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  1. DyatlovPass


    Escort bodega is something I want. 👀
  2. DyatlovPass

    New VIP girl?

    Their descriptions are completely useless, since they are basically a copy-paste of the previous girls', with the exception of a "natural" mention in parentheses after bust size... Which doesn't say all that much now, because given the recent plastic surgery craze in Korea, half the time you risk finding yourself in front of a girl whose nose and chin vaguely remind you of a certain deceased pop star. The only way to be certain is to book and see in person. Given that a lot of guys - and I have been guilty of that - are too hesitant or too horny to turn away once they have a foot in the door, it might not be that bad of a strategy for any agency.
  3. DyatlovPass

    New VIP girl?

    Also, not a spinner by any stretch of the imagination.
  4. That's all part of the plan to make you come back. All signs points to no, she won't.
  5. DyatlovPass

    New VIP girl?

    To each their own, but they haven't been sending their best in the last couple of weeks, sadly.
  6. DyatlovPass


    Agree with you. It's an option I like to see being offered, even though I almost never took advantage of it. If I book a 60 minute session, I'm paying more because I want to enjoy that time, not for the pop, in which case I would get a 30 minute quickie. Basically, I think most clients don't want to be rushed and come in 10-15 minutes when they pay for 60. On the other hand, if your first shot is at the 45 minute mark and you insist for a second one, I see that as poor etiquette on the client's part. Would also be interested in the providers' view on this.
  7. DyatlovPass


    Maybe she meant no grammatical restrictions?
  8. DyatlovPass

    New VIP girl?

    Here we go again.
  9. DyatlovPass


    I don't think they exist tbh Unless proven otherwise.
  10. DyatlovPass

    Anyone see new VIPOTG girl?

    I had an intersting conversation with one earlier this year, although I didn't think of asking that particular question. She told me some have an "agent", some don't. Told me they have to pay a fee for the room, give a cut to the phone lady, pay travel expenses, etc. Not sure how much is left after that, but seemed to say it was worth it for her.
  11. DyatlovPass

    Sara kijiji and leolist

    She used to be in Montreal for a long time, as Sophie. She's British. She worked in various places in the area: Vaudreuil Dorion, and St Lazare all the way back in 2009. Everything you need to know is out there.
  12. DyatlovPass

    Guide to TOFTT

    Oh I have read the board rules alright and read the board enough to know that those rules are dumb as f***. It's not by any means a well functioning board, because the rules are designed to suppress participation and the sharing of info. How does "absence of recommendation = provider bad" makes any sense? Absence of lightning doesn't tell me it's sunny. You're delusional with your "members can read between the lines". If they could, this board would be actual useful content instead of being 75% "hey did you see X" and 20% you giving your opinion on everything. But hey rules are rules, and I abide by them. Nobody's forcing me to be here, that's true. I think it's deplorable that this is the only board in the area.
  13. DyatlovPass

    Guide to TOFTT

    By "word of mouth", I mean exactly that: reviews by clients and information shared between clients. I think it's a bit disrespectful, frankly, to place on providers the burden of doing their promotion - they're not selling donuts, they're selling something that can ruin their reputation, get them a criminal record and get them hurt or killed. Perhaps if we had a well functioning, honest board, the word of mouth would be easier. Instead, we have a half-dead crappy board where people can't report bad reviewers and where 75% of the content is people pointlessly asking "have you seen X" with a leolist link that's gonna be broken in 4 days.
  14. DyatlovPass

    Guide to TOFTT

    Often times, they have to prefer secrecy because of the social stigma and the laws. Same for us, too in a sense. At the end of the day, as long as those stigmas exist, we won't fix the problem. I agree with you that social media and boards might soon be the best way, with the crackdown on Backpage and co. and the factors you mentioned. But then what if boards are pressured the way BP or CL were, deplatformed, or if Facebook is finally reined it by lawmakers? You know, I think I disagreed initially because my definition might be different from yours. I don't see clients reviewing SPs as doing their promotion. I see it first and foremost as clients protecting themselves, as consumers. Other side of the coin: ladies that are quite apt at advertising, but are misrepresenting themselves and Bait & Switching. To that, I prefer a SP whose internet game is lacking, but let the word of mouth work in her favor.
  15. DyatlovPass

    Guide to TOFTT

    What? When a woman signs up to do sex work, she don't necessarily sign up to manage social networks on top of that and engage with johns online. Reviewing SPs (positively or negatively) is the johns' responsability, period. That job looks already hard and dangerous enough as it is, and can ruin a sex worker's private and professional life, and social reputation. Staying off the internet as much as they want is their prerogative. Who gets to decide how much "in the dark" or "off the grid" she wants to be? Her, I reckon.