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  1. Google image search would show she is probably "Melissa Carvalho" from San Paulo Brazil, someone stole her pics to run a scam. I always recommend a reverse image search at minimum via google.
  2. I go even further. I won't send a deposit to anyone I haven't met before. There's way too many good providers out there, I'm not risking sending money to someone I've never met and with whom I have zero recourse if they rip me off.
  3. Not trying to stir any controversy, this is a legit question. I can understand lots of people might not like what he was trying to organize, but what Lyla rule(s) did he violate? I don't think he was trying to profit from a facebook group, he didn't even post publicly. Like I said, I can understand if you oppose what he was up to, but just unsure how running afoul of public opinion turned into a ban within 30 minutes, can't think that left any time to even get his side before the ban. Maybe I'm mis-understanding the timing of events. Given the current cancel culture climate, I'm a little scared that if we say something that others don't agree with (apparently even in private) it'll be a swift ban without any sort of recourse. P.S. I was not messaged by this guy and have no knowledge of his endeavor beyond what we're all reading. *EDIT* Full disclosure, I double checked and this guy DID message me in the past with a general question, which I replied to. Nothing related to his facebook plan though.
  4. I can vouch for the location being clean and upscale. Glad Tina was a hit.
  5. Just to make sure I don't throw Tina under the bus. It was Jasmine I seen and posted the warning about. I did not visit Tina, I did "see her" for like a split second that's it.
  6. There were posts/ads on Leolist itself warning about him. No idea myself I just saw the warning ad. I forget what the warning even was.
  7. I've had people PM me and ask questions about providers. I'll usually answer any questions but the 3 questions I don't answer are: 1) How much does she charge. (Just ask her) 2) Does she do XXX. (Again, just ask her yourself) 3) Where does she work from. For #3, when asked I'll give a general area (IE Clayton Park) but I am unsure why people want to know exact addresses. All three of those questions are asked fairly often.
  8. You literally just need to put "ashley thick goddess" in the search bar on lyla.
  9. I've had the good fortune to meet Danielle and I agree she's worth a vote! Also that link from Lydia doesn't work for me at all, permission error. My vote for a lady who supports the site and is genuinely a nice, nice person who's thoughtful, educated, kind and not hard on the eyes either is Katherine from Halifax.
  10. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is a common scam but so easy to fall for it especially if you happen to be new. My own rules are: - Certain areas are no-go. Shouldn't be that way but too many issues in specific areas so.... - Never ever pre-pay for new ladies. No exceptions, no gift cards, no EMTS - Like pre-pay, no partial deposits for new ladies. No exceptions. - Never take your wallet or phone in with new ladies (in case the "boyfriend" appears to rob you) - If they don't have a phone number, no deal - I will see new ladies with out of province numbers but 902 numbers are my preference I know pre-pay and phone #'s are an issue as some providers require pre-pay or a deposit or don't use a phone. Unfortunately I'll never see those providers but there's always others who do use a phone and do accept cash. Finally be polite, friendly but firm about any self-protection measures you decide to take. Don't let a pretty picture and some sexy messages cause you to lower your guard. There's plenty of time for EMT's and emails once you've got some trust built up.
  11. I haven't seen her in a while but Dirty Blonde Maria is legit and worth seeing for sure. Really nice person.
  12. Wait a minute? I posted a warning and you still went, lol? 😛 You say "last time I believe your posts"; was the only thing you took from my post was that I thought she was attractive and matched her picture? The important part was where I said what she offers vs what you get are out of sync.
  13. Jasmine is an asian provider advertising with Tina. I think they are just in town for a while. I have been living in a Covid-19 bubble and with the easing of restrictions I decided to ease my own restrictions and see a provider. First off let me say Jasmine (and Tina) are real, the pictures are even real in their ad and you won't get robbed. BUT.... Here's what I felt was the scam part. I realize texting an asian provider often means you are often texting someone else who talks to her. I asked about specific services (nothing kinky/unsafe, just standard stuff) and the person responded that was I was looking for was included in the price quoted. I stressed that these services were what I was looking for more so than sex and asked specifically several times that she would be ok with what I requested and was assured she was cool with it. On arrival you can guess, I mentioned what I wanted and got a non-english answer and once the money was handed over the services I requested were not on offer anymore. Further she rush, rush, rushed me out of there like 15min tops and trying to get her to go slow was not possible. She also went straight for intercourse with me even though I really didn't want it, I told her several times I didn't want sex but she wanted me to bust as fast as possible. I felt cheated for sure but wasn't up for arguing and fighting to get any money back, definitely not what I paid for. I am SOOOO glad I didn't book an hour. Sometimes services are YMMV but I want to stress I was on-time, freshly showered, shaved, clean, sober, well dressed and well spoken. I am a decent guy, not pushy, friendly and have never had these services declined on arrival before. With Covid-19 I have ZERO issues with any provider declining services but when they've agreed to services I expect them to follow through or offer a reason or a refund or something. So on the plus side: - She looks great - You won't get robbed On the scam side: - Services changed once the money was paid - Rush rush rush - Terrible communication P.S. Don't PM me just to ask what the services were please. Nothing kinky, nothing very strange.
  14. That blows! You tried to hire an escort yourself and got scammed?! I guess it can happen to the best of us but that really sucks.
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