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  1. That’s Jenna, she is great, young sweet no bs kinda girl, been around for a while now
  2. Of all the ladies I've seen in Halifax, Lexxie is my number one go to, I know it's a business at the end of the day, but it almost feels real when I'm with her, as real as it gets for me. She is funny, physical perfection, and a TOTAL SWEETHEART, she really cares if ur getting what u want, and she does her part just as professionally, her body is basically heavenly I mean I can just worship that body all day, her feet/leg is perfect in every way. It's honestly hard to stay objective here cuz every time I see her I love her more, personally. I'm a deeply lonely person I believe, and she is like my haven, I feel super bad about life, and then I see her, I get a new perspective and energy to get back on track, that's how important she is to me. So, if you want the locked in pleasure and love, give her a txt, be a gentleman, know what u want, and she is your best bet. Places may not be the best, but who cares when two hearts are this close?
  3. Absolutely agree, it doesn't feel good to run into someone like this, so imagine being a sp having to deal with this kind of situation all day long, it is quite understandable how one can snap, she might be one of those trashy girls but it's never wrong to be honest and be respectful at all times. No need to worry yourself, out of curiousity I check BP doesn't seem like an actual ad was posted with your number. Be safe, and be grateful we have all the wonderful girls here that's consistently respectful and courteous, not to say damn sexy as well
  4. Guys, has any one of you really know for a fact that she is a post op? Someone is lying here. I txted her and inquired and she made certain to me that she is just a regular girl, and whoever is spreading that rumor has bad intentions for her. Unless someone else here is 100% sure or with proof, I choose to believe her based on the communication. She just have a deep voice or even some nuanced manly facial features to some including myself, I really thought it's my lucky day to finally meet a post op girl as hot as she is :)
  5. if you thought about seeing her, I can guanrantee that once u did you will kick yourself for not going earlier. For the time we spent together, she is a genuine, seductive, super sensual beauty. Just like what ur girlfriend would do to you after not seeing u for a while she is eager to have fun. Gorgeous body, small frame soft smooth skin, nice to the touch, feels just right when I held her tight. She is pretty, very very pretty, prettier than that girl I thought about, with cute small feet. True gfe, absolutely love her.
  6. Here's a link: http://halifax.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/sexy-lexxie-upscale-dd-beauty/2765933 Saw Lexxie today, very happy that I did. Her rates area bit higher than average so took me a while to finally go see her, but glad I did. Her comminication is professional and patient but was very firm with the price. She is the total package, chill and friendly attitude, pays full attention the entire time, super accommodating on my feet fetish wore exactly what I requested, and very engaging and good at what she does. She is tall with a fit slender built, flawless body, smooth, soft, and elegantly tattooed. Her legs and feet are amongst the best I've been with, especially her feet, perfect size, perfect porportion, gorgeous shape, yup, not cute not beautiful, I think her feet is simply gorgeous. She used it well along with the smooth black stockings it really was a porn time come true experience. Safe, but very enjoyable, she is a very gentle sweetheart, as a sensitive person I liked how she handled me just like the way I wanted. She really enjoys what she does and you can tell. The entire time with her I felt really natural, she makes me comfortable and relaxed, I'm a shy person but I don't feel as much even tho based on her looks I usually am nervous around. Have to say, my expectation was far exceeded, she's my Goddess :)
  7. Last time I txted her, it was a auto reply I bet most got saying she s away but her friend Ashley is available but I didn't see her The link in my reco is the girl I saw, she has face pics and she wore the same outfit and we played in the same room, she says 8th April so until then
  8. Agree with everything mentioned about Monica, she has a very cute face, real curvy body as in slim overall expect for the real DD and real bubble butt, her body is super smooth, tight, every spot is kissable and delicious, she is not model like but is that cute next door type of girl. Very friendly, great attitude, very accommodating, no time watching at all, a great sensual experience. Everything I was looking for and much more.
  9. I can't believe it took me so long to see this fantastic young lady, her text communication is modest, patient, considerate and positive, all the time, that's enough reason for me to go see a girl. Until I see her in person. As requested, she showed up in high heels and fine fishnet stockings, her legs are super long and shapely, it's a picture I won't forget for a while. She is full of life, chill, love to smile. I alway start from the bottom, a dream come true time when I can get intimate with a pair of GORGEOUS legs and feet, that's when I slowly realized her feet smelled nice, it's a sweet yet subtle aroma that reminds me of those cigarelloes, I would never even expect my gf to be this prepared for our time together. Her nails, heels, handbag, fine makeup and hair done are all signs of a girl that's self respected. She is just one level beyond that as at the same time she is loving, I've seen girls that had too much respect for themselves that they don't care about what u feel, not today. She is a total sweetheart, and knows what she's doing. Our time together is both exciting and sensual, and she showed me something I've never done before, I think I was kinda "crying" but I enjoyed it so much... She has some perfect body, great ways to move it, and a heart that wants to make your time stay high the entire time. Top 3 of my entire "career" so far.
  10. I saw Jade 4 to 5 times now, it gets better everytime. Agreed with everything Splitz mentioned, she has one of the most flawless bodies, very fit and tight all around, small waist, perfectly shaped bum, love her breasts, and again if ur a feet guy u will be happy. She is also nice and sweet, always makes sure ur having fun, very accommodating but strict with "safe" play. I am a gfe kinda guy but with Jade's face and body I'm still happy to see her. Just an adorable young lady with all the right assets in this business, I just love to make her happy.
  11. It certainly appear so, although they were only face pics.
  12. You are right splitz, for example this morning I talked to the Jessica, links here: http://halifax.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/out-calls-only-jessica-56/2723031 I get the feeling that the pics are too good to be true so I asked for a face pic, she was nice and all and sent me three pictures, which were not even close to the advertised picture. I can see some guys like the curvier body but I wasn't a fan, speaking of which midnight energy has the only curvy body I love lol You would thought that the act of using fake pics gets old, but it always come back. Ps, maybe you could be generous enough to share with us about that secret lady of yours haha ;)
  13. Link: http://halifax.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/scarlett-exceptional-services-15-minutes-available-book-now/2722462 She has been posting extensively, really enjoyed how she communicates with me. Anyone saw her?
  14. Her pics are not of hers if u do a google image search. I noticed bp doesn't allow google image search on phones once an ad is opened, what I do is I'd google a lady s phone number and once their pictures come up in other sites then right click for the image search.
  15. Went to see Licia today. This is one of those ads I was very skeptical about, but super glad that I went. Her rates is reasonable, and communication made me feel comfortable, she sounds very real. She did get pretty pissed when I had to delay our date, I feel it was very personal and cute in my eyes. Location is about 20 mins from downtown Halifax, in lakeside. Be patient with the front door, u only pull it after u see the message on the screen telling u to do so. I buzzed 3 times to get the hang of it and it was freezing... Apartment is nice, lots of her things, she has cats, we played in her bedroom, nice big bed, a mirror on the side, quite small but if the angle is right it can bring extra sensation. She is 5'1, petite little thing perfectly proportioned I thought she was 5'10 before she opened the door. Her breast is super nice perky and soft, super small waist, snow white skin, cute little feet, bouncy and perfectly shaped butt, and I did spend quite some time there. Ask her about the details Id say she is very accommodating. She is very into the entire play, very good at what she does, non rushed, she is one of those girls who understands man and what they want, and very attentive at that. I asked for a position that I thought most girls don't like but she made me feel like it's something she wants to do, when her big beautiful green eyes look into my eyes, those were the more and more rare moments that I feel living in the moment. I was very impressed. I couldn't wait to jump into the finale, so instead of her asking I asked for the condom. The few positions we tried, I was very content because of her perfect fun size, I'm a shorter person at 5'8 so she made me feel more complete being able to reach all of her when I feel it. She has silky soft hair felt great in my hands... it's just a beautiful scene whichever angle you look at her. Even though she does not advertise as a gfe but this is more gf than lots of my previous experiences, she touches and hugs, the entire experience was sensual and intimate. I told her I am sensitive so she was super gentle with that area lots of soft touches that felt sooo good, and that's just a gesture you can't help appreciating. Her face is pretty, late 20s I'd say, independent, and I'd definitely repeat and recommend anyone who is interested in seeing her. Ps, she likes it gentle. Be gentle and have a good time!
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