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  1. Vegas isn't worth it. But you collect a ton of escorts cards walking up the strip. Also strip clubs in the states will leave more disappointed than Ralph's did or Angie's will. Get some good porn and save your self some dough.
  2. Lol I'll stick with my girl next door and CrossFit chicks lol
  3. Ya that's a ref flag too. Some folks get real offended when we say certain areas of the city are not great places to hobby in.
  4. In real life neither one of them interest me lol
  5. To each their own but I would take 5 with great personality over a 10 who has the personality of a turd anyway and twice on Sunday. That's just me. As for Mel, shes been around for ever. And there are no reccos. To me that's a red flag.
  6. That's terrible. I'm very sorry that happened to you. I've been the victim of blackmail in this industry. I feel you.
  7. I made contact recently. Very pleasant over text. Just didn't offer what I was looking for, so I passed.
  8. Halifax isn't the hardest place in the world to find a girl to hook up with. Go to a bar, make conversation and don't be a douche bag.
  9. Lol maybe I'm weird but I don't mind random texts lol But I'm also set up so no run can read my texts without my finger print...
  10. It's crazy that the HRM doesn't have any massage parlors or strip clubs.
  11. Tough to find around here. But good luck, I'd be interested too.
  12. Most of these are just intimidation tactics. But it never hurts to report to the PD.
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