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    Welcome to my page!

    Twitter: ExoticTouchD
    Hello gentlemen(local and visitors)
    I am the perfect choice for the mature gentlemen 25+ seeking Fun and Excitement
    I love to please and be pleased
    I am all about positive energy and good times
    I do enjoy being with you and promise to make you smile and drain you in more ways than one
    Half hour and Hourly non rushed intimate dates
    I stand 5'7, all natural c 38, curvaceous, soft skin with a soft touch and sweet to taste ñ
    I do provide SAFE encounters Only

    In Halifax
    (clean non smoking location)
    Out to hotels in Halifax/Dartmouth/Airport on the hour
    Available daily 1pm-11pm (in service) 1am (hotels)
    *Require at least 30 minutes notice for in service and 60 minutes notice for out calls*

    I do travel to Moncton and Charlottetown

    If interested in seeing me please feel free to contact me

    Sorry NO blocked calls/text apps or explicit talk will be answered


    Reviews under both Danielle and Exotic Touch Danielle â?¡
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    Independent..Mature..Sexy..Non rushed..Great companionship..I like to play safe always xo
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  1. Hey guys i hope all is well on the island and you all are keeping safe at this time I may not be able to see you in person BUT that doesnt mean we still cant have some fun I am providing 15/30 minute skype shows, xxx pics/vids, selling panties I wanna make you smile from afar Please private message me if this interests you You can also follow me on twitter for schedule/travel updates and more 902-292-6893 ExoticTouchd
  2. Exotic Touch Danielle

    Oppourtunity for the Clubs

    Nasty! People should have been praticing good hygiene before this even started
  3. Exotic Touch Danielle

    Oppourtunity for the Clubs

    To each their own...i prefer an intimate one on one session as well but everyone is different Its all entertainment and should be enjoyed
  4. Exotic Touch Danielle

    Oppourtunity for the Clubs

    You dont know that though...just like im sure alot of guys cannot wait to see us again
  5. Exotic Touch Danielle

    Oppourtunity for the Clubs

    Alot of guys still like the entertainment...some just like to watch and not touch
  6. Hot wet t shirt video and pics...dm for details 


  7. Exotic Touch Danielle

    Still working?

    Just throw away this whole thread! Its done...
  8. Exotic Touch Danielle

    Still working?

    Lol ... not even gonna waste my time with it!
  9. Exotic Touch Danielle

    A positive thread😊

  10. Exotic Touch Danielle

    A positive thread😊

    😆😘 anything to make you guys smile
  11. Exotic Touch Danielle

    A positive thread😊

    Aww beautiful baby
  12. Exotic Touch Danielle

    A positive thread😊

    Aww works everytime😍
  13. Exotic Touch Danielle

    A positive thread😊

    With everything that has been going on i understand the fruatrations and stress ... BUT lets take a minute out of each day and post something positive, something you are thankful for something that made you smile Its another beautiful day and i wanna give thanks for that 🌞❤
  14. Thanks for joining my legion of followers!

    1. Exotic Touch Danielle

      Exotic Touch Danielle

      Sorry it took me a minute to follow everyone back 😉😘

    2. Sharpe


      No worries babe.  I hope you’re keeping your spirits up.  At this rate I’m either going to weigh 300 pounds by the end of this or I’ll be motivated to exercise and be super ripped.  Think I’ll bet on the first option....

    3. Exotic Touch Danielle

      Exotic Touch Danielle

      I have been thinking the same thing😂 i think we are all gonna gain a few extra pounds from this God help us all lololol

  15. Hey guys i am offering 15/30 minutes skype shows and xxx pics/vids ... dm for details

    Follow me on twitter for scedule/travel updates, pics and more


    Stay smiling😊


    1. Billy4567


      You are absolutely incredible :classic_love:


    2. Exotic Touch Danielle