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  1. Renee rogers and Terri A--would be hard decision but RR by a hair!
  2. are u sure these are new places? couple of places around there but not new and offer little. what shopping centre is near Vic hospital?
  3. that DND is old--don't think those girls are even there anymore--new owner. Can't believe you can't even ask where someone now works; What is this site for!!?--just useless conversation!?
  4. who works there now? thought it closed down last fall--open again?
  5. are you talking about a private group outside lyla? lyla is getting rather useless
  6. no one saying anything!! that big a secret!
  7. are you talking about Sakib or Karli--2 diff people--what experience have u had with either?
  8. perhaps I should have asked Rebook about Sonas massage and etc
  9. hey Vickywpg-send me info on Sona and her massage--any xtras. thx
  10. Hey Howdy, who did u see for good massage?
  11. has anyone visited Samantha in St Vital--any info
  12. New name-anyone have any info on Sona--level of massage service etc
  13. what part of the city is she in--young/older, slim--new?
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