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    Texting and follow-up

    Hi Melanie. I would like to book an appt for today. Preferably at 2pm but I am open to between 1 and 3pm. I would like an hour. I looked at your website but I just want to make sure we are on the same page (about fill in blank). If this time is ok with you, please let me know so I can shower and find my way there. If it's not suitable for you today, can I ask that you let me know that please? Just a quick 'not available' will do and I will be happy to try again another time. ☺️ Hi Melanie. I have read your ad and I see you are in my area. Do you take bookings for appts or do you prefer to do things on the fly lol 😉. I would like to make a plan for an appt and was hoping I could see you at 2pm for one hour. Is this possible? 🤞 If including an 'expiry' date: Just simple putting the time of your preferred appt should be sufficient. Or say you would need to know before a certain time to make sure you can keep the appt. No guarantees but suggestions.
  2. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Toronto human trafficking arrests shine spotlight ...

    I posted this because it DID sound like they were making the advertising sites seem like they were responsible. Most ppl use it with all the laws in mind and with consent given and understood. I was afraid they were going to mention going after the current website to save girls Also note that these cases are still in the 'alleged' phase. Not proven yet. As for sensible screening of a client, a legit provider can still be legit even when she/he doesn't ask for name, rank and serial number. I have been offered info from clients to do a screening but it always crickets when I say ok to it. It's a system that not everyone can take part in. Like I used to think it was for providers who knew each, within a circle. Any outliers had to get into that circle to learn how to and take part in screening. Or it was for higher up providers who had the money to pay for a screening service. Also to call the law on someone when you are making assumptions based on things you could still be wrong about ... even with someone on Ottawa Police Service ... how would a provider who was coerced know where or how to go about contacting them? I once saw a poster in an OnRoute ... it was meant to reach out to offer a place to call. I saw it in one OnRoute, once and never saw it again. I guess they weren't all that interested to carry out the 'campaign' or it wasn't worth to pay for the space to rent for the poster? Or it simple wasn't worth it...cuz no one will call them and they can find these girls on their own without a campaign to offer help? I'm jaded, sorry. I find organizations that offer help are not usually helpful.
  3. Toronto human trafficking arrests shine spotlight on popular classifieds site. Sex worker advocates fear another crackdown By PETER EDWARDSStaff Reporter Wed., Feb. 6, 2019 Story here (L**L**t.com mentions) After a series of human trafficking arrests involving the same online classifieds site, a Toronto sex worker says she worries a crackdown on internet sex ads could make her more vulnerable. Toronto police have charged eight GTA residents with dozens of charges in four separate cases this year involving the website L**L**t.com. In one, police say a 17-year-old schoolgirl was taken to a series of GTA motels by a man with a gun and forced to sell her body to strangers. The latest bust was announced last week, after police say a man physically assaulted a 28-year-old woman several times, including one attack that left her with broken ribs. In all four cases, alleged pimps forced women to place sex ads on L**L**t.com and took all of their earnings. In one, an alleged pimp even threatened a sex worker’s pet, police said. None of that violence surprises Dave Perry, a Toronto private investigator who was the detective in charge of the Toronto police’s old Juvenile Task Force for eight years in the 1980s and 1990s “I can tell you stories that will fill your head,” Perry said. But the Toronto sex worker, whom the Star is not naming because she fears for her safety, said she worries a sweeping crackdown against human trafficking on the internet could push independent adult sex workers underground. The 30-year-old sex worker, whose real name is known by the Star, is a member of B*****f*y, an Asian and migrant sex workers support network. She said she has been a sex worker in Toronto for two years. She said sex workers use the internet to vet their potential clients and even ask for references. “They can screen,” she said. “They can increase their safety.” Toronto police declined to comment on L**L**t.com. The Star attempted to contact the website by email and at a toll-free phone number listed on the site’s contacts page, but received no response. L**L**t.com’s terms of use ask users to immediately report suspected human trafficking to police and say the site will cooperate with law enforcement “to the fullest extent possible.” There’s a major difference between sex trafficking, in which girls and women are coerced into prostitution, and the sex trade where adult women make independent decisions, said Karen Campbell of the Toronto-based Canadian Women’s Foundation. The 2018 shutdown of the site B**kp**e.com, once a popular host for sex workers’ ads, was distressing for many, Campbell said in an interview. “It pushed a lot of people back onto the streets,” she said. Cracking down on online sex ads also won’t help undocumented women who are reluctant to go to police, she said. “If they were to go to police, they would end up detained and deported,” she said Perry said the average Toronto sex worker when he was on the job entered the sex trade at age 14. There seemed no end to men wanting to prey upon them, Perry said. “We had a mandate to rescue these kids, get them help and go after the pimps,” Perry said. “Every time we arrested a pimp, there were two or three to take his place.” Perry said fewer sex workers could be seen on the streets after pagers became popular a few decades ago, a change he said made it tough for police to monitor their safety. “A lot of the girls that used to work the streets were suddenly carrying pagers,” Perry said. “At least when they were on the street we knew them.” When sex work was more visible on downtown streets, it was easier for social workers to try to help women and for police to keep an eye on their customers, Perry said. “They may be in a more vulnerable position now because they have no interaction with police,” Perry said. “Prostitutes don’t generally walk into a police station and report intimidation.” Some Toronto sex workers were local residents while others came from abroad, smuggled into the city on the hopes of getting a job, Perry said. There was some organized crime involvement, often connected with bikers and strip clubs, he said. Perry said he fears pimps now use websites to fly under the police radar and exploit women. Some websites are out of the country, presenting jurisdictional challenges for police. “We’re almost giving a license for pimps to be anonymous and control women,” Perry said. L**L**t.com, which bills itself as “Canada’s classified site,” automatically redirects to the address l**l**t.cc — using the internet country code of the Cocos Islands, a tiny Australian territory. The contact page refers to Unicorn House Ltd., a company based in Budapest, Hungary. To post an ad, users are charged a cost ranging from free to more than €2.50 ($3.75 Canadian) — the site bills in euros — depending on region and category. As of Wednesday, a personals ad for a female escort in the GTA costs the poster €2.65. That same ad in Hamilton costs €1.79; an ad for a male escort in Ottawa is free. The personals section contains dozens of recently posted ads for male and female escorts across the GTA. Many of the site’s other classifieds categories — including for vehicles, housing and jobs — appear little used. The site’s landing page boasts it has more than 150,000 registered users and millions of total ads. L**L**t.com appears to have become more popular since B**kp**e.com was shut down by the FBI last year; before B**kp**e.com, classifieds site C***gsl**t was one of the most popular sites for advertising sexual services. A study of sex ads on C***gsl**t released this year by researchers at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, supports the Toronto sex worker’s comments that the internet can make the sex trade safer. The study suggests that the old C***gsl**t “erotic services” ads made sex work safer by helping sex workers screen out the most dangerous clients. The internet allowed women to do background checks of clients, even seeking references, the Baylor team found. It also “may have caused outdoor street-based prostitution to transition to the safer, indoor channel,” researchers found. Scott Cunningham, one of the study’s authors, said in an interview he suspects L**L**t.com is absorbing a market once filled by B**kp**e.com. “The market is probably adjusting in Canada,” he said. Cunningham said he wasn’t surprised the Toronto woman said internet ads make her feel safer and freer of pimps. “Sex workers have been saying this for years,” he said.
  4. Roses are Red Violets are blue It doesn't go to my head But I got good reviews 😉 You will find that your time with me is un-rushed and relaxed. I provide a good atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable. A dance, I find, is always a welcome ice-breaker, so I offer that if you are so inclined. It is important to me to make sure you are having fun and you enjoy our time together. I am accepting pre-booked appts now for the duration of my stay. Same Day appts also available. As well as Short Notice appts (with minimum 1 hours advance notice).
  5. I've done things like that before. I email, explain the 'hardship' that is caused by the ad remaining up (old number, old info, old pics etc) I have never gotten an actual response but later I can check and it has been removed! I don't think they intend to mess with a real girl, but the fakes/unaware girls seem to serve a purpose for their website, unknown what that is, but it must cuz why do they have it in the first place? 😉
  6. "The vast majority of the men that were seeking sex industry workers were looking for adult females, so the vast majority would turn down the offer." ...and they seem to be off the radar of law enforcement. But not Larissa Maxwell, director of anti-human trafficking programs at the Salvation Army. Just can't resist an opportunity. The focus should have remained on the possibility of the exploitation of underage. Or she should take up a cause that works on a solution to prevent exploitation of adult individuals in the first place. Why are they exploited? Why can't they earn a decent living in the first place and they are able to be exploited? To be the director of anti-human trafficking programs seems to be there only for the 'after' instead of prevention. Raising the minimum wage was a start. But more needs to be done. Also...you can't save everybody. So even in that case, the 'after' is an up-hill battle. People need to be accepted to be helped BEFORE that becomes a option in the first place. And teenagers? They are trying to find their way in this world, open to the promise of things they perceive, will never happen for them. Open to being exploited. How do we stop that? In that case a higher minimum wage means nothing. Where do they even get the idea in the first place? High school/College culture? Social Media? Where everybody comments on their risque pics and through admiration and reinforcement/feedback that encourages more of the same? Who are THOSE people? So glad I don't have a daughter!!!!! "What's disconcerting is the small group of men … who discovered the person they were communicating with was underage and were excited about that." ...uh huh.
  7. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    (Child) Sex dolls seized at border

    Pls don't try and bait me. I'm not a guy and competition is not in my genes. Also I don't care what ppl think about me if I argue it or not. I'm not here to win anything. I posted it cuz I think it's a step over boundaries. Full grown adults, full grown adult images, all fine. But images of kids... I thought because of what kind of lines are toed here on this forum and others like it, that knowledge of what goes on out of our view should be known...so it doesn't confuse someone to think that it is acceptable. Grown ass men trying to discuss as though they were scholars, about the right of and perhaps the benefit of (questionable) the image of children to be used to do adult things...It's like some kind of twilight zone... You have no influence on this issue. You cannot collect stats and do research on an informal forum that discusses CONSENTING sex between CONSENTING adults. There are places where pedos congregate. Maybe you should set up your wing-back leather chair in amongst them and try to discuss this while trying to have and open mind and a want to work towards a solution. Here, its just bs. Sorry..not sorry
  8. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    (Child) Sex dolls seized at border

    Nah. It can be viewed as 'gateway'. And after reading the article I believe that these would not be the end of the line for those types of .... Part of the attraction is the grooming, its not just that (this is so ewww) You know what? To talk sensibly about pedos is a ridiculous thing to try to do. It's a sickness and at no time should it be acceptable. Just ask the many ppl who have personally been affected by it. Many years ago childhood was created. Before that there wasn't much distinction between children and adults. So lines (well, lack of lines) were non existent. Once society smartened up and made the distinction based on many, many things...well it's not acceptable in any form. The ppl who do it obviously have trouble relating to adults. Look at all the female teachers who 'relate' to male students in ways that make one wonder where their damn head is at. It ruins lives. It forces children to grow up to soon, and takes away their opportunity to experience their sexual awakening in a natural way. To let 'them' have their little dolls doesn't mean that is enough. They want someone to love them, emotionally and physically. Their arrested development means they will have to ruin lives to get that, but they really don't care. Do you?
  9. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    (Child) Sex dolls seized at border

    The dilemma of life-like sex dolls Excerpt from story: Canadian border officers have seized dozens of sex dolls with child-like dimensions and features — an emerging trend child welfare advocates fear could fuel exploitation of real children. Records obtained by CBC News under access to information law show the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) intercepted at least 42 child-like dolls designed explicitly for sex between January 2016 and August 2018, seizing them as illegal child pornography. Border officers in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Hamilton and Quebec have come across dozens of these child dolls and reproductions of child-like body parts, such as chests and pelvic areas. Of those documented seizures, 30 took place in Quebec. Officials estimate the dolls they seized can range in value from $50 each to nearly $8,000.
  10. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    A Companion's Age And Photos

    Of course being majorly deceived is not good. The story you tell is example of a very obvious case of deception. But there are the subtle things, that face it, in order to get thru this life without a drama around every corner, you have to either forgive, or except. In EVERY service/product business their is at the very least, a hint of deception. The truth is not always all out in the open. The fact that so much truth and openness is expected in this industry when it only reflects business models of the most successful companies... just on a smaller scale... and you want to take it down for every infraction. One little lonely person, but leave the big, money backed company alone to deceive, maybe even excuse it... 🧙‍♂️👨‍✈️🤦‍♀️
  11. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    A Companion's Age And Photos

    I know what the point is ☺️ I'm just noticing the passion behind that point and the "stick-to-it"ness that is powering you all to go on and on about. It's kinda scary on one hand but on the other hand, it is showing up as a need to not only make a point but to make it so. And that will not happen. For one, the world of this 'hobby' has had a power shift since the US laws came into effect and have made everything in this industry operate differently. But I see the loss of power as a worry to some. Most are happy to carry on as they had no need to control the women who populate this industry. But others... There is even a history behind it and is described by a telling of the story behind "the league of extraordinary gentlemen" in Seattle. That was uncovered a couple years ago when investigating the reason for large numbers of men entering and exiting an apartment unit. It broke down not just the investigation and resulting charges but the activities and behaviours of members of a review board. If you want a study in psychology that could just be it. Maybe that is not where you are coming from... but it sure looks like. Sorry 😞
  12. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    A Companion's Age And Photos

    Babe you can't tell people what to do. You are a bit obsessed with this case and should maybe contact the girl who is giving you this obsession and take it up with her. Also advertising websites don't give you the option to choose an age range, so you have to choose one. Maybe you can find her real age in a current ad? Also... maybe she left the business, had to find someone to update the site if she doesn't know how etc.when she came back. If you want to avoid teenagers that's easy. Ask them how old they are 🤭 The mindset of that age group (if you can remember yourself at that age) is that even 20 is old so if they are trying to seem to older than they are then the younger they are the less far they will reach. Like maybe is 16 then 18 will seem old for them. If 17 then they might say 20.😉
  13. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Popular Advertising Venue - question

    Before I knew that was a thing, I would receive them. But just with the same Hi, Rates, Available? that can easily come through text. I realized there is a setting that you can say yes or no to. You can accept them and they will be sent to your email or you can say No. Since it's no better than simple texts I chose No. So since I didn't know about that option for inquiries, then of course I didn't even know to check email for inquiries. I never replied. I would have no idea what days or time they were talking about or what city etc. And I rarely check my email anyways. That's why I don't do email contact. I tried it buy no one will follow my instructions to guarantee them an answer 😕
  14. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    A Companion's Age And Photos

    No. A companion should not be required to change her age yearly. Specifically because some do notice. It is something that could be used to stalk or steal identity. I mean when is she going to change it without giving away information she may want to keep private. Keep in mind that the places where she advertises have more information than you have. That is where the identity theft 💯 could come in. It's the birthdate that makes that theft possible. It's the last piece needed to steal an identity. As for ppl who watch, knowing, they can also be suspect. 🕵️‍♂️ If a SW changes her age yearly, then she may pick a date that is not her real birthday, but if she forgets it the next year, these 'watchers' will find a way to sully her name for lying or something else because she didn't change it in time. Just like companies can keep a slogan or product picture around for years (maybe the colour is no longer available) but it still works, well, that's how they make money. Because of the nature of this business, real ages or one chosen, are not as important as some ppl claim. This business is about looks, presentation and involves interpersonal skills as well as physical skills. So if the age of the SW is so important (instead of a range of age, meaning difference between 20yo and 30yo and 40yo) then maybe you should try asking for ID. Good luck with that. But finding more ways to strike specific SW off your list is at best a good way to keep your options limited and at worse, a good way to not get laid Officially her exact age is no ones business. And just like in real life, women lie about their age. It's been going on for years. It's their prerogative 😉