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  1. I had the opportunity to see Barbie Doll Hailey. She is extremely attractive, very friendly and you can tell she takes pride in her work. She was very prompt in her responses, I texted her for the first time and within 10 mins of that first text we were face to face, which to me is very impressive. Her place is easy to find, her apartment was clean and most importantly she is gorgeous! She has some amazing skills and takes direction very well. I'm definitely repeating and I think she has found a new regular!
  2. Wooooooowww! I just saw TIA and I have to say she was one of the best experiences I've ever had 10/10. She was very friendly and bubbly. She made me very happy, I will be seeing her again very soon. Thanks VIPTOG!
  3. I saw the lovely MelanieMys yesterday and I had an excellent experience. She was very attractive her body is amazing, and she's worth every penny. She was welcoming, friendly and her location was clean. You can tell she takes pride in her personal hygiene. I usually get stage fright when it comes to these types of interactions because I'm new to this, but with her I'm happy to say it was a non-issue. She was able to make me feel very comfortable allowing me to reach my full potential. Once I was there, I was extremely impressed with her ability, her effort astounded me and she takes direction very well. I still cant get her out of my mind, I will be seeing her again very soon. Thank you MelanieMys! <3
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