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  1. I can't stop recommeding this girl if you need to relax. She will greet you with a great smile and almost nude. She is very friendly and she won't try to rush you. Not a clock watcher. My last karamelization was as awesome as the first. She greet me wearing a white shirt, while I was in the washroom, she was ready to go. Some small foreplay and she asked to stick it. After the action is done, she invites you to shower with her and she says goodbye with a great smile.
  2. no, sorry, didn't catch my attention.
  3. Karamelized again. If you are into fit, brown-skin, grey-eyed girls, she is the one! She is like sugar.
  4. Karamelized once more again. This girl is addictive. Be good with her, she enjoys her work.
  5. And last month, I got Karamelized again. I can't get enough of this girl. She is so sweet and loves what she does. Also, she has been working out a lot, this girl is muscle from nose to toe. If you want to have an excellent time with girl that won't make you finish right away, this is your best option.
  6. Guys, if you haven't been with Karamel you are missing something. If you are in to young, dark skin girls, she is the one. She knows what to do, you will be 10000% satisfied, and have I said she enjoys it? she is not the tipical girl that gets rid of you right away.
  7. After texting few weeks ago, and having a nice answering from her, I contacted her as she was hosting in the east-end. All was good until I crossed the door. The first thing she asked (not even a "hello, how are you? nice to meet you") was the money "give me the money, in my hand". Se look like the photos of her ad, but in her add she looks smiley, helathy; in person she looked like a junkie. Drugs? After that she went to the bed, laid on it and started texting with her two celphones. One or two minutes later, she took out something. It was a tube, she put a lighter on it, and after it melt a little she smoked. I asked if it was weed (playing fool), she said no. (any one knows what was that, no smell, weed smells). Yes confirmed, drugs. I was there on the bed for 15 mins watching her texting on the phone. Claiming that she is waiting for some money, and that she was running out of time to check out. At one point, I told her "babe, I dont have too much time" as I didn't see she was willing to stop texting; I just got an answer "me too", not even the courtecy of watching at my face. I started to get impatient. Few moments after, someone entered into the room. OMG, scarry! It was her "bestie" asking for the room as she was about to have a customer. I asked her, "what about us?", in which I got a rude answer "You will need to wait, as she is getting more money". I just got my things (literrally put my shoes on, I was still with clothes on) and got out. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_-7928029?source=list https://www.instagram.com/motogirl_xx (wasn't that difficult to find the IG) Last known number 6136778866 Please don't waste your money and time.
  8. An Image says more than 1000 words. Too much secrecy, looks sketchy.
  9. I have the honour and delight to be karamelized once more time. I can tell you this girl is serious business, she will go and do the extra mile to have you happy. Not to mention she is a very nice girl and honest. Be good with her...
  10. Yes, and I believe she is back under the name of Tia. Have you hired her?
  11. Hi there, So I believe this is something that everybody has been at least once when traveling. I am in plans of developing what I call fuzzy geolocalization, which it would give you only postal-code accuracy. I believe that is enough for travelers to find a selection of escorts who are closer. The questions here are, Hobbiest: is this something you would use? Providers: Would you be comfortable to report your location for this only purpose? (it will be fuzzied for sure) I need thoughs on both kind of players. Mainly to see if this is viable and dont wast my time on a very fun project that nobody uses.
  12. I have seen Karamel several times and I can tell you she is just awesome. She has a technique that many girls just dream about that. SHe is clearly not a scam. I repeat, not a scam. If you haven't been karamelized, you haven't had a good life.
  13. I couldn't find anything about Tegan, but I found an ad about Hunter. Photos are miniatures, which leads to a red flag to me. Google never shows anything about the phone number (tried different formats) nor the email. Telephone number is VoIP (an app). I would say you may contact and ask for a social account, compare account age and pictures.
  14. I have seen Blake's ad for a while, I wonder if someone has any intel about here. So far... - She answers in a very kindly way, - She says she has refferals on Sugar London and SP411, which I look for them found some for a "blake" lady (phone number doesn't match), posts are dated 2011 - googling her number finds the ad within different cities (but not overlaping times), however not a single photo First she said she was hosting at OYO, now she says she has a place on Louisa St.
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