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  1. Hey there. Looking for a lead on some local Asian providers. VIPOTG use to post often haven’t seen in awhile also travel restrictions and all. Anyways feel free to PM
  2. Hey spending few nights around the airport YYZ wondering if anyone has some good Recommendations for Asians SP for that area in or out call. thanks
  3. here's to hopefully getting to see her!
  4. shes back advertising again here! @Crake
  5. she has been posting again recently on LL. wondering if anyone has some recent information with her services, thanks !
  6. Daym I have been waiting for a reply as well been so excited for my first time !
  7. sent a msg and she turns out to be using a txting app with delayed answers. textnow app
  8. have have any info on this lady? seems new but love the spinner size and fiery redhead, any info is good thanks https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_tight_wet_ready_waiting_to_fu_k_u_k_100_freak-4649677#contact-form
  9. i have tried contacting by txt and i am not able to get a answer?
  10. she did send me 2 pictures of her body that looked great!
  11. yeah you most likely are 100% correct, i may try again soon! but something didn't seem right this time o well
  12. Hello, just wanted to share my recent experience with everyone to see if others had something similar or good encounters with the escort i was trying to see. little back story i have a thing for Asians and seen many posts, and i still am looking for recommended provider! so today i decided to take the plunge and msg the few asians on leolist.. only one i heard back from promptly was asian jenny aka www.supermatchescort.com so we txted for a bit and made a arrangement found out her location and when i was in the area she needed 15 mins to get ready i said no promblem so i went for a walk around the block of that area.. once i started doing this i noticted a big suburban suv pull up front to the location and what i could describe a textbook look of a cop/detective in plain clothes. so continued my walk and thought i noticed and another fellow on another Conner smoking and looking around with a similar look. anyways i could of been just wayyy to cautious but it didn't feel right and i have seen other providers at this location before with no issues just an fyi. so txted her back saying i can not make it now and explained very well what i saw and i can try again another time maybe and she said okay txt me when you can! i left the area right away didnt wanna linger around there too long. anyways just wanted to share! and maybe hear feedback! i was little bummed i didn't see her but can't risk safety i can share more details if needed via pm thanks ! https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_halifax_asian_escort_new_place_new_girl_halifax_downtown-4318622
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