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  1. I will be honest I have seen those pics in adds for years... I never knew it was a real lady lol
  2. I saw her when she was working as an SP a while ago. Pretty girl, nice location. Nothing wrong with the service.
  3. Side note but related. My SO had a coworker who held the office Christmas party at her house in the Halifax Forum area. She had beautiful place. While discussing her place; she described how her house was at one time a brothel. And they still semi-frequently had visits from gentlemen looking for some fun. Its funny, this subculture has permeated every aspect of society but outside of certain European countries its still viewed a taboo. Damn shame...
  4. My understanding was the neighbors banded together and bought the place. That small patch of Dartmouth under went some gentrification and the GC was a casualty. I stand to be corrected though.
  5. I am fully aligned with your feelings. Unfortunately with life now booking with a great SP is often last minute and not always successful; understandably. The "member club business model" has baffled me. I assume you mean like CMJ in Ottawa ? Can you shed some light on how these work ? Feel free to PM.
  6. Ya she was before my time. But there is some interesting stuff on Youtube documentary wise if you are interested.
  7. Massage parlors intrigue me. I don't have much experience in them at all. But I do like the sounds of them. Halifax needs a couple!
  8. I have dabbled in Que very little outside of SCs. Most of my experience has been in Kingston, Barrie and Ottawa Ontario and of course Halifax. I have extensively seen escorts internationally, and that's a whole other ball of wax.
  9. That's too bad. I only had one experience where I was fed the old "I have to pay the driver first" routine and she left with the $$$. Luckily I was in good enough with that agency they were very upset at her and sent another girl over right away for no cost. I remember once calling an agency and they didnt have a lady on that night that tickled my fancy. But the receptionist sounded amazing. So I ended up booking her lol She was stunning. Had a great night. I ended up dating an escort from, I think, Park Avenue for a while. That was an experience, a good one. Sadly we were simply in different places with different priorities at the time.
  10. You bring back some memories. The Gentleman's Club under the MacDonald Bridge. That was actually a nice place. Clean with descent rooms. I was there 3-4 times I think. Park Avenue I visited once and saw one girl from there frequently. Aristocrat and Diamonds I don't remember. My first Halifax strip club was the Lighthouse lol That was only once and I was only in Ralphs a couple of times. Once you been to Que its hard to compare fairly lol Halifax is an odd town. Its a sailors, students and vagabonds town. It has no issues with extreme drunken nights and fights. And it doesn't care about consensual sex, but my god if you want to exchange money! Well holy smokes, that's a no - no. Which is funny because the Halifax Madam ran a very fine and established business for decades. https://halifaxmag.com/blog/ada-mccallum-the-life-of-a-famous-halifax-madam/
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