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  1. DyatlovPass


    Asian providers from VIP OTG often do. Although, you have to ask them in person because the agency might list it as an extra even when the lady doesn't provide it. Out of the top of my head, I don't know of a local one who provides it, but there should be one out there.
  2. DyatlovPass

    Massage providers?

    We need an Asian massage parlor like they have... well pretty much everywhere in North America. The demand seems to exist. Lily doesn't seem interested in expanding.
  3. DyatlovPass

    Recent experience with Licia

    bump Anyone have a number / ad for Licia? The numbers she used are no longer in service, but she had ads as recently as last spring. Maybe she's using a different name as well?
  4. DyatlovPass

    Prospects Demanding Face Pics

    Hi Raquel, Do they ask selfies because they want to know how you look like, or because they want confirmation that you are "real", that they're actually texting the woman they're going to see and not some random dude that might or might not be dangerous, or someone that looks nothing like the pics posted online? Because I understand the concern about being scammed, or being put in a risky situation. If a pic is requested for that reason, surely there are alternate ways of reassuring the guy, while protecting your privacy. Like a selfie (not face selfie) with a note, or a short video of your hand waving. And they might not understand that. Of course, it could just be good old entitlement and they don't understand privacy/safety simply because they don't want to understand. Selfie age or not, I don't think you should be expected to send one on request. I sure wouldn't send one if asked by a provider, even if the risks are considerably lower for me.
  5. DyatlovPass

    Anyone visit Asian Rina?

    Yes, that's a new trick, photoshopping a sign on model photos to get verified or appear legit. No system is perfect I guess. anotherguy74, you're being nice giving a 20. I refuse to do that in such cases of blatant false advertising. Fake pics are one thing and an issue in and off itself, but gaming the verification system like this is adding a layer of dishonesty on top of it.
  6. DyatlovPass


    She's sending a selfie but it's kind of blurry. How old would you say she is?
  7. DyatlovPass

    Sarah K - sackville

    Friend's name is Robyn.
  8. There's an embarrassment of riches on LL these days. Or is there? From Kinky Lesbians Lexi and Skylar https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_2_kinky_lesbians_looking_for_a_man_now-5317156 to BBW Lesbians Steph and Sara https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_other_2_bbw_lesbians_looking_to_please_a_man-5280773 ...or Niya Jones Duo Specials https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_r_v_n_b_b_duo_specials-5221796 Which duo is the best? Which one is legit? Share by PM if you might
  9. DyatlovPass

    Local Asian

    If that person exist, we have at least 5 regulars for her, it seems. Hope we'll find someone. Toronto and Montreal are full of Asian students looking to make money. Maybe Halifax's international students are too privileged?
  10. DyatlovPass

    Steph and Sarah, lesbian duo

    Could it be that thread? The photos of Steph/Sara are completely different. If they're legit, they're a different pair.
  11. DyatlovPass


    Escort bodega is something I want. 👀
  12. DyatlovPass

    New VIP girl?

    Their descriptions are completely useless, since they are basically a copy-paste of the previous girls', with the exception of a "natural" mention in parentheses after bust size... Which doesn't say all that much now, because given the recent plastic surgery craze in Korea, half the time you risk finding yourself in front of a girl whose nose and chin vaguely remind you of a certain deceased pop star. The only way to be certain is to book and see in person. Given that a lot of guys - and I have been guilty of that - are too hesitant or too horny to turn away once they have a foot in the door, it might not be that bad of a strategy for any agency.
  13. DyatlovPass

    New VIP girl?

    Also, not a spinner by any stretch of the imagination.
  14. That's all part of the plan to make you come back. All signs points to no, she won't.