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  1. I thought since I was asking about a general question and not providing anybody’s information it would be okay. Sorry if I’m wrong.
  2. I guess I should have said donation for the extra. This is for MPs, not SPs. A MP is not expected to do more then a massage so if they offer more it is another service that they should be compensated for. A SP is expected to do what they do, so anything else would be purely a tip.
  3. So, I had a massage a while back, the massage was okay, the happy ending was very good (standard but done very well). She did not talk about extra, just did it. It was a 30 min massage so I tipped $40. If it is an hour I usually tip $60. Would you guys say that is standard? I don’t want to undertip but I also don’t want to throw money away.
  4. Anybody have any insight on any of these? I’m guessing they are all fake. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/winnipeg/winnipeg_the_best_massage_include_bj_and_69-6171366 https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/winnipeg/winnipeg_pretty_new_asian_girl_with_professional_prostate_service-6170629 https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/winnipeg/winnipeg_new_girl_in_town_hurry-6175147
  5. There is definitely a chemistry this that makes every experience different. There have been a lot of good things said about Tulip but when I saw her I found the whole thing distant and very much just going through the paces. Not one that I would repeat, but again, the next guy may have had a great connection. It’s what makes this whole thing an adventure.
  6. They have updated their hours now. If you type them in on google it will give you the hours they are open. Very reduced compared to what they were before.
  7. Any info on this masseuse? I don’t recall seeing the add before. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/professional-masseuse-and-hairdresser/1514973415
  8. She is definitely younger then average, early 30s maybe. Long hair, Slim athletic build. English is good, not great but no problem communicating. Massage was among the top three of who all I have seen.
  9. So, last time I posted about world (a week ago), I said I saw Kate when I came in. I didn’t get a massage from anyone that day, just wanted to know who was working there now. I haven’t done this before but with Covid I thought I would see if they were wearing masks, etc. After being reluctant because of Covid, today I went to see Kate. One of the best massages I have had and nothing was rushed. I will definitely see her again, although I may wait for awhile. I don’t want to push my luck with Covid. I may get backlash from people for going during this time. We both were wearing masks but I know I probably shouldn’t have gone.
  10. Thanks. I never mentioned it’s massage not escort but close enough I think.
  11. Now that Tracy and Betty are gone from Henderson does anybody know who is working there? i meant to put this under Winnipeg, I can’t seem to delete it from here, sorry.
  12. I was just at world. There is a Kate there. Smaller, slim. Never saw her but she looks intriguing. Would be good to know if she is worth a visit.
  13. this is too deep for me. I’m simply here because I like a good massage, my ass rubbed and my cock stroked till I cum. Mostly the last part. 😱
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