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  1. If you are looking for a classy, clean, friendly, woman to spend some time with you have found her. Take advantage of my ability to make you feel comfortable and welcome... and to make you FEEL! I am Melanie. I offer companionship as an escort/entertainer. I will be in Sudbury starting Friday August 10, for a short stay. I am accepting pre-booked appts now for the duration of my stay. Same Day appts also available. As well as Short Notice appts (with minimum 1 hours advance notice). Last Minute appts are not available. You are welcome to visit my website and look around. Or visit my Social Media (text for links if you like). Please do your research because I want you to be comfortable with me and I want you to look forward to and anticipate my visit. Twitter: @TorontoMelanieJ Email: [email protected] Text: 647-237-6578 Look for my schedule on VIPFavours
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    Your Age Is Showing.....

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    Incall / Text Only?

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    TV shows/series

    The Brady Bunch house is up for sale: For the first time in 50 years, the house is up for sale. It looks like it too 😉 I don't think it has been redecorated..ever! lol A quick run through of the Brady Bunch House
  5. PM's welcome. Twitter: @TorontoMelanieJ

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  6. Sassy. :classic_rolleyes: Twitter enthusiast. 🐤 Authentic. ♀️ Practicing to be vegan.🥕 Reader. 📚 Excellent dinner date. 🍆Kind. 🧞‍♀️ Ice cream and cookie eater. 🍪🍦 Smart. 🦉 Fun. :classic_love:

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    Where are you??

    There is a google map, on Leolist, to put your closet intersection or general area, whatever you decide. You have to click a spot on the map. If you click on the wrong spot though, that can be a problem. I found if I accidentally clicked while zooming in, that I had to drag the map so it was outside that circle that marks the range, and click there, then try again. So check the map. Or ask in first text. Lots of times ppl will travel from one part of 'town' to another so it probably isn't as important to advertiser as it is to you. So you have to ask what is important to you 😉
  8. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Very Hard Communication

    I would love to meet this girl called Bubbles. She sounds like lots of good clean fun 😉 🙂 You don't have to lie and say When can I meet you OR I will meet you, babe. Don't talk about being interested at all. Of course you are looking for some fun but to announce it makes it sound insincere. Less noise more substance. Maybe like: I saw your ad and I would like to know... (fill in blank with the first thing that helps you decide if you want to inquire further.) Don't ask for which services, it's way too broad, so be specific. The broad method can make her feel like the value menu at BurgerKing, you know, when you stand there deciding what you feel like today, but are not sure... and the cashier asks you if it's ok to take the person who behind, who already made up their mind. If you want to make some noise and have checked out her website or social media mention that in the first text too. You don't have to voice all your intentions with the communications, only your intentions for a visit. Nobody cares why you are inquiring or if you will bail on the conversation because this service is not for you. There are lots of texts and inquiries that I receive where there is no 'closure' and it's fine by me. I know it's not a problem. They don't owe me any explanation. So my answer to you may not be a perfect response, I don't note perfect text conversations that I have, I only know that when it works, it works.
  9. It's month end. The bi-weekly pay cheques are due. That should explain the types of inquiries. 😉 So EVERYBODY has got money. There is a long weekend coming...the nice genuine gents are planning for their long weekend at the cottage that will be coming up lol. Rents are due. It's culminating at the end of the month and this month the long weekend and the payday are all wonky and don't line up. It's just the time of the month hun. Don't give up hope 🙂
  10. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Very Hard Communication

    You can look at it this way: Some businesses are available for things that have to get done. People will wait for as long as it takes to get service. Like ServiceOntario, the courts, Passports and they are asked to take a number and wait their turn. They will always be able to see someone but it is on the terms of the service as they have so many they have to provide service to and inquiries to field. Sometimes begrudgingly because alot of people are missing required information or are in the wrong office. There are services, like being checked out at the grocery store, where you can wait patiently with the 5 items you have in your hand, or you can choose the line that seems to be moving the fastest. You have a choice, the result will be the same, but fast check out doesn't make for a nice exchange with the cashier, if you are the type who likes to have pleasant exchanges with all the people you come into contact with. And other businesses are able to take people who will actually take part in their service. Like you walk into BMW dealership and you are dressed in a suit and you are asking the right questions. You are more likely to be able to move to the front of the line when it comes to service and attention. The guy who may actually have the money but is going to poke around to make sure he is treated like royalty and is going to be given the time to make a decision, because he is careful with his money...may not appear to be as serious. He can be perceived as to be able to be given all the time he wants as he will not be making a decision any time soon. When a salesperson has time he will give more attention to that person or when he (that person) is ready to buy, then he will be given priority.
  11. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Very Hard Communication

    Can you be more specific? You text Hi (name) and said you are very interested in meeting her? What kind of info are you asking? (Interested defined: showing curiosity or concern about something or someone; having a feeling of interest...that is only curiosity and doesn't portray any kind of seriousness). Even the most unaware person can sense that the word 'interested' doesn't mean a whole lot and can be perceived as an invitation to chat.. about all your fantasies, and your numerous questions that will not result in a visit. "Interested" guys have been people I have never met as they never make an appt and come. "Feel free to reply whenever you have the chance" so she felt free to answer when you text her again 3 days later lol. If she is getting texts from ppl who are serious and being more forthcoming instead of open ended attempts at making conversation, that could mean your text will not be a priority. If she is getting alot of "hi's, hey's or sup baby?" then your text as it was would receive priority. So your right in one sense that it is not personal but, as you essentially are looking for answers, so you have to choose the right words. Just as many inquirers are sensitive to words in the responses they receive, the girls are 'sensitive' but in a more functional way (not an emotional one). She has a business to run and you don't know how many inquirers are just kicking tires, looking for a chat buddy or bored and filling in time. It can be a very unproductive day if you answer every inquiry. You can be happy to take a number (as other businesses do to handle many inquiries/orders) and wait to be served, or you can try to make your inquiry more important than someone else's, and be given the priority you deserve. Can you be more specific? You text Hi (name)...and is that all? When she returns response after days..what are you saying then? If you only say Hi (name), it is not a sign you are looking for a visit. It can be viewed as a invitation to just chat. Like, is your next line "How are you?" 😉
  12. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Address Collectors / Time Wasters

    It wasn't you babe. Not in the least. There are guys out there, who will play that game just to have some info to share with others, you know, giving back lol. It's a way to get all your personal information. They never intended to actually have an appt at all. They are scary little shits who will compile and share any personal info they have on you. They and their little friends will play this game until they have enough info on you ... and I don't what that is or what they will do with it. Happens. I have watched many guys, usually hobbyist related to boards, get my info, stand and look for my name in the lobby...and take off. I have had them later threaten me with "I know where you live and I know your name" when I didn't answer their texts requesting a visit, you know, at night, all night, when I was sleeping. You have to learn who is capable of this and to screen them out. I have my methods. You have to develop yours. It's just the way it is. Consider it an initiation by the board dwellers into the world of "the hobby". It's like the name says...A hobby for them! They have the time and the will to contribute to it in ways you cannot have imagined. Sorry I couldn't be more help
  13. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Incall / Text Only?

    Phone/voice calls are on their way out anyway. Nobody has time to stop everything and talk on the phone anymore. ;) With a text they can finish what they are doing and give your text the proper response. Phone calls cannot be taken in public, especially when they are of a sensitive nature. People have to talk in private. If someone is making themselves available for say 9-12 hours a day, can it really be expected that they sit in private, ready to field a call at any moment? Texting is private no matter where you are (as long as no one is looking over your shoulder). If you go out to get something to eat, go to the gym or drugstore, you can answer a text. A 'sensitive' voice call on the other hand can be overheard. Even the caller can be heard so it is a very strong possibility that the whole conversation can be overheard. Is that what clients want? Everyone, not just Sp's, are choosing texting over voice calls. It is the way the world is going. Just search the internet for the opinions and observances of many people regarding voice calls...and even voicemail for that matter. And it's like Jessica says about incalls. You pay to rent a space, then why throw that money away just so you can incur further costs to do an outcall? The cost of outcalls for an independent are extreme and no client wants to pay to cover all the costs associated. And I really don't think any girls are willing to do everyone who wants to see them, delivered right to their door, a favour just for fun ;) Outcalls are more easily suited for models/sp's who do not have or cannot acquire an incall location. They have the setup to deal with outcalls that is more efficient than the occasional outcall an independent/incall provider would have.
  14. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    How legal are websites likeLeolist?

    So therefore, US laws DO affect us! Why do you think the new law left SW around the world scrambling? The US laws do affect us and others. That is why sites have changed locations, ads are sanitary, so hosting websites don't get taken down. I know. I've done my research babe. After all, it has affected me so I better know what I'm doing to stay afloat