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  1. Hi piranha--what places offer more than the usual hj and water--any place offer more? thx
  2. dropped into 155 yesterday to see Mya--surprise, not the Mya from 39---in fact there seems to be a big change--decided not to stay
  3. anyone visited color on pembina--any info?
  4. no info on Fleet like who is there and level of their massage ?
  5. what has changed at WN-says contact John? anyone there doing extra good massage?
  6. any new faces at 311 or recommendations for the regulars giving extra good massage?
  7. have had no luck hiring anyone yet
  8. Hi Berg--can you pass on what info you found out about fleet--311 is same old same old!
  9. tell me about your encounter with kiki--she really looks pretty, surprised she is that old! thx
  10. anyone visited Kiki or Ashley on Pembina? any info on experience
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