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  1. harboursmoke

    New York City

    Thats sage advice! I have been to NYC a few times and always with the intent of playing. Never once have I actually been able too though. This hobby is looked at very differently in the USA.
  2. harboursmoke

    New York City

    It's expensive.
  3. I can understand that totally. My confusion comes from her giving me her Appt number and buzz code. And after the landlord let me in I texted her to let her know that. Less than 5 mins before she told me she was ready and that I could head up. Also the commotion and yelling didn't help. I dunno could be an innocent mistake but that was enough to scare me away for good. WRT the area, it has a bad rap, that cant be denied. But you are right I shouldnt paint everyone in that neighborhood with the same brush. My apologies.
  4. I understand she may have made a mistake, but seeing as she was loud and could have drawn attention, and I already had to walk past her landlord once, not really knowing where I was going; I wasn't willing to reenter and try again. I identified myself as someone she was talking too over text less than 5 mins previously. But she was coming close to causing a scene; so I wasn't interested in sticking around or making a second attempt. What I don't get is whey she blocked me ? Its not like I was a bad client or a no-show time waster... She didn't even let me respond...
  5. I dont know why I decided to try Highfield Park again... The set up and booking was great. Great communication. I get there, her landlord lets me in, I txt her to let her know. I get to her appt and she screams at me asking who I am, I tell her, she asks me why I am here... I say sorry wrong door and leave... About 5 mins later, whilst driving, I get a flurry of texts asking me to come back shes sorry. Then... a text with one word. Blocked. All of these I dont read until I am home as I dont text and drive. Sigh... shes recommended positively on this website too. Oh well, no money lost. Off to hunting! Deer or bear which should I take first ?
  6. harboursmoke


    I've never had that experience with ladies on this forum...
  7. harboursmoke


    You two are seeing the wrong ladies...
  8. harboursmoke


    A couple of years ago I was going to TOFTT and meet this Cali. Easy to set up appointment, all went well. She was actually staying not far from me. Anyways when the time came to meet she went silent and I never heard from her again...
  9. Sorry bro. Thanks for taking the hit though.
  10. harboursmoke


    She is post OP...
  11. harboursmoke

    Alyssa Faye. anyone seen her??

    She was ? How did I miss that ? Lol
  12. harboursmoke

    Alyssa Faye. anyone seen her??

    She looks like shes enhanced now... Its been a few years but she looks ummm more endowed lol
  13. harboursmoke

    Alyssa Faye. anyone seen her??

    Why dont you go first ? lol
  14. harboursmoke

    Fave type of Lingerie on an SP

    lol Fair. I might be the one off but I have never been a fan of lingerie. I like clothes I see women in out and about... weird ?
  15. harboursmoke

    Interest in fetishes and stap-on play

    I have to say just last night my SO used a pocket rocket while playing with my wedding tackle... Sweet jesus it was amazing. I nearly gave myself a facial lol First time I enjoyed an HJ from someone else in a long time lol hahahaha She is a bit reserved so its nice to see her opening up and trying new things!