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  1. Is 841 still good for a massage? I know they used to be but asked a week or so about 841 on here, didn’t get too much positive feedback from it.
  2. I don’t know, the add was only up for a day or so and haven’t seen it since
  3. About two weeks ago. I really enjoy my visits with her.
  4. When I go there I usually see Kate but I never see any comments about her in here. Does anybody know her, does she go by a different name that I’m not aware of? Maybe she doesn’t go by Kate anymore?
  5. Never seen this add before, someone new? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/massages/1575296542?undefined
  6. I heard from another member On this forum that Rachel from Ness is back but not offering any extras. Can anyone else confirm this?
  7. Hey. Used to go to 841 but stopped when Tracy and Betty left. Last I heard it was strictly massage. Does anybody know has anything changed. Also seen advertising for 855. Is that place worth a visit?
  8. Damn it, Rachel is gone? I was really looking forward to seeing her again when the Covid numbers dropped down and I had both of my shots.
  9. Thanks guys. Save me a little time and money!
  10. Hs anyone seen Natasha who is now advertising on kijiji? Any info is appreciated.
  11. I’ve had several people ask me so screw it, We are all a little twisted so I’ll just say it and you can place judgment as you wish, sounding. Most of you I’m guessing will have to google it if your curious.
  12. Thanks guys, I will have to setup an appointment with Veronica. I’ve been wanting to see that group for awhile now but with Covid and honestly a bit of their pricing structure I haven’t taken the plunge yet.
  13. Does anybody know of someone out there who may be willing to satisfy for lack of a better word, a fetish? No, not prostate or pegging, since I’m guessing those are the most common. It’s a little different so I don’t want to start a freak discussion that really wouldn’t be relevant. It’s not doing anything to them, if it was, that would be more a SP I would be looking for. Thanks, I think. Lol.
  14. Could somebody pm me with info on how to contact her?
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