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  1. Rambler1980

    massage parlour

    Prior to the popularization of the internet the Yellow Pages was the go to source for any city I visited, that and if the city was big enough they'd have free adult nightlife newspapers distributed through boxes on the street. But every major hotel room had a yellow pages with the massage/adult services/escort section and the chinese food/pizza section looking tired and dog earred. Not every city placed the ads in the same section so often looking for the dog earred part of the yellow pages was the easiest way to find it.
  2. Rambler1980

    Aubrey - Kijiji

    What was she wearing? I am 99% sure this is a person I used to work with so I'll probably avoid seeing her for the embarrassment factor.
  3. Rambler1980


    Are those really pics of her? Tineye seems to match her pics to a few sites linking to providers with a different name and age. The small resolution for professionally shot photos is also very suspect.
  4. Rambler1980

    Looking For Out of Shape Lady

    There's lots of BBW that are larger and very attractive, but not many people will want to fit the description "lazy, physically unfit...". I did PM the poster with one provider I could think of that fit his kink but I'd never post their name here in the forum and would never use his exact words to describe them either. I once had someone PM and ask me about the "gunt" a particular provider had. Did not know what that word was until I googled it.
  5. Rambler1980


    Anyone seen Kiarah (or Cherry) lately? No ads and she's not responding to the numbers I have for her.
  6. Rambler1980

    Looking for a squirter

    If you find someone I'd appreciate hearing some details (PM if you prefer), I have been tempted to experience this myself. My one experience with it wasn't with a provider and it was not something I enjoyed but I believe that was more due to the person I was with.
  7. Rambler1980

    Catherine the Sci Fi nerd • White • LL

    Visited Catherine who advertises on Leolist. She's a self confessed Sci Fi, Star Wars nerd. Had a great time. Seen her at her hotel room in Dartmouth. She made me very comfortable, she's very attractive. Catherine's a little chubby but in an entirely good way and a beautiful face. Catherine has stunning large breasts and anyone who's a boob lover will not be disappointed. We started with kissing in bed and she was very affectionate and enthusiastic with making out. She's great at conversation too and as me made out we chatted when catching our breath. We moved on to DATY and then DATO and a BBBJ. Had a super experience and as soon as finances allow I'll be back to see her again.
  8. Rambler1980

    Angel is a scam

    I wish everyone wouldn't pile on Neazy, you are just making him feel worse while stroking your own egos. It only discourages others from posting scams. Neazy's well aware of any mistakes he made, you telling him "he should have turned around" doesn't really help as you are only pointing out the obvious, he can replay the scenario in his head and think of a dozen things he'll do different next time. I've also dealt with providers who's pics didn't match (or I wasn't 100% sure) and still had a great time so you can treat it as a warning sign but it's not conclusive proof you're going to be scammed. Thanks Neazy for posting your experience, it's a shame it happened but I am glad you are warning others.
  9. Rambler1980


    Tico: I hate to call you out on that but the word "Lana" returns 41 results (2 pages) of posts for this forum, all of them appear to be the Lana you're interested in and date back as far as 2013 (maybe earlier). She's easily one of the most discussed providers on the forum in my opinion. This is not a comment of Tico or anyone's post but the fact is she's been in the biz for a while, she must appeal to number of clients to stay in this business so she's doing something right. She's not your typical person posting on Leolist, I've met her and she's 100% legit, friendly, attractive, affordable, professional and easy to deal with, yes she's not the same age as most providers and has some 'quirks' (not sure the right word to choose) and that makes her a bit polarizing in the discussion forums but her quirks probably dovetail with what her repeat clients enjoy. I for one am glad Halifax is big enough to support a diversity of providers so that everyone's needs can be met.
  10. Rambler1980


    How long ago was your visit. I haven't seen her advertise lately
  11. Rambler1980

    Any ladies around the airport.

    Good point. In travel time the airport isn't too bad, but sheer distance and gas money/taxi fare it's a long way.
  12. Rambler1980

    Any ladies around the airport.

    I wasn't aware Victoria Jolie worked the airport from out that way. If you happened to live out in Fall River or Elmsdale and owned a vehicle working the airport with Outcalls might be an option. Getting a room out there at a hotel for Incall would seem problematic for getting enough clients unless you really knew the flight schedules and people patterns.
  13. Rambler1980

    Any ladies around the airport.

    Unless someone knows otherwise, with the low population around the airport, the limited number of hotels and small size there's are no providers working our airport exclusively. You'll likely be able to arrange an outcall to the airport hotels but with a high transportation cost.
  14. Rambler1980

    Advice for New York city

    If anyone needs a recommendation for New York city I found an Asian massage place on 45th street near Times Square that is excellent and affordable and offers FS. PM me for details. They do not have any signage and you need to msg them in advance to book an appointment to be let in. Not sure where they advertise but I had their info from a previous search before Backpage when down. They offer all the usual massage stuff but also full service for a reasonable price.
  15. Rambler1980


    Wow, that doesn't feel like a shill post at all. lol