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  1. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_other_firey_redhead_ready_to_fire_u_up_duo_specials-8879888 Has anybody taken the plunge with her. I've been in contact with her but it seems very sketchy, I could just be paranoid but a lot of what she is saying seems to good to be true.
  2. I seen her a couple years ago. Was not a good experience, very scary actually. Mod can delete this if I am not allowed to say this here.
  3. Ok fair enough. I was more or less just trying to break the tension in the thread with a bit of humor. Great tips though, Thanks.
  4. Sooooo.... any info on the aforementioned lady in Truro?
  5. Hello fellow hobbyists and SP's, I hope everyone is staying safe and having a wonderful summer. I was wondering if anyone had any reco's for my bday today, wanted to treat myself and I haven't been to Halifax in a while. Let me know. Thanks.
  6. Hi, looking to book an SP for my birthday, September 3rd. Are there any recommendations for someone that would make my special day extra special. Thanks alot
  7. Hey Everyone, I'm gonna be in Truro this weekend and was wondering if anybody had any recommendations. I've seen some ads on leolist but don't really trust them. Pm me if you'd like as well with experiences. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the feedback and recommendations everyone. I appreciate, there are some very lovely people on here.
  9. Hey Everyone. I am a 300lb man and would like to know if there are SP's out there who aren't judgmental about heavier men. Just someone who would enjoy the time with me as much as I with them, like I get that being heavy isn't the most attractive thing in the world and I would not want anyone to spend time with me if they wouldn't enjoy them selves or feel like the time spent would be a chore. I am a very nice, respectful guy with a great personality (atleast i'd like to think so) but I have had experiences with SP's where they didn't seem into it and it kind of makes me feel even more insecure than I was before I arrived. I certainly appreciate what SP's do and for taking the time to see someone like me but without sounding too arrogant I like spending time with providers to allow me to feel wanted and confident and not feel like i'm just another client and that they are just trying to get through the time, you know. I apologize if this comes off as whiney but I do enjoy spending time with SP's so I can kind of escape my insecurities even for that brief period of time but I also want them to be into it and have fun as well. I thank you for taking the time to read this. Any recommendations would be great.
  10. Hey everyone, Does anyone know any sp's working in the valley. I'm in middleton and would love to see someone.
  11. Has anyone seen her? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_pretty_party_girl_kassandra_out_9027031311-3706778
  12. This is unfortunate hear. I seen Kiarah/Cherry once last year back in January and had an excellent time with her. She was very accommodating, amazingly sweet and a blast to talk to, haven't met a provider yet that was more down to earth. Ever since I got back in town i've been wanting to look her up and see her again as I couldn't stop thinking about the experience I had with her. We had a nice conversation early into the session we had together about struggles with drug use as I am a recovering addict myself, and without going into much detail, things seemed to be on the right track for her. It breaks my heart to hear that not only her but any recovering addict fall down that path again. If this is all true with whats happening with her. I hope things get back on track for her. God knows I understand that struggle and that dark path if shes on it.
  13. Has anyone seen this lovely lady? Please PM me and let me know the details. I want o try her out. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_curvy_playmate_selena_sunshine_upscale_blonde-3592218
  14. Does anybody know any SP's that offer greek.
  15. Does anyone know if there are any SP's in the HRM that allow pictures or video to be taken during a session?
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