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  1. Rambler1980

    Hobbying in the world.

    I've travelled and booked providers in many cities. Often Asian massage places as they are in every city except Halifax and kind of a known entity. My experience is providers are the same all over except Asian places in philly are off the hook; full service providers at great prices.
  2. Her ad is up today after a long multi-month break! I just have to figure out how to get time to go out to see her today.
  3. Rambler1980

    Massage by rachel

    Yes that's her Big G
  4. Rambler1980


    I agree, I believe well written ads will always appeal to me more than a brief, chopped up ad. I think if we look at the providers discussed and/or participating here we'll see that the stars, those with high reviews and/or who've been in the business a while have better written ads, better pictures and they keep their pictures fresh. These ladies know their business doesn't start when the client arrives, it starts long before.
  5. Easy there, just something I noticed. As to you "not caring" you've posted on this thread more than I have. There's nothing to get you "involved" with, it's just a interesting thread in General Discussion.
  6. Rambler1980

    Massage option perhaps

    That's Lily, she's been mentioned here before I think. I think she's a known happy ending provider but difficult to getting a booking with (other's may correct me on that). Still props for posting your find! 🙂
  7. I think I'll just let it sit and assume it's magic. Suffix to say as people like my posts I see it increase, I'll be happy enough with that. My new quirky observation is: Greenteal at the time of writing this, his little avatar has "General Member" above and "Senior Member (100+ Posts)" below but mine has the "Senior Member (100+ Posts)" above and below. Strange
  8. For sure, I am totally fascinated with how they compute the numbers. Doesn't bother me that my number is higher/lower than others but there's some way it's calculated and it's the kind of thing that I find interesting. Just looking at your profile, I would think yours should be WAY higher than it is, you've had boatloads of Likes from other users.
  9. Ok here's another person with a higher reputation score than myself. This one is quite perplexing. He's quite a new member with minimal posts. Again, not bothered by it so much as just baffled by it.
  10. Rambler1980

    Sensations with Cassandra

    Where did you first see her ad?
  11. The reputation isn't really important but is a point of curiosity for me. Could be, it's certainly one of the differences in our accounts. Just an interesting question to me.
  12. Just looking at myself vs another member who has similar stats as me but like 8x the reputation. I'd love to understand why the difference. My stats on top vs his below
  13. Rambler1980

    Nuru worth it?

    My experience with body slides we were body to body both prone. Nuru included that but had her sitting on me at some point with our junk touching but no penetration, she worked me into quite a state before dismounting.
  14. Rambler1980

    Chloe Coxx

    I'd avoid. Too many excellent choices out there to waste time with someone throwing up red flags.
  15. Rambler1980

    Nuru worth it?

    Have tried both and I prefer the Nuru, but the city I was in it was I think £100 vs £40 cost difference which of course was a lot more, but as I was deciding my buddy with me mentioned no tip was needed with nuru so I jumped for it. The tip was a big question mark for me as my buddy had paid quite varied tip prices and taking the ambiguity out of it was welcome. I ended up having a couple nuru massages while visiting that city. In other cities I have had body slides before, the nuru was waaaay more thick and gel like, made the body sliding part great. I'm a bigger guy and body slides don't always work well for me, but the nuru was fun and during the massage she worked her fingers into every nook and cranny (which I liked but some might not). For one of the visits I worked my fingers into her nooks and cranny's and she was very obliging even putting some gel on herself to make it easier for me, that would not hold true at every place of course (not even every person at that place). The finish at the place I was at was her grinding on me for quite a while then switching to hand action for the conclusion, probably could have tipped for something more but wasn't inclined and she didn't suggest plus I was covered in goop. We started the massage with a table shower and sauna (with other dudes in the sauna so that was weird) and finished with each having a shower in a little stall in the rooms. I think the sauna was mainly a holding pen as sometimes I was in and out quick and other times it was like 15 minutes and getting over heated. The place I visited used a regular massage table with a plastic cover and then a couple bath towels to make it more comfy to lay on. I've not experienced the air mattress variety.