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  1. Hi SavannahSol, I don't mean to harp on this SP, but there's no defending this fail on her part. I made three different appointments on three separate occasions, and she cancelled them all with in 10-15 minutes of my arrival. If she can't keep her appointments, then she simply shouldn't advertise. I do hope that someone else has a better experience, and can someday post a good review for this duo when they get it together. On the last appointment, we re-agreed on a price (same as it had been in the previous 2 attempts) about an hour before the appointment time. I gave the traditional 30 minute text from arrival that I was on my way. Then after a few more "you on your way?" "yes, almost there," text messages, at about 10 minutes from arrival she texts and ups the price another 100. Not 20 or 40, but another 100. No extras were requested prior to that time. When I said that we had agreed on a price, and that I really couldn't pay another 100 on top of the agreed on price, she cancelled the appointment and told me to contact her again when I could. I told her good luck, and I didn't think that would be anytime soon.
  2. Haha, if they can't keep their appointments and upsell after agreed upon pricing, how are they worth it? Just because they're friends of yours? Nope.
  3. After weeks of on and off trying to set something up with either one or both of these two via email and text, 3 times an appointment was scheduled and 3 times it was cancelled within 10 minutes of arrival by Either Allie or her friend. The latest time was again 10 minutes before arrival, and they started an upsell via text of the basic agreed upon $$. I passed, not to try again. Oh well. Better luck to someone else.
  4. Ah, having a cold Coors right now actually. Good stuff.
  5. A search of her number shows some other ads from Moncton to Truro, etc... Here's one with some additional pics: http://independent.com.halifax.listcrawler.com/post/22427013/# A tineye search shows 4 hits from the UK and Scotland, they are older from 2014. Probably fake stolen pics. TGTBT. https://tineye.com/search/show_all/2f4a0f1e0d030c09df40c558b4513ad9bb2a1b73/112aed5f4cf299c3fbe4ae948309bcb070ba4689ef0217963735a3aafd1125d7/www.casualsexmeet.com/1 KENTVILLE NEW MINAS AREA 902-700-3210 Young and TASTY!! - 25 100hh 180hr. 2-hour special for 300 Easy going and fun Great with first-timers No gag reflex lol clean & polite guys only No 15 minute deals or lowballers No selfie requests (this includes the peace sign, writing date or your name on a piece of paper. That gets old) PICS ARE 100% REAL & ME!!! Let's have fun together! 902-700-3210
  6. Agree with Rambler, these days everyone has a pretty decent camera right on their phones, so if you need help, just ask! Let the guy tell you how they would like you to pose for a good shot. Not only do you get a few photos out of it, but I'm sure we would not mind helping you out ;) I for one would not mind at all! You can crop your face out and edit it easily with all kind of apps. Quick, easy, and fun for both!
  7. TOFTT here with Pamela, sweet girl, pictures are accurate and absolutely her. Nice body, and very cute. Communication was easy, location was upscale. Also saw her friend Christina in passing in the hallway, and can say that her pictures were accurate as well. Would not repeat. Good luck, PM if you want further details.
  8. Agree with leon1972, Danielle has some very nice assets and amazing skills to go along. Not to mention just a really nice girl, who will totally put you at ease. I saw her just last week, and she really was super nice, and complete sweetheart.
  9. I've chatted back and forth with them both and tried to set something up, but our schedules just never worked out. I'd be interested to hear feedback on either of them as well, as I'd still like to visit her, or both.
  10. If it sounds TGTBT, then it probably is...
  11. I saw Rose today, and had an amazing time. Very recommended. Absolutely gorgeous hot body, easy to talk to and engaging, excellent service. It was everything that I was looking for. I may even repeat before they leave! https://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=252654
  12. I think you need to TOFTT!!
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