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  1. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Layout Changes

    This is about a typo... Heath and Wellness is missing an 'L' in Health 🤭
  2. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Social Media Conundrum

    Actually babe it works for me and mine. So no worries there. ...and I don't have an opinion on everything And coming out about trump actually was a good thing.... and I didn't see Jessica say ANYTHING about separating personal life, opinions, political views etc. She made absolutely no comment on how I run my Twitter or working or personal life. Maybe reading really is a lost art 🤔
  3. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Social Media Conundrum

    oh okay 🤭... I see. Thanks 😃 Yea I don't think I get much from Twitter. Unless its the texts from like Quebec, BC, Alberta etc. But I put it up just because. But it also serves as a weird way to stay in touch with ppl I know. They read there. So I don't want to go off and use it for personal account. I had to stay controlled. (I'll let you in on a secret...I discovered I can troll right along with the best of them I was in a mood the other day (over MaximeBernier) and I couldn't help myself) But I still want to keep it for that purpose. But yes that was a good way to make me think about it that way...Thank you Jessica
  4. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Social Media Conundrum

    Thx for your input. I see it happens I really want to understand what your question means but I am having trouble...can you pls elaborate? Sorry idk what that means (and I'm embarrassed by that)
  5. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Any tips and tricks for back pain?

    A stronger core can make injury less likely. Depending on where you are in your yoga (beginner, novice etc) you may need to strengthen the core. Maybe you have to be more deliberate and careful when changing and holding positions. Control it to prevent injury. Other than basics like that I don't know anything of back pain thank goodness 🙂 I hope you have worked it out by now 😃 Oops I see this was about pain (already occured) and not prevention. My bad
  6. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Homemade salad dressings

    No. If dressing includes a good fat, like olive oil, then a salad as a meal that includes fat will allow you feel full longer. Nuts are also a good fat that can be included. A protein added can also make it feel like a real meal. Proteins can be beans, or chic peas, or seeds, not just meat. Others suggested lemon juice...how is lemon juice not good for you? It has vitamin C and trace amounts of needed minerals. Olive oil is a monounsaturated (saturated is the root word) fat and contains omega fatty acids. It's not fat that is the enemy but the TYPE of fat. The creamy dressings contain a mixture of bad stuff. It may even the process that allows it to stay creamy that is harmful, but don't quote me. I am not going to research it for you. Google is your friend. But putting dressing on a salad is not bad. Just choose the right kind of dressing. And if you hanging on to information you obtained years ago, or listened to someone who obtained that information, first, years ago, then it's time to update.
  7. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Any Alternatives to Viagra and Cialis?

    Yes. Slow and sexy foreplay. A clear mind. An open mind. A freedom from the ugly thought that 'performance' is a thing and a realization that enjoyment is more important. And maybe a splint? 😉
  8. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Social Media Conundrum

    I have social media account where my goal was not to be obvious and keep it from being taken down even before April. I have done such a good job that I have 'regular' people following me. When trump threatened us, that he was going cost Canadians a lot of money (it was personal) I had to speak about it on my social media. I had enough. He already affected me once and now he was going to purposely do it again. Obviously the message went beyond my tidy little world. When regular ppl followed me I felt a little stiffled about any announcements of visits I would be making. I don't want to make 'regular' ppl uncomfortable with a realization of who they choose to follow What do I do?
  9. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Total disrespect and lack of judgment

    I can't figure out why people don't respect each others phones as a place you do not go. Like a woman's purse. It's private and when you allow 'I'm an open book' philosophy with anyone in your life then you will always be obligated to be an open book and the minute you close the book is when all the problems start. Most people work so hard to be trusted that they figure being an 'open-book' will make people trust them, but it actually has an opposite effect and only creates a need to be accountable for everything you do and say in your life to the people who you want to trust you. When you want something to be private, like your bank card PIN, then any attempt to keep it private is seen as a reason to be suspect of the rest of your life. But I guess that's what people do...I just don't get it. If involved in inquiry with someone who offers specials like this (and it always obvious before you start the inquiry) then what else can be expected? Like a "carnival barker" at a Fair, they will do what they can to bring attention to their attraction. They are the 'hustlers'
  10. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Total disrespect and lack of judgment

    Sorry but how does that make any sense? Or maybe this person is just being silly out of frustration? If someone is not concerned at all with the ppl she sees chances are there is a hint of desperation, prolly ready to take anything offered (so standards are not consistent), could have a look-out if something goes wrong that will not hesitate to use some force if client decides to only pay what they deem to be fair instead of what is owed. Sometimes y'all take the position to swing in an extreme way to the other side of the scale and then sabotage connections and spread apathy and aloofness. Remember you are dealing with ppl and not a big company. You are dealing with ppl and not manufactured products. You are dealing with ppl just as they are dealing with people in ways others in a service industry (even health care) don't have to deal with them.
  11. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Sex Doll Brothel

    I know right? You are not supposed to share toys (even cleaning them...) One toy belongs to that person and should not be used by anyone else. If they miss something it can be passed to the next person. At least people have natural barriers and fighters that help to protect (not always but...). These toys won't have that and will depend on the same kind of people who clean up in Tim Hortons, McDonalds etc. And are those places completely spotless? 🤔
  12. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Reflections On Ten Years...

    That was thoughtful 🙂 If it happened years it was even more likely she wasn't compensated. Not that these times are better but ...
  13. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Reflections On Ten Years...

    That's a wonderful memory and story except I can't help but think that the lady they sent over wasn't paid for that ... When praising the people who run these enterprises as though it was a family run business, there is always a question when receiving anything free as these businesses rarely absorb any costs associated. Sorry, it just stood out to me (and I've read of these incidences before) and there seems to be a pride in receiving 'good customer service' as though it was a regular business, like getting 3 tires and one free because the last time they didn't rotate your tires. Someone has to sacrifice and in this business it is not a product that was stored in warehouse but an actual person who needs to pay bills, not the business owner.
  14. TorontoMelanieJolliet

    Providers' websites

    It's comforting to know that this in not just an issue in our biz. Maybe it's our responsibility to foster an environment that makes 'waiting' ok. Some will always want things right now. Maybe it's ok to let them go find their 'right now' and make the people who can defer the pleasure more important. And it's ok to let it be known that we find those types of people more important and vital to our style of business... and maybe if time permits ... patiently try to convert the 'right now' crew. If it works then we've done ourselves good. If not, it's ok...it was never meant to be. 😄