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  1. Thanks for the response. Unfortunate for us.... fortunate for the west coasters, Hope she's doing well.
  2. Hi Folks, Anybody know whatever happened to Selena DeVille? Still around? Retired? Moved?
  3. Oh my! The debate continues. Is Kylie fact or fiction? Never having had the pleasure of meeting her, I cannot swear an oath that she is, however, I have communicated with her in the past and believe that she is fact. If she's as feisty between the sheets as she is on here, then I should definitely pursue a meeting with her :-).
  4. Have seen Celeste four times over the last four years. Have always found her to be easy to contact, accommodating, energetic, all around good fun. Will definitely see her again.
  5. Have been following with interest the ongoing debate on review boards regarding the authenticity of K/K so thanks for your review. It tends to lend credence to the K/K side of the discussion. Only one way to find out for sure and I'm about ready to take the plunge. Will likely arrange with Kylie even tho I usually tend to see ladies in their 30's and 40's. Something about her intrigues me.
  6. Hmmm.. dictionary describes spinster as "a woman still unmarried, beyond the usual age of marrying". lol.... did you mean spinner?
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