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  1. harboursmoke

    Sarah on LL

    Good evening folks. The lady in this ad has intrigued me for a while... Love her outfits. Shes posted ads for long time as well I dont think I have seen any word yet. Any one care to shed any light ? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_amazing_no_rush_up_scale-4916297
  2. harboursmoke

    Kylie died ?

    So heartbreaking. I feel for her loved ones.
  3. harboursmoke

    Kylie died ?

    I have been thinking about going on a hiatus myself. This statement of yours is mutual: "For fuck sake, that was a massive waste of money....again" And this is meant in no way as a snide remark on our wonderful ladies. You ladies are wonderful, its me not you.
  4. harboursmoke

    Emily (Wilson)

    I saw her many moons ago.
  5. harboursmoke

    Goodbye My friends!

    Good luck man. Stay strong and fight to the end!
  6. harboursmoke

    Anyone seen Sarah LL 0245

    Her ads have been around for some time, I would be surprised if no one had met her. Be patient, someone will chime in.
  7. harboursmoke

    Kelly Hastings

    Good afternoon. While takking a break from yard work and building a raised garden I stumbled across this ad. Is there any chance someone has met this, presumably, fine lady ? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_other_kinky_red_head_i_promise_i_ll_be_worth_your_time_baby-4802167
  8. harboursmoke

    Rates Lash Back

    As others have stated. You set your rates where you think they should be. It's only your business. Having said that, the higher you go the more exclusive you make yourself. I imagine it will impact your client flow. That's the nature of any business. Price level = Exclusivity level = client numbers. Jaguar is pretty expensive and exclusive but they seem to still be producing cars that people are buying. It's all about what you want...
  9. harboursmoke

    Short SP

    Can you link to that ad please ?
  10. harboursmoke


    Well played lol
  11. harboursmoke


    I too have been interested in meeting. The couple of times I have attempted all I get back in reply to my txts are "lol" 🤷‍♂️
  12. harboursmoke

    younger sp

    @Meaghan McLeod you are amazing for all you have done for the ladies and girls in our community. Gents be smart about this. I truly hope no one on here would willingly engage with a minor. I wont pass judgement on what other gents here are looking for, all sexual tastes are personal and as long they are legal and no one is getting hurt you should be free to explore them. I wont deny that when I watch porn its usually younger gals, not sure if thats buy design or simply because of who is cast though. But seeing as I just passed over the 40 threshold I, myself and myself only, find the idea of sleeping with someone who was born when I was 20 a bit strange. Not saying I never would, I haven't yet anyways, but in reading their ads I also don't relate much to them anymore. Anyways thats enough of a ramble for tonight!... peace ya'll.
  13. harboursmoke

    Sensations with Cassandra

    That is the most up and down recco I have ever read lol