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  1. Rambler1980

    Anyone see Aliciia?

    Both those links re-direct to the same ad now. Weird but doesn't mean it's a scam, might have just changed her info to avoid a problem person or to not conflict with an existing provider. I'd still go with caution.
  2. Rambler1980

    Tina and jen ?

    I've been messaging Tina since Friday but cannot get a response. Gonna have to give them a miss, I was interested but not going to chase unicorns. Perhaps she's totally booked.
  3. Rambler1980

    Natasha Booty of a Goddess

    I have seen her twice myself. First experience was one of the best I had with any provider, but second experience was one I wouldn't want to repeat. Not sure why the difference. If I could be assured of getting that wonderful experience I had on first visit, she'd be one of my top recommendations.
  4. Rambler1980

    French Doll Alexia - LL

    I've had no experience with Alexia, but stopped seeing providers visiting from Quebec after getting a consistent rush rush rush experience. Not sure if it's a difference of Halifax vs Montreal or a cultural thing or just my luck finding only providers who want to rush me out the door. I can see the appeal of visiting providers, especially if they cover a niche that's hard to find locally, but I prefer local providers whom are here permanently just because I like to support our local talent and like the option to become a regular if we click.
  5. Rambler1980

    Looking for a provider

    Kylie Jane openly offers it, a lot of times it varies based on the client. I've had greek encounters with providers who absolutely state they don't do it. It's almost always an extra charge just to prepare you.
  6. Rambler1980


    That's probably not enough to go on really for Jess but you might get lucky. I suspect if she's not replying she changed her number if it wasn't already a texting app. A lot of women enter and then exit the business shortly afterward, it's not for them or their situation changed or whatever. Good luck. I've had providers I'd like to repeat with but whom have exited the business, I've also been fortunate I have routine visits with providers who are no longer working but still see a few old clients. As for car dates, I've done them before, more with providers I know and circumstances were that we had no place to go. But they are fun especially if you can find a secluded place in the summertime. I've had some outdoor picnic blanket fun that way too.
  7. Rambler1980


    No trouble with communication but we didn't reach an arrangement (our interests didn't align) so I didn't see her myself.
  8. Rambler1980

    younger sp

    Well on leolist the provider posts her age right in the ad so use it's filters would be my best suggestion. I am unsure if you are hinting at finding underage providers? If so I think you won't find members here likely to offer recommendations on where/who/how to find that, myself included.
  9. I hope in this day and age someone asking for an Indian provider means someone from India, please tell me we've come that far at least. Lol.
  10. Rambler1980


    Some warning signs for fakes & scammers 1) If they only have an email address that's a warning sign 2) The pictures just look too polished that's a warning sign 3) Reverse images searches show the pictures used all over the place 4) After contact they want a deposit or you to go to a verification site that's a warning sign 5) They instantly agree to any special request that's a warning sign 6) They offer a combination of rates and service that seems to good to be true 7) Check Lyla obviously There's also a wide variety of problems you can encounter A) Fake ads B) Scammer ads C) Ads showing one woman but on arrival it's another D) Promising more than they deliver I find spotting the outright fakes isn't hard it's finding the scammers and bait-n-switch providers that's more tricky. I differentiate fake vs scammer as: - A fake ad is an ad for a person that doesn't exist at all in your city - A scammer ad is for a person who's local but has no intention of providing service and just wants to steal your money
  11. Rambler1980

    Texting advice needed.

    I usually try them and if there's no response I'll try them either in about an hour or another night. I have people I usually see and stick with them mostly so it's only occasionally I try someone new. Other's have recommended and I agree, try addictivebarbie. She's friendly, attractive her rates are reasonable and she's very easy to talk to. Great for a first time experience. Other's that are good, Katherine is always well regarded and very popular, I like Nerdy Catherine 3.14 too also easy to talk to, Kylie Jane is a great pick. All these ladies are class acts, good responders, good at what they do and easy to talk to. There should be enough age, size & shape variety among those I just listed that it will get you started. lol
  12. I messaged her before her pic was in the ad. It's not even a human that replies, just a bot that directs you to a "Verification" site that wants your credit card. Clear scam. It's a shame as I knew a Jessica and prior to her picture being added to the ad I was thinking/hoping it was her.
  13. Rambler1980


    Nothing worrisome jumps out about the ad, TOFTT?
  14. Rambler1980

    Texting advice needed.

    I typically politely ask for rates and availability. I usually then try to ask a couple questions about the kind of service I might be looking for. Part of that is to make sure her and I are on same page about service and price, other part is to get a sense of their personality. Are they all business, slow responses, responses that don't answer the question, do they seem fun, flirty, are they going to be rush rush rush, etc. BUT Having seen the texts the providers receive I see a lot of frankly rude or at least crude texts, lots of time wasting conversations, lots of people asking for stuff like bare services or discounts or trades (drugs). I would think if you polite and not wasting their time then they should be more than willing to chat with you. In my experience though, getting slow or no response is very common. Unsure why but I just move on. I am willing to try a couple times to get an answer but after that I don't bother with them anymore. Also once you've started the conversation someone who is always super slow to respond (like consistently many many minutes between responses), I usually move on. Their mind is elsewhere or they've got conversations going with other clients, or whatever but it's enough of a turn-off I move on. I'm meaning once they respond to my text, if I text them back in seconds and then each response from them is 5-10min I assume my business is not a priority for them and move on. On the other hand, anyone who's a quick responder with friendly flirty texts, I'm very likely to book with them and usually tell them how much I appreciate their quick responses. Again, I'm not talking first response, but how fast they respond once a conversation is started.
  15. Rambler1980

    Raining SP's in Bathurst

    Sounds like Bathurst only gets occasional travelling providers. If that's the case I wouldn't wait around, provided they don't seem like fakes, get out there, have a good time and demonstrate there's a market for them to come back again and again.