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  1. I have seen Blake's ad for a while, I wonder if someone has any intel about here. So far... - She answers in a very kindly way, - She says she has refferals on Sugar London and SP411, which I look for them found some for a "blake" lady (phone number doesn't match), posts are dated 2011 - googling her number finds the ad within different cities (but not overlaping times), however not a single photo First she said she was hosting at OYO, now she says she has a place on Louisa St.
  2. Have you ever gotten some SMS from Pimps with dead threats? I texted a girl asking for some info, and since I didn't continue the communication in the following hour I got a nasty text from the pimp. Thanks god I never use my personal line (instead a burden phone number)
  3. So, if you have been monitoring, yes there are a lot of scams but there are some new girls that are consistent (meaning posting same ad for few months). Taryn Marie, Lexiii, Tirzaaahhh Have anyone tried them?
  4. First red flag "dear", who uses dear? Only Indian scammers. Second red flag: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/cornwall_sexy_hot_fun_romantic_touching_gfe_available_for_you_dear-7085350?source=list https://twitter.com/YL_Angel
  5. Please note there is a paris that is legit, there should be a way to identify when the use the same name.
  6. If you have been in a resturant (who doesnt), you can agree with me that when you do not need a waitress, she is always around asking you how is food or if you need something else. But when you really need one, nobody comes to you. Why escorts are like that? when you are just browsing and text to get some info you get an answer right away, but when you need one on the spot, no one answers back :S
  7. My google fu is very bad.
  8. I have seen several times this girl ad, somehow it passes the basic checks (anti-fraud? ) 😄 Anyone has intel about her?
  9. I haven't seen her, just got a chat with her. She claims to live close to DQ, and to work on Nites Inn. The telephone number belongs to cornwall geographical area, however it is still a VoIP Number. I wasn't able to find any of her photos in public profiles.
  10. Same girl posted to be in Ontario last Jan 20th. two days later, another girl with the same number advertised. After a text, she/he? pastes the same answer, like a bot.
  11. Yes , thats hear. Happens it looks like a scam. 2 days later, another girl with same number. After a text, she pastes the same text, like a robot.
  12. Does anyone have any intel about a girll called "pinky" ? 16139026365 She says she is hosting at Richmond drive , which is an area that is very very isolate.
  13. closer to a dating/SA website free to post (there are other ways to get revenue) The idea is that if a provider posts, it is because she/he has passed the basic/extended verification process and she/he is willing to proof her/his legitness When someone calls her/him, regardless if the deal is closed or not, the customer know it is dealing with a verified provider.
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