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  1. I would like the recommendations to stay the same for comments(positive) but maybe add a quick survey (ratings 1-10) to rate very objective things such as: was everyone on time,have discussed arrangement matched the delivered service, would you repeat, etc. these results can be made into 1 chart showing the average. This would give a bit more info while doing some research. The objective survey could work both ways...clients rate the ladies and ladies can rate the clients. I think this would just lead to excellent quality members in the long run...kinda like ebay where sellers and buyers rate each other and your feedback score becomes your reputation for future transactions.
  2. Hey Miss Pandora, I'm no expert here...very new in fact but if it's any help I can tell you what I would be looking for. The name is a bit irrelevant...if you're still offering domination keep it...if not, then you can change or keep it, I wouldn't stress over that. What I generally look for is a current ad somewhere...the reco section is nice to find a lady but I think there's just too many in there and some might not be taking new clients, some may have retired...it's just not a reliable way to find someone (it's good to validate once you've found someone you're interested in...). I suggest you list your ad on this site (ads section or schedule announcement section) or on the other popular ad site...The information I look for in an ad is: clear pictures, description (height, weight, etc), in or out, availabilities, LOCATION TYPE (this is huge for me, whether it's a hotel, private apartment, spa...) and if your willing to list, rates (this is helpful to accelerate the hobbyist's research). If there are any restrictions, list it and stick to it. When I see something like "safe only" I expect the lady to stick to it and I'm not offended by restrictions, it just reduces the possibility of getting a surprise once you show up. The more info you give the less back and forth texting is required and it saves everyone's time but I understand if there are somethings you prefer to not post publicly... If you offer something that is unique or hard to find...make sure you indicate that the option is available...that will definitely make you stand out vs other ads. so basically...as far as im concerned it's about visibility (the ads), level of information (details of your ad) and of course, recommendations (to make sure what's claimed in the ad is legit..) hope this helps...good luck with the change in service!
  3. http://ottawa.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/my-mouth-is-the-best-you-will-ever-have-magical-mouth/49439222 seems legit but the seaching for the phone number gives no hit to any recs so...if anyone knows anything, please share :)
  4. Anyone has any rec for an indy (as in not in a spa/club) MA? thanks
  5. hey there, noob question...when booking an appointment, do you give out your real name or a "hobbying name"? The reason I ask is because of privacy concerns...I know the ladies use their own creative names and I can understand them wanting to keep their work and personal lives apart but I have many reasons to want the hobby and other parts of my life apart as well. I know most would promise confidentiality, but so did ashley-madison and we all know how well that played out...just wouldn't want my name left on a client list on a lost/stolen phone, hacked or even a misplaced paper list... I'm aware of the recommendation of getting a burner phone but I guess im just a bit paranoid...a healthy dose of paranoia never hurt anyone...in fact it probably saved my ass a few times...
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