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  1. so-who exactly works there now? saw a young chinese girl there awhile ago-pretty and nice but minimal happiness --she was not really interested in her efforts! not sure of her name
  2. not even sure if she is still working--can't reach her
  3. she can be quite nice but I think may have some issues that project occassionally--how was your massage? any happiness!
  4. there are 2 tiffanies--the one at old Sakura is white and unpredictable mood---careful!
  5. my fav told me anyone of them could be Kate--depending who is free! Jenny and Shirley if you can get them but you have to know them or they will switch on you--haven't had much luck with the others--lack of interest in their effort!
  6. what 'spas' are letting you return the massage favor?
  7. right jlee--proceed with care! and was lite massage only--wouldn't repeat
  8. saw Jazz today total disappointment--apparently she and her boyfriend are in 'love' and she feels guilty offering anymore. heart definitely wasn't in the massage! Done!
  9. tried a couple--Cynthia makes some effort but has little interest in what she is doing--bit disappointing---then Shirley--energetic and kinda fun and happy!
  10. what is the cost for a 4 hand massage-always wanted to try. Has the cost of HE by single providers gone up? seems things are climbing!
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