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  1. I think it would be fair to try one attempt from a new number like a texting app but be clear and honest who you are in your msg to her. Include a pic even (of your face). If she responds go from there if not move on.
  2. Rambler1980

    Asian massage on kijiji

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/city-of-halifax/professional-massage-for-xmas-in-central-halifax/1399182339 She can be hard to reach, but she's legit. Not her real pic
  3. Rambler1980

    Phonecalls from the Wife.

    All I asked was if he called you or you called him. If you'd called him it would have explained how his wife got involved, if he called you it really shows what an idiot he was.
  4. Rambler1980

    Cos play

    Catherine Sweeter Than 3.14 Not sure what all she has for costumes but she's a SciFi/Gamer/Fantasy nerd and will happily wear any cosplay you provide I am quite certain.
  5. Rambler1980

    First Timer Here, Mya!?

    Stolen photos. Buyer beware.
  6. Rambler1980

    No posts

    No posts (except 1 misplaced ad) since Monday. It's mid-afternoon Thursday now, not a good sign. ** edit ** Ok now I see two posts that weren't there before that are between Monday and Thursday. I just read and replied to one. They were not there (for me) when I made this post, I checked carefully. Very odd.
  7. Rambler1980

    Phonecalls from the Wife.

    If you look at her full sentence I think it would most likely be read "He called me a liar just because I hadn't replied for a cpl days. ". Where if you take the first part of her sentence as "He called me." then first off she didn't answer a question that was being asked in the post she replied to and it makes the 2nd part of the sentence read "[A] liar, just because I hadn't replied for a cpl days." which is kind of a nonsense sentence. Regardless I would prefer her answer the question herself.
  8. So to me the reason for people coming to the site is: 1) Finding recommendations of providers 2) Finding providers advertising 3) Finding warnings / reviews of providers #1 works very poorly #2 works very poorly #3 isn't allowed. (Well warnings are allowed if it's like bait and switch) It doesn't bode well for the future of the site if you can't address #1 & #2 at least. Do #2 well and the site should grow tremendously.
  9. Rambler1980

    Phonecalls from the Wife.

    Did you call him? Or did he call you?
  10. Rambler1980

    Hotels do ask

    I can see your frustration but I for one would NEVER give a provider I'm meeting for the first time my real name and the number. First contact is always a texting app. I've had way, way too many bad experiences to ever do anything else. Once we're established I'll volunteer my real name (but still use the texting app just because it's my preferred method of separating worlds). I've had numerous providers dick me around calling me or texting me at all hours to see if I want to book with them. I've had a provider (whom I never did meet) go berserk and threaten my life, my home, my family, threatened to call the cops and accuse me of rape (bear in mind I never did meet her). The trigger for her behaviour, she offered greek as an extra, I enquired the price and then declined the extra as it was outside my budget but wanted the regular FS she advertised....well that triggered her. Then 24hrs later she messages me and says she has a special on if I want to book??? (WTF you just threatened to kill me and my whole family). Just way, way, way too many crazy people out there. Likewise with deposits. 90% of deposit requests are scams. I'd never give a deposit on someone I haven't seen before. Exceptions might be for well established out of town visitors but that's not my cup of tea. I think it's frankly just no win from both the provider and client perspective. We both deal with time wasters and crazy people.
  11. Rambler1980

    Are Sales/Deals a Thing?

    I've found many providers who offer deals around the end of the month. You'll also see a few providers who really only pop up when they are short money which is also around the end of the month usually. Deals are fine and a terrific way to establish yourself as a regular, I have had some great rates from providers when I established myself with them when they had deals on and offered me the same "deal" rate ongoing for being a regular. I agree with Greenteal about 2 things, if the deal is too good, for example if your paying 2 digit prices for full service; run. Something is wrong it's either a scam or someone with issues you don't want to get tangled in. Second I agree don't haggle. I think there's room to negotiate for extras and in special circumstances but their rate is their rate and if you haggle, expect lesser service.
  12. I gave up on Kodi "No Streams" was the constant result. What's the trick? As for Netflix .... I am VERY frustrated there's no way to find good new shows among their content. Why can't I watch a preview of movies and shows.
  13. Rambler1980

    Daty, DFK, CIM

    If I'm in the mood for specific things I do always ask first unless the provider and I have history already. Like I might ask via text msg, "Do you offer DFK?", not sure if a question phrased like that would be a deal breaker for you? I'm curious only because pissing off providers is never my goal, and I pride myself on trying to treat people in a fair way.
  14. Rambler1980

    Daty, DFK, CIM

    I have things I like and would probably decline to see a provider if she didn't offer some of the things I enjoy, but your post has blunt phrasing that is comes across very objectifying towards providers.