turn of the century B/S to me ...too many fish in the sea for that kind of 90's BS just to get laid !!!!
  7. Willy54


    I have visited Jessica several times over the last 2 years and found her service to be excellent ...sho now offers incalls and specials at a private location that is both spacious and discreet...her rates for Belleville residents are quite reasonable (especially for repeat/regular clients and her service skills are without question...I've always been able to book appts by phone, but these are available through e-mail from her website if you are so inclined....
  8. Willy54

    Cijai aka amber

    To all concerned...I have visted Amber (AKA Cijai) several times over the last year ...her pictures are real and her service is great !!! She offers a variety of services and is very accomodating and her rates are great (especially for regular clientelle...she now offers outcall services (since getting her car) and I have never had a bad,poor, or disappointing experience with her or her service...she is a real treasure for the Belleville area as a escort ...,quality service at an affordable price...dont know what the previous posters are basing their comments on !!!