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  1. thought lyla was more on top of this type of thing! guess not
  2. I am a senior member--the spoofer commenting with a v similar name just joined -I have been a member for few years. Someone has copied my name( i ONLY HAVE ONE ACCOUNT!) --I thought it was definitely against all rules to post under someone elses account!
  3. yea,I know--someone is using a very similar handle to mine and submitting messages that are not mine1
  4. Amy gives not bad massage but basically no english so no conversation
  5. two places down there--think you are talking of 2 different places
  6. Hey Buzzard--how well did u do with Annie at creative--never got the feeling she was interested in doing any xtras. just curious!
  7. has anyone been to sargent lately--any info on who is there and specs--tiring of all other same old same old
  8. Does Chez Vous really exist? never reply, no address or txt#--not real?
  9. you saw Jennie? any info on her? just regular massage eh--was it good at least? doesn't sound like a repeat!
  10. seems hours are limited and quite all over the place--don't know anything about the providers
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