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  1. Let's agree to disagree. Mia is back anyway at a different location.
  2. Yuki is new in town, took over from Mia (she's in the Reco section) who had been here since early November. Missing Mia.
  3. Despite her name, Priya is Canadian and Indigenous, not from India.
  4. Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the massage received from Mia, Chinese visiting from Vancouver. Nice mix of strong and relaxing. Great menu. No rush. Easy on the eye. Cozy, clean and warm room on a chilly evening.
  5. I recommend her. Video might even be real if you can believe that! Age not accurate, but it rarely is.
  6. These are legitimate ads, in the sense that there is a legitimate provider - although never the one(s) in the pictures - and it is not a scam. However, it is the same provider with multiple ads. Basically, if you go and have a change of heart, there is not a plan B in the same hotel, because the person texting you from the other number is excatly the same.
  7. has she left already? can't find the ad and no more replies
  8. These past couple of days, these profiles started to appear on Facebook Match and Instagram. Photos of Japanese and/or Korean models proposing Nuru massage and "extra services" in a hotel downtown. And demanding $3 fee for online booking. They won't provide a phone number to text or call. Only want to do it by Instagram. I don't know if they're part of the same group, they don't seem to advertise on LL or elsewhere and it's very, very fishy.
  9. There are currently three different ads with three different phone numbers (one in 902), all with pics of Asian models, all texting the same copy/pasted replies and leading to the same hotel. I'd also be very surprised if this/these person/people had quarantined.
  10. Saw them both. Tina has a great personality and always provided excellent, non rushed service. Clean, safe and quiet location. Not like vipotg at all. It's true that the photos don't appear to have been taken recently. For those who worry of travels between provinces, they were in Halifax before the pandemic and, as far as I know, never left since.
  11. There is a shower, installed last year. Probably better to ask in advance if it's hooked up. The bathroom is elsewhere in the building, but no shower there.
  12. Her ad states outcalls only. You're saying you saw her at an incall?
  13. Tried a short session with this young Halifax lady. Won't go into details but I had a good time. Attractive and pleasant. Safe services. Just make sure the terms are well laid out, but that applies to anybody I guess. Clean location. Communication was easy too. Not sure she's in it for the long run, I'm happy I didn't miss out.
  14. I think it's R.I.P. VIP in Halifax... until NS do away with the self-isolation requirement. Manitoba doesn't require self-isolation for 14-days for people arriving from Western provinces and some regions of Ontario. That's probably why they can keep Winnipeg open.
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