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  1. Wow Notch! Alluring eyes and gorgeous lips too, the double whammy! I insist that they all give you a big kiss for posting their pics 😚
  2. I have to acknowledge @StephanieMystique that I found your interview heart wrenching and also that it led me to see you as a brave, strong, thoughtful and caring person. It may seem counter intuitive but the bravery and strength are indicated by someone who can reach out, ask for help and accept it. Not many are good at that. I'm copying and pasting your last sentence as it shows all of us here where our work needs to continue. Thank you.: "I owe the success of my business to Lyla and the community here that has supported me since day one." And a shout out to @lydiahardwood for all her support and leadership here for the community.
  3. Sarah I agree with you and also agree that Lydia's idea is right on the mark. While cerb/lyla is the only board I'm a member on I have the sense that it is unique on the basis of it's positive approach. There is alot of work that needs to be done to build traffic, engagement and participation on this site - and I'm certain it's worth doing. An interview related to that topic is an opportunity for the board to reaffirm and establish it's position as a SW friendly space (for both SWrs and clients) and to build back to its former strength. These interviews should be required viewing for all members joining the community - and I know that's perhaps a ridiculous expectation :)
  4. @OldandNerdy It seems to me your Nerdy sense tingle is on point! The link you provided is supposedly posted on June 4 yet the pictures have the date as being today (09.19.2020). You can tell I'm bored when I post in the NS escort discussion section when I don't live there. A quick glance at the time stamps on the posts on this thread and a look at Holger's join date and content/posts made me go 'whoa!'.
  5. Not that I went to SC.s regularly, especially since Barb's closed, but I never recall paying a 'cover' fee. If I new the cover also supported the dancers I would pay it and continue to anticipate paying too much for drinks :) Clear and concise messaging to the door staff collecting the fee will get the message up the line to management. I expect they know not to take it personally and just pass on the message. These are challenging times for many businesses and I have difficulty seeing that a $12 cover fee will fly.
  6. Despite having diabetes, I'm always willing to help a lady out :)
  7. I stopped in a week ago after reading newfy's post above and had a lovely visit with a Chinese girl by the name of Jasmine. Her English was good and she provided a great deep tissue massage. I prefer places that advertise the full fee as opposed to a door fee and negotiation but I left happy and will likely return. I wound up using the debit machine for part of my payment but that is not a concern for this single guy! Loved the massage!
  8. Assuming you meant to type 'snapchat which'. If not save her until Hallowe'en - she clearly didn't make it straight forward to contact her so it's difficult know who she is and offer a response. Not the wrong place - I was simply speculating that it could well be a scam and that your information, if you went to see her, would likely be most appropriately posted in the warning section. As for your post frequency; it is not only the providers who can build reputation here but also the client/hobbyists - I was attempting to respectfully suggest you do some homework on here for other options. Perhaps yet another epic fail on my part but there don't seem to be any other responses.... Good luck!
  9. Hey Novastorm: my recommendation is that you go visit and post the response (likely best politely posted in the warnings section) - my best advice is to check out local, active ladies from the local area and follow all their covid-19 accommodating protocols. Given this is your most recent post in over 5 years I'm reluctant to make a more specific suggestion...
  10. This is the Best Song for today: #SexWorkerPride #RedUmbrella
  11. Just bumping this thread up because today is the day: Sex Worker Pride Thanks to Lydia for posting this thread and also thanks to my many friends from Ottawa Independent Companions, OIC, who have the day flagged on their lovely calendar. I'm heading out to purchase a Red Umbrella and do a few passes in front of the Supreme Court of Canada holding it above me in solidarity with Sex Workers. #decriminalization #sexworkerrightsarehumanrights Given there's negligible chance of rain today in Ottawa I will hope to be stopped and asked why I'm doing this by passersby.
  12. Oh, oh, oh - this made me so miss Ms. Samantha in Ottawa! Notch, you've devastated me with one simple post.... but I liked it :)
  13. Sex Workers, and I know quite a few, are the most supportive, caring and thoughtful people I know. I send my support, care, thoughts and love right back at them!
  14. This is a very important and thoughtful topic to introduce RG. Like you, I've 'pre-booked and payed' for a couple of visits for post covid-19 times, when and if they arrive. I'm leaning towards arranging some 'physically distanced' social outings with some favourites: meeting for an outdoor coffee, glass of wine on a patio or a stroll through one of the many parks and pathways here in Ottawa. Social visits are awesome too. I've been for a couple of massage sessions where the MA or club have clearly spelled out their protocol for managing mutual safety and where masks were in use. Both sessions were with ladies I knew and in the case of the spa she came in to visit with me and a few of her regulars. When I'm ready for more intimate visits I will arrange with ladies I know from Lyla who are ready and willing to host - protocols in place, limited clients etc. I'm operating with an abundance of caution due to underlying health issues. In the meantime I haven't reduced my 'entertainment' budget - it's important to support your friends and any local SW organisations.
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