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  1. Rambler1980


    Never seen her and not interested in unprotected encounters, but I don't feel she needs to be moved to the warning section unless somehow it could be proven she's spreading HIV...in which case it might even be a police matter. Someone posting she has HIV could just be another provider looking to make her life difficult. Just my 2 cents, I've done zero research into her, looks like Zachmont knows more than most and maybe could discuss with the mods but lets not throw a lady under the bus without adequate reason.
  2. Rambler1980

    Sophie tantric massage

    I cannot comment on her services. But spent some time trying to setup an appointment a while ago; got frustrated and gave up.
  3. Rambler1980


    Her ad says 100% real or you get half your money back. What's up with that?!
  4. Rambler1980

    Tips ($10-$20-$30-$40-$60-$80)

    Not entirely sure what the question is, but I live in Halifax. I usually have known providers I see but occasionally need to see new providers and use leolist. Is that what you meant?
  5. Rambler1980

    Tips ($10-$20-$30-$40-$60-$80)

    Could be, I try to avoid seeing ladies with "bosses", never seems to go well.
  6. Rambler1980

    Tips ($10-$20-$30-$40-$60-$80)

    Ok, not sure if this will be an unpopular opinion, but excluding providers I'm friends with I don't tip at all. I don't try to haggle prices or anything but I don't tip either. Occasionally additional services are negotiated on the spot, but even that is rare. I have NEVER had a provider ask for a tip or even hint at it really. Maybe it's a regional thing? I'm from Nova Scotia and just spotted this thread on the main page. Now among providers I am friends with, "tips" are not really given, but I'm known to be generous with my time and efforts and money just in in-direct ways. Very common for me to bring a trinket, bring some weed, bring some booze, bring some lingerie, bring some groceries, bring take-out food, etc. All depends on what I know they like and need, but I don't really consider it a tip. Anything I bring I give them right up front, it's a gift from a friend to a friend, their level of service that day isn't a factor. Asian massage places are an exception, but the "tip" is really just the fee in my opinion.
  7. Rambler1980


    I'm with you Catherine, this seems to be a poo slinging thread now. I'm out too. 🙂
  8. Rambler1980

    Melana at LeoList

    Anyone got a recent link to her ad
  9. Rambler1980


    First off I feel for you forkyou. It's no fun spending 100's of dollars for what you hope is going to be an amazing experience and have it fail to meet your expectations by a country mile. I've been friends with numerous providers and know they deal with loads of bullshit from idiots who either had no intention of booking or have zero regards for the fact these ladies are human or might be depending on the business you negotiated with them. Clients cancel last minute or show up 15, 20, 30 minutes late with no notice. Show up drunk or high, show up smelling like a garbage truck, etc. I arrived to pickup a provider at her hotel (we were friends) and the room utterly stank and she explained it was her previous client and that was after she'd forced him to shower. I can't imagine. As a client I always try to treat providers fairly but I've also been jerked around. Stuff like great communication up to maybe 20 minutes before the appointment then I'm ghosted. Of course we've all dealt with pictures that show a lady who's a perfect 10 and arrive to find a lady who's a walrus (no disrespect to walrus's). Had the lady agree to services and then when I arrive say they did not and refuse to even look at the texts confirming my assertion. Had 1 hour appointments and been rushed out the door in 20 minutes, etc. We've all dealt with it, but those ladies are the minority, there's plenty of ladies out there who take pride in offering good services, fair rates and are genuinely nice people. In whatever city you live, post a topic with some of the things you'd like in a provider and ask for recommendations. You'll get locals with experience who will help you out. Doesn't mean you'll love every provider that's recommended to you, but it makes a great starting point. And remember that if you've agreed to something with a provider then go through with your commitments and expect her to do the same. If she's over promised feel free to back out of the transaction but if you've fucked up (late, dirty, drunk, disrespectful) then expect her to kick you out, cut short the service or otherwise under-deliver and I have no sympathy for you in that scenario. Expect the ladies to have a fairly short amount of patience for screwups on your part, they deal with a lot. You commented about the lady trash talking clients for the entire appointment. I agree that would probably be a turn off for me, but I'd have no issue paying for the appointment as agreed and chalk that up to incompatibility between myself and the provider and just not rebook with her. I too sometimes wish we could post reviews not recommendations but the rules are the rules and there's lots of ways to get your message across without violating them. But loads of providers I've seen I just post nothing about as I cannot recommend them. I will say that for many providers who I cannot in good faith recommend, I can also see how someone else might gel with them and like them. So to each their own. By the way, while I do wish reviews were allowed I can see why they are not, too easy for ladies to undercut each other with bad reviews and clients with a bone to pick to post a bad review. If they could limit reviews to say senior members or limit the number of negative reviews per user or something I'd be interested in seeing how that played out. My second comment is that given you've not posted a lot, don't worry too much about Greenteal, I'd say even he'd agree he's argumentative.
  10. Rambler1980


    My comments about not being satisfied with my edging experiences were not directed at you Danielle. That's why I posted that little disclaimer in front on my comments, I was attempting to avoid smearing your good reputation. Since my post was going to be immediately after yours I didn't want people to think I was referring to you.
  11. Rambler1980


    Just an old friend who used to be a service provider years ago. We became good friends and just have occasional sex for fun now. Sorry she's not available. 😞
  12. Rambler1980


    I wish I'd got my post in before Exotic Touch Danielle because this is in no way related to her response or her services. I've seen her before and while I didn't request edging Danielle is a top notch provider. My own experience is that I take a while to get there anyway but when I've asked about edging and been assured that could be part of the services, it really just turned into getting me close once or twice, backing off 30 seconds each time and then getting me to pop. Added like 2 minutes to the whole thing. I gave up on "edging" as a thing. I thought edging would be like a good 10 minutes of getting me close slowing down, getting me close, slowing down. Maybe I just haven't found the right partner. I do have a person who loves sucking cock and although she doesn't edge me, she takes it nice and slow and after I pop still sucks on me for like another few minutes until she's had her fun. Not exactly edging but I enjoy it very much, I should ask a provider next time I book if they'd keep on with the oral after I pop.
  13. Rambler1980


    You ole kinky dog. Sounds like someone messaged them, lol. 🙂
  14. I went to see an escort and she said she was 24 but I found out she was 25 so I didn't pay her afterward. Fair logic?? Of course not. You were speeding. You got caught. Pay the dang ticket. If this was speed trap situation where they hang out right after the speed limit drops from 80km/hr to 60km/hr or some nonsense sure, I'd be trying to avoid the ticket but when I've been caught legit speeding (twice) I pay the ticket.
  15. Rambler1980


    "Looks a little too good to be true?", that's your words not mine. Ha Ha. I've had the pleasure of sisters before (not as good as you think) but mom and daughter, I dunno if that's on my bucket list. Do they have any physical contact between them, do I want them to? Does mom get first dibs on position? Too many questions and I am not sure I want to know the answers. Still I've always said there's always someone willing to scratch your itch.