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  1. Anyone checking out Laura? New girl cant find any reviews on her. Thinking about booking later in week, mind letting us know how she was? Thanks.
  2. GF4Real

    Laura from YFL

    No one? Lol Can PM me too if u rather.
  3. Seen the new girl from Your French Lady visited a few weeks ago. Anyone see her and any reviews? Thanks.
  4. GF4Real


    Whats this cerb website that vipotg uses?
  5. Anyone got a review on Lucia? Thanks
  6. GF4Real

    VIP’s Haru

    Reviews guys? Worth a look?
  7. GF4Real


    I second this? Any reviews. She looks like she could be a hit or a miss.
  8. Finally able to get a hold of VIPOTG to book with ayumi and told they dont take new customers? Anyone else experience this? Don't make sense to me...
  9. Has anyone visited juicy jess? Her pics check out but little iffy with her weird number, other older ads come up when you search it. Many thanks!