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  1. I agree Kim was a real treat! Can't wait for her to come back!

  2. GF4Real

    Pear & Elsa

    Madison was here from them while ago I would suggest searching her. She was first one here from that agency in a while.
  3. GF4Real

    Raina VIPOTG

    I keep trying. Someday i will get in lol.
  4. GF4Real


    She did same to me had a hour at 830 half hour in told me i had to leave because next person was coming just at 900... and complained i didnt take time to shower there. I didnt want to publicly rip her thinking maybe it was one time thing but seems to be her normal.
  5. GF4Real


    Hey, sorry for delay. I didn't post a recommendation because I can't recommend her. Now in saying that I think I am a exception and it could of been a real great time. PM if interested in hearing more about my experience.
  6. GF4Real


    Ill let you know after Tuesday lol
  7. Anyone checking out Laura? New girl cant find any reviews on her. Thinking about booking later in week, mind letting us know how she was? Thanks.
  8. GF4Real

    Laura from YFL

    No one? Lol Can PM me too if u rather.
  9. Seen the new girl from Your French Lady visited a few weeks ago. Anyone see her and any reviews? Thanks.
  10. GF4Real


    Whats this cerb website that vipotg uses?
  11. Anyone got a review on Lucia? Thanks
  12. GF4Real

    VIP’s Haru

    Reviews guys? Worth a look?
  13. GF4Real


    I second this? Any reviews. She looks like she could be a hit or a miss.
  14. Finally able to get a hold of VIPOTG to book with ayumi and told they dont take new customers? Anyone else experience this? Don't make sense to me...