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  1. There are other options. I think you received a PM about that. Good luck.
  2. @Prince Clay Hey man I know your catching flak here. Ignore it. You do you man. Best of luck in your search.
  3. There are a couple of doc on YouTube as well. Fascinating story.
  4. I saw her once a couple years back. Real, beautiful lady.
  5. Greenie I appreciate your work! I know every time I see your handle as the latest post its worth checking out! Thank you my brother, keep it up.
  6. It happens. As has been said, just be happy it didn't cost you a deposit. If she is a member of this board I would reach out via PM and make sure everything is ok, and try to reschedule. As has also been said, life happens to all of us.
  7. Ya I have never seen her but I do follow her on IG and Twitter. Id feel safe saying shes legit.
  8. I've been hearing rumors of underground strip clubs popping up in the HRM. It seems counter productive to be underground and advertise though
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