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  1. Has anyone tried her? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/cornwall_sweet_as_candy_and_naughty_af_shhhh_i_love_my_job-5975789
  2. Lately, there are many girls working there, would be a good idea
  3. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_real_ready_now_naughty_fun_my_place_or_yours_647_375_004-5995846 Any comments? Here it is my little chat with her.
  4. For starters, fake photos (and she admits). You will get another girl, she says she is confident about that because she considers herself a "pretty girl"; but the truth is, you are not getting what the ad says. She advertises anal, I asked about the thickness via text, never got a straight answer. When we meet, she denies I asked and she says it was my fault because I didn't ask. Money was already taken. shitty service, I was not even allowed to check my cellphone; I was kicked out right away.
  5. Beware that she is being "pimped" or "boyfriended". If the manager allows it, I could post evidence with screenshots, however, that would discover her real identity (long story). Plus, not a serious person, don't ever send money up front. -4650 is the so-called pimp guy.
  6. I was about to say something like that. Focus in Canada.
  7. It would be 18+ ads, any suspicious ad that would mean human trafficking, pimping or underage will be deleted.
  8. Hi, as a businessman I have seen some gaps in the provider-customer relationship and I have an idea that could make it work. I would like to send some questions to some girls and hobbyists (serious people please) in order to know if this idea can be capitalized or not. It is a win-win thing for everybody. Looking forward to reading your answers, feel free to send me a private text
  9. thanks, do you happen to know the name of the law, so i can read it.
  10. Regardless the country where leolist is hosted (or the company behind it). How legal are these kind of websites in Canada?
  11. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_instagram_model_latin_brazilian_princess-3785996 She looks awesome, but i havent got any review about her (613) 707-0248
  12. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_instagram_model_latin_brazilian_princess-3785996 (613) 707-0248 has any one got her? any reference? Regards
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