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  1. What is it called when people want to stir you up by saying/imposing a feeling or emotion (that you are NOT feeling) onto you, in order to get a response?
  2. Today I am joining you. I feel completely picked on. Like a pile on more like it. I use words that I have used on many occasions and they convey clearly what I mean. And no one has taken offense. But it seems hobbyist-like ppl are enjoying picking apart my words today. And even looking for a way to set the stage for a fight. I'm done with this. It seems this beautiful day is a boring one for some and are looking for a way to cause conflict, for their amusement? Why can't they just mind their own business. If they don't want to see me they are not being forced. Why not just leave me to make my income so I can pay my bills instead of trying to drive me out on the street, penniless? Where is the joy in that for a hobbyist? I don't get it. I used to see this stuff in the strip club but at least there I could see people face to face and deal with it. Here it's open seasons by a whole bunch of randos.
  3. Millennial females (and some males I'm sure) will never know what smoothly shaved legs are. They have always only known a razor with a moisture strip. That strip creates a noticeable barrier between the razor and your skin. Enough to not be able to closely cut the hair. There is always some left.
  4. Reply Guys: Apparently a Twitter phenomena but I think it extends to many places on the internet. Why?
  5. Also, unlike you, I don't sit here tryna think what should be done about everything. I read it, it was interesting and maybe historic, and I put it up. Discussion is good and thought and knowledge about things that go on that should be addressed now and/or in the future. Please stop tryna be the voice that puts an end to others. It has a way of shutting things down and is actually quite depressing to find out all these facets that make up your view of the world. It's very...um...rigid, and basically done. There seems to be nothing you don't know and nothing left you need to learn.
  6. Um it said in the article that he offered up his computer to the police. They then might have been able to see what he saw when he ordered from the website, in his cache. I'm not the one saying stakeout for 5 years. The ARTICLE says the police neglected to take the guy up on his offer to look over his computer (even though he could have cleared his cache). So I don't want the police to do anything. Man, you have a way of using your assumptions that really inflame a conversation or observation, plus you don't read very well. #truth #sorrynotsorry
  7. Well...they may not be able to make a good go of it. But not for the reasons listed here. When you shut down interaction by making it your mission to answer and opine EVERYthing, then maybe the wish is not to actually invite interaction but to set the standards. "But don't worry..."
  8. ask a person who has been abused as a child. There are NO grey areas! In fact its quite clear. Images of children, used any way one pleases, does affect real human children. Like when these people interact in whatever capacity with a human child. It's your uncle, your neighbour, your teacher, your bus driver, the server at your fav food place. Ever wonder why, as a male, you have no clue as to the subtleties of sexual attention? It's because you obviously haven't experienced it from the receiving side. Its very hard to nuance words to satisfy the law to explain inborn human instinct. Some things can only be felt and not explained in a way that would allow consistency across the board, to stand up for every case. 5 years gave him plenty of time to hone his story telling abilities. They didn't buy his bs but they couldn't prove anything because the police neglected to do their job. Probably because the accused offered and when someone offers to be helpful, us Canadians think oh then he must be telling the truth. No need to actually investigate.
  9. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/n-l-man-found-not-guilty-of-possessing-child-pornography-in-sex-doll-trial Excerpts: ST. JOHN’S, N.L. — A Newfoundland man has been found not guilty of possessing child pornography after a judge determined it was not proven he knew the sex doll he ordered was child-sized. Judge Mark Pike said he accepted expert testimony that the doll was child pornography, and said that Kenneth Harrisson’s stated reasons for ordering it did not ring true. But the judge concluded the Crown failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Harrisson knew what was in the box delivered to his St. John’s home in 2013. During the provincial court trial, Harrisson testified that he meant to order a lifelike, adult-sized sex doll for companionship to replace his son, who died in infancy decades earlier. Pike said Thursday said Harrisson’s explanation was far-fetched, but he was left with too many doubts about what Harrisson saw on the web page the day he ordered it. ... The case was poised to set a precedent around what constitutes child pornography when no real child is involved Harrisson, 54, was found not guilty of possessing child pornography and mailing obscene material. He was also acquitted on two charges under the federal Customs Act of smuggling and possession of prohibited goods. Harrisson had ordered the doll from Japan in 2013, but it was intercepted on its way to his St. John’s home. Harrisson had testified that he did a Google search of the term “sex doll” and chose the photo that showed the most “male-like” face to resemble his son who would have been around 25 in 2013. He said the doll delivered to his home was not what he ordered because he meant to order an adult doll named “Carol.” He said he did not intend to have sex with the doll.
  10. I wonder why, when they talk to people who might know, they never ask for specifics as to why is it a harmful solution. We are just supposed to believe it is and leave it at that. Sometimes, from our own experience, we know why, and others it's a mystery. Is this a good way to make a case?
  11. A paywall could make this unavailable to an interested person so I copied it: By Nicholas Keung Immigration Reporter Wed., May 29, 2019 A new national human trafficking hotline has already drawn opposition from some grassroots advocates who fear the initiative would push vulnerable sex workers and migrant labourers further underground. The toll-free phone line, launched Wednesday by the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking, offers support to survivors and victims through local services such as shelter, detox and daycare provided by more than 400 community partners across the country. However, critics said they fear the information collected through the hotline would be shared and used by law enforcement agencies for raids that may lead to arrests and possible deportations — further victimizing vulnerable migrants. “We are concerned the hotline will become a tip line for law enforcement,” said Elene Lam of Toronto-based Butterfly, an Asian and migrant sex workers support network. “Some (third-party) people may suspect some sex workers and migrant workers as human trafficking victims. Law enforcement comes and next thing we know people are detained and deported for their immigration status and breaking the law.” Jenny Duffy of Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers Action Project said human trafficking and sex work have been so widely conflated that sex workers and racialized groups are already targeted by law enforcement agencies under the guise of anti-trafficking initiatives. “This hotline encourages the public to now surveil the movements of this group and report them for further investigation. We can expect that the public will be reporting sex workers, putting them in further harm, and further hindering workers from accessing key public services,” said Duffy, whose group has been around for 34 years and is Canada’s oldest sex-worker-run organization. According to a parliamentary report published in December, between 2010 and 2016, the annual number of human trafficking cases increased 11-fold. The majority of incidents — 66 per cent — happened in Ontario, with 14 per cent in Quebec, 8 per cent in Alberta, and the rest spread across Canada. In total, 1,099 incidents were reported during the period. Barb Gosse, the human trafficking centre’s CEO, said the hotline is meant to serve as a one-stop shop for everyone from victims seeking help to tipsters wanting to flag a potential case, to members of the public wanting to learn more about the subject. “This hotline will provide critical resources to victims and survivors and will help law enforcement dismantle human trafficking networks across the country,” said Gosse. “Human trafficking is a real threat to vulnerable individuals across this country … We have a moral and an ethical obligation to make a positive difference and the hotline is a vital step in this process.” Gosse said the multilingual line — offered in more than 200 languages including a number of Indigenous languages, and accessible by those with impaired hearing — is run on an anonymous basis and information collected will not be shared with law enforcement agencies without consent. “The hotline is for anyone who feels they need help. It does not involve those who voluntarily participate in the sex trade,” said Gosse, adding the hotline was made possible with $12.5 million funding by the federal government over five years. While it’s important to support and help human trafficking victims, Kamala Kempadoo, a York University social science professor specializing in human trafficking, said the idea of using a hotline to address the issue can be problematic. “This creates a moral panic about sex work and migrant work,” said Kempadoo, who has studied human trafficking for more than 30 years. “This idea is going to put so much attention and scrutiny on these vulnerable people, moving them underground into unsafe places, making them more vulnerable.” The new hotline can be reached 24 hours a day at: 1-833-900-1010. Hearing impaired and non-verbal hotline users should dial 711 in any province or territory, then ask the relay service to connect them with the main hotline number.
  12. So the appointment to give you location details for the appointment is a flop. You prepaid, never seen her before, don't try to text again the morning of, and find distractions 1 and half hours ahead of the actual appointment time. Did I read this right? Now you want to bring up the old 'I assume she double booked' (cuz that happens all the time when a prepaid appointment is on the schedule) as a way to remind other pooners the awful things a SW can do to you. Cuz that old double-booked thing has become less discussed in recent times?
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