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  1. I am a Happy Goat (fan) - Ottawa's premiere roastery. I need you to read my coffee grounds..... Pets, milking, riding.... hell, even a sacrifice is fine with me!
  2. Well, Notch, this is not the word on the street..... Someone else can explain to @lydiahardwood the various references to outboard motor brands :)
  3. "Why, why is this? Think'st thou I'd make a life of jealousy to follow still the changes of the moon with fresh suspicions? Exchange me for a goat when I shall turn the business of my soul to such exsufflicate and blown surmises...." @Kitten I'm so ready to be your goat..... let's end this damn pandemic!
  4. First off, a thanks to @Ava Maria Love for sharing her thoughts and insights with us and, again, to @lydiahardwood for conducting these interviews, This one gets directly to what I feel is the heart of the lyla community. The answers to these three questions all identify the merits of lyla that deserve our support and engagement. #1 Benefits of lyla membership identified. I'm assuming advertising is still free on lyla - in the past, agencies and massage businesses (and the providers who worked there) were charged some sort of 'commercial' membership fee - identified by a username in red. @Yourfrenchlady (company account) is the only example I've noticed and I think that's a recent change. Many of my local SWs stopped visiting lyla as they rarely had 'traffic' generated from the site so I doubt it's sensible to charge for advertising but with more recommendations, more advertisers and more respectful discussion; the value of this 'non-toxic' recommendation board would be enhanced. #2 Boom! #3 I notice this sliding into the lyla forum mostly due to clients who haven't done their homework, have unrealistic expectations and simply import toxic review board culture. The source of much of this comes to us via leolist which, while having some sort of a business relationship with lyla, is not our friend. I don't mean to step away from the thanks expressed in initiating this comment, nor as a hijack, but to promote some discussion. Cheers, waterat
  5. "If you stay celibate It's like hell a bit. If you mind the pope and never ball You're robbing Peter to pay Paul" ...... if memory serves, I should be crediting Ernest Buckler; but I'll leave it to the NS members here to correct me.
  6. I'm in Ottawa and choosing not to see providers, nor MAs. I made this decision a number of weeks ago when it was clear the numbers, variants and the local fecal viral load monitoring were all going in the wrong direction. I've had two lengthy visits with providers and two massage sessions since mid February. One of the 'massage' sessions was a non-contact, physically distanced, mask wearing, social visit. Ranks among the very best of conversations and laughs I've had. It was great to be in the same room with a thoughtful, intelligent and beautiful woman who could share conversation. This MA declined to see me initially as we discussed 'high risk' clients; i.e. those whose worked required them to be in contact with multiple individuals in their work setting and 'at risk' clients; i.e. me, with underlying health issues. She didn't wish to risk infecting me, as she put it: "I'm relying on the honesty of strangers to identify if they've been in situations with potential exposure to covid-19". I've pre-paid to have an intimate visit with her once I'm vaccinated and have waited for the immunity to develop. I've 'booked' (date to TBD) visits with a couple of ladies (deposit paid) for once things open up again. This is a challenge for all of us who participate in SW and especially the providers: while the risks may be objectively small, they are very real and asymptomatic cases and the impacts that are showing up for the 20 to 50's age groups are extremely concerning. I've got kids who are travelling across Canada and one through Europe, for work, and I worry for them. Do your best to stay safe folks!
  7. @newfy Was this a visit on Apr. 5? The other local commercial establishments have closed, i.e. CMJ, ALO, Paradise/Angels..... maybe they're skirting the shutdown rules by using the 'massage therapy' designation but I think they're on thin ice. Have to admit I'm tempted by a visit but I think I'm just going to wait for a few more months for risks to be more clearly understood. My nephew, who is eight years younger than me, mid 50's gets his vaccine tomorrow, but I'm still waiting for a call from a local pharmacy.and then there's still a few weeks to wait after that. Wish we were all vaccinated. No disrespect to the designated 'essential\ workers but, for me, MAs are essential workers!
  8. @Allie Zeon long hair... but that's only because I know you can rock both! Poached or Soft boiled?
  9. Read that and now I have a new excuse. I'm a Scot.
  10. I'm Toque Wearing Timbit.... and it fits.
  11. So the chart yielded: Sun: Leo, Moon: Cancer and Ascension: Leo for me. I'll pass on the cancer if I'm able. Below that was a Sun reference to 'Sextile' but I think that had something to do with six, not sex. Once again my Latin ruins things for me, lol.
  12. 'Good at carrying water?' The real question is whether you're the 'age of Aquarius'.
  13. American Graffiti. I may have to go back and re-watch both to be sure I'm right. At least I am on the spelling, lol. Ittie bitties or buxom boobies?
  14. If I'm found asphyxiated with a condom over my head, Lydia, it's your fault. Occasionally my cock thinks it's bigger than my head, or at least that it's in charge of me. My sexual adventures began in the pre-HIV days and STI's were not rampant so the assurance of 'I'm on the pill' basically eliminated any condom discussion. Had one episode with an ex who claimed to have stopped taking the pill and was now pregnant but was, thankfully for me, lying. Not the first of many lies, whew! With my 2nd ex, within weeks of her period starting up again, baby number one was on the way.... My favourite poster of all time is of a bee flying from flower to flower and captioned: 'Bippity-Boppity-Bee, Beware of STD!' - didn't find an image of it on-line. Now visiting SW's who are protecting their health and livelihood, along with their client's condom use is expected and appreciated.
  15. re: Monkey Fart candles. When I have my morning constitutional and notice my shit still stinks I know it's likely a grateful day to be covid free.
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