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  1. Rambler1980

    Short SP

    You might be in luck. TheRealMeganXXX Just posted here in Lyla she's coming to town and she's only 4' 11" so could be exactly what you are looking for if under 5ft is your requirement. 🙂
  2. Rambler1980

    Escort Outcalls

    I have a provider at my home from time to time. I know her well and we've discussed what the plan is if someone comes home while she's there. That said we align things to use the house at times when it's very very unlikely anyone would come home (and so far, so good).
  3. Rambler1980

    Ashley thick goddess

    Yep looks like she stole pics from ttraprapunzel. Having seen this person I can say she has the basic body shape of the model but that does explain why she didn't have the exact same booty vs body ratio.
  4. Rambler1980

    Short SP

    She lists herself at 5' 1", short but not below 5ft
  5. Rambler1980


    Rates seem slightly above average price for me when I checked out the ad in the link. I can find identical ads for her with prices less than half what the linked ad shows. Weird. I'd love to hear back from someone who's able to TOFTT but go carefully.
  6. Rambler1980

    Short SP

    AddictiveBarbie is 5ft even, don't know of anyone below 5ft working at the moment.
  7. Rambler1980

    Videos/ Pictures

    I shall delete all my pictures and destroy my camera. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Rambler1980

    Videos/ Pictures

    Greenteal is a bit alarmist and pessimistic, now that I see what u mean it should be easy to arrange. I doubt your photo cache is what your worried about its finding the actual pictures in your phone's Photo Gallery. Either ask the provider of your choice, anyone I've become regular with and asked has said Yes. Extra charge likely. I won't throw any providers under the bus but i know Addictivebarbie specifically advertises photos and videos. I've had great luck with lots more providers. I've always taken the pictures with my camera though, so ymmv if you want them to take the pics and host then online for you.
  9. Rambler1980

    Videos/ Pictures

    Finding a provider that allows pics and videos isn't hard but finding one that is fine with u posting them online is hard. I know several that allow me to take pics/videos but I'd never share them without permission and always keep them stored offline or in the cloud with the password shared with the provider. Am I misunderstanding what your looking for?
  10. Rambler1980


    I contacted her a number of times but could never get an appointment lined up. She was pleasant to msg with but she always needed to book days ahead or I'd have to come super late night. Just bad luck I think, I'd enjoy hearing your experience. I don't do massage much but get in the mood sometimes.
  11. You PMd me good date so I'll respond but here. I have nothing against seeing traveling providers and have seen several over the years but now largely try to stick with locals where I can become a regular. Theres just so many local independent ladies I've never felt short of choices. Good luck though with your endeavors.
  12. Rambler1980

    Only one hazel🍑💋

    She means hips. She doesn't have a 32in waist in the pics but 32in hips I'd believe. Good looking woman either way.
  13. Rambler1980

    Bad sign for leolist?

    They (leolist) are accepting flexepin which is easily purchased at stores in Halifax (check their site for locations) and can be purchased online too via PayPal and credit card. Check into it, lot simpler than cryptocurrency if your not familiar with the ins and outs of it
  14. Rambler1980


    Could someone just say what the website is all about??
  15. Rambler1980