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  1. Appears to be using pics taken from this adult actress https://twitter.com/Abigaiil_Morris based on reverse image search. Unfortunately when things seem to good to be true they usually are.
  2. We should really have a sticky that explains how to use reverse image search.
  3. I assumed from the description it would be online only.
  4. They are different ads and different people.
  5. Reverse image search came back with matches to a 4chan thread from 2017, so the pictures aren't real.
  6. This thread is hilarious, I've learned a ton and am going to change the way I approach making bookings. I'm gonna start requiring SPs to send me a photo of them with their keyboard on their head to verify their pics. If they can accomplish this task then they may have the privilege of meeting me for coffee so I can determine if they're truly worthy of me. I'm an old fashioned guy though so I'll gladly pay for their coffee (none of that frappuccino shit though, I don't come across money easily). I expect this rigorous screening process will weed out approximately 100% of all SPs on planet earth and I'll finally have the time and energy to get back to my true passion: whittling.
  7. I've seen her before, photos are real, age is accurate etc. I would recommend.
  8. I believe that it is Elle (she has some reviews on here), doing a duo with one other for four hands massage.
  9. How was the massage? Feel free to pm.
  10. Do you have a link to the ad? I can't seem to find what you're talking about when I look through Kijiji.
  11. Yes. Good quality massage by an RMT. Professional and definitely no extras.
  12. Based on pictures this Alyssa Faye, I think she may have previously gone by Blaire Champagne. Definitely not the old Aly Faye. Please correct me if I'm wrong if anybody has actually seen her.
  13. I had about the same experience. Pretty good massage, I was also fully nude, no kind of happy ending offered but I didn't ask. Would love to hear about anybody else's experiences.
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