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  1. I lately was lucky enough to have an hour with Sara. Absolutely amazing experience. I cant wait to repeat with the four hands.
  2. I talked to her on a sugar daddy sight. Seemed nice. But not my speed.
  3. That's a first but it wouldn't surprise me.
  4. Sorry my man. I made contact too. But by the time she replied it was to late.
  5. Being a small university town you may have more luck looking for a sugar baby.
  6. Hey everyone. I hope you all made out ok.
  7. Is anyone else getting random PMs from this member ? Its all very strange, and obviously fake.
  8. That's what I warning about. I've seen it too. I had a friend ask me for a loan because an escort "really liked him" and he needed to be able to afford to see her. I bought him a coffee and gave free advice. He's better now.
  9. Because I've seen it before where a fella thinks a girl likes him and and bad decisions are made on false pretenses. And its lead to broken hearts and squandered cash. @Lilbrownster as I said I applaud your sense of humanity and willingness to help. Just be careful and set boundaries.
  10. I can appreciate your sense of humanity and it should be applauded. If you wish to help you need to be prepared that that help will be abused or squandered, and you need to make peace with that ahead of time. Also you need steadfast boundaries that keep you from getting involved beyond what youre normally comfortable with. I learned something years ago, they don't actually like you, they like your money. Don't forget that. Keep all that in mind and be the best person you can.
  11. Hey man lots of great and safe ladies here, who I am sure would be willing meet. I can recommend @StephanieMystique @MsManda and @KylieJane Three excellent providers. Reach out. We have no strip clubs or massage parlors. Sadly. I too love a good lap dance.
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