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  1. that is Brenda, sophia, Jasmine, etc. Save your money
  2. Has anyone heard from Susan lately, havent seen her since she left |Crystal
  3. Saw Ava.......draping required, no teasing, no chance of extras, decent massage
  4. I saw Ava the other day, decent massage, fully draped no chance of extras
  5. Has anyone seen Susan from crystal, booked a massage with her, they tried the bait and switch so I walked out, Now they will not respond to my texts,
  6. As a person with compromised immune system I have no choice but to avoid all massage places, I cannot take a chance that the person before me was not sick, and or the girl did not change the towel or pillow. We all need to bite the bullet and avoid all contact for at least 30 days. Just my 2 cents
  7. I thought Phoenix moved to Main street and then to Stradcona ave
  8. Saw Michelle friday, yes they are new and beauitiful ,Great Nuru massage, very profesional
  9. Michelle is natural, Leanne is not, but oh my god they did a good job
  10. Tried this place again, got the new girl, mediocre massage with decent ending, Left happy
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