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  1. DyatlovPass

    Jay 28 on LL

    I am tempted too.
  2. Anybody else saw her before she left? She don't appear to be around anymore. According to her insta, she seems to be back in NB because "as much as I love Halifax it wasn’t in my plan for this time in my life".
  3. DyatlovPass

    Charlie Xo

    Already three threads about her. https://www.lyla.ch/topic/152438-charlie/ https://www.lyla.ch/topic/175368-xocharlie/ https://www.lyla.ch/topic/152278-charlie/ She says she's independent. She's answering her messages. She receives in that area nobody here wants to go to.
  4. DyatlovPass

    younger sp

    Apologies, the phrasing confused me. I thought you meant all sex workers, not the ones in the 18-19 age group specifically. I read it completely wrong - or too fast, or both - and was really surprised to read that from you. Thanks for clarifying.
  5. DyatlovPass

    younger sp

    That's quite the claim, to say that 100% of sex workers are or have been trafficked and/or started as minors. Would like a second opinion from other sex workers, please.
  6. It's certainly surprising to see someone with 13K insta followers, peddling supplements there (seems to have been sponsored) and apparently having some measure of success building their brand, will pivot to escorting and posting face pics like that on LL. It could come back to haunt her. I'm surprised someone who seems to understand well how to use social media would post a face pic in their escort ad... I agree with everything Leviathan said above, only one thing: I don't think a SW paying for a driver makes her less independent. Surely, a lady on this board could give better insight than me, but I see it as a normal expense of an independent business, the same way someone with an home office would pay to set up an internet connection or buy a printer. It's not exactly a percentage of her income, more of an expense like the cost of the room. Otherwise, spot on.
  7. DyatlovPass

    Good Place to Live in Halifax

    One thing about the bedbugs, it's not so much the address showing up on the registry, as how many times it shows up. In a large residential building with dozens and dozens of units, lots of people moving in and out, sooner or later, bedbugs might be brought in. They are not caused by dirtyness, they can infest the nicest places and hotels. How owners react is key. Too many owners/landlords would not react quickly or treat all surroundings units, so when a unit is cleared of bugs, they have already moved to the next ones and it never ends. I'm not overly concerned if my building showed up once on the registry. But you'll notice some buildings or renting companies will show up over and over, and those are the ones to run away from, as they do not care about fixing the issue. Taking extra time to read Google reviews, local subreddits, etc. can help you dogde bullets.
  8. DyatlovPass

    Local Scene

    Well OP has a point regarding reviews. It is much easier to make an informed decision in Toronto and Montreal, and the reason is the participation of the hobbyist community. This is the part of the "local scene" that could be improved here in Halifax. Strongly disagree with him on the scene being a "rip off". Very disrespectful to the local workers. Saying the scene is mostly a "rip off" is along the line of pretending the majority of sex workers are working against their will, or are drug addicts, etc. As for "street walkers", I don't how it's supposed to improve safety, for them or for us. That doesn't add up.
  9. DyatlovPass

    Asian massage on kijiji

    There was one a few weeks ago, along with a bunch of tools, it wasn't hooked up but she told me it was new. Might be hooked up by now.
  10. DyatlovPass

    B2B Massage

    If you keep an eye on "Donnie"'s kijiji post history, you might come across peculiar things once in a while, like postings of screenshots of her chats with prospective clients, or various ramblings. That put a damper on my enthusiasm. My interactions with her turned more or less coherent, and as someone mentioned above, rates can vary wildly, from normal to much lower. She don't share photos either.
  11. DyatlovPass


    Never managed to get a text back. Maybe I have been unlucky. If someone successfully contacted her, please let us know.
  12. DyatlovPass


    "I've seen a number of service providers over the past few years" Too bad we didn't hear about these other service providers.
  13. DyatlovPass


    I won't link to her facebook, but it's public, her username is right there in her ads. Anyway, as someone just pointed out, her ad says "no restrictions". When I contacted her, I was proposed something along that line.
  14. DyatlovPass

    Review: VIPOTG -- Angel

    Pics are not hers. She was ok.
  15. DyatlovPass

    Asian providers / first experience

    Nope, not at all. Lily is a good looking woman, who appears to be in her late 40s. But she doesn't look like the picture she's been using in her ads.