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  1. tell me about your encounter with kiki--she really looks pretty, surprised she is that old! thx
  2. anyone visited Kiki or Ashley on Pembina? any info on experience
  3. where is Anna(formally Mia) working now--if u can't give location, give area somehow. thx
  4. Anna! at tr--she shares nothing! not sure who is open-minded there--pretty safe group --unless you know something!!?
  5. some confusion in my old reply--she is a very nice girl and massage is ok
  6. Gina strictly massage only? Amy was pleasant and nice massage
  7. never heard of Lola--who do you recommend from your experience there and any info you can share
  8. does Cynthia offer any more xtras or just basic happy--saw her months ago and was just your basic happy-no touch etc
  9. any info on those working there and service
  10. is she still around--send info on how to reach her--what rate range thx
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