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  1. I really appreciate your effort and thoughtfulness Kennedy! and have to agree!
  2. That vid sounded a bit like Donald Trump but made way more sense! lol
  3. waterat

    SP's Incall Locations

    Apology NOT accepted! A computer screen is easily cleaned and I want you you to keep making me laugh! No apology needed, lol. A kiss, however, is treasured. XO
  4. waterat

    Retro Beauties

    Agreed. I grew up lusting after Raquel Welch, I'm certain that Fantastic Vovage and One Million Years B.C. may be on netflix tonight!
  5. waterat

    SP's Incall Locations

    5/26/2020 at 5:35 PM, grizzlybear said:"... if you invite someone into your private space, you invite your address being broadcasted and you have no recourse legally or otherwise." In this business nobody 'invites' their address to be broadcast, Clients and SW's alike: these activities deserve and demand respect. Sex work just slightly increases the risk both ways, though I believe it's greater for providers. And there is recourse, both legal and otherwise. SarahAlexxx's comment above made me spray my computer screen with coffee, lol!
  6. waterat

    Babe of the Day

    I think you're right. Asking permission is the polite thing to do. The ladies had their pictures attached to their profile and now I have to admit that, in adjusting to our new format, I just don't look at then now 😞
  7. waterat

    Babe of the Day

    Note to wynn and Notch Johnson: I managed to scroll throught and like every post in the "Babe of the Day" thread before you did! How cool is that? - I think it was 20 of them (about 40 pictures)- didn't really count or look.... Remember back when this thread would mostly feature lyla member ladies and photos from their profiles? Probably not reasonable to to hope for that now but it may help build traffic to the website...
  8. waterat

    SP's Incall Locations

    Both. No dispute or discussion.
  9. waterat

    SP's Incall Locations

    My experience, here in Ottawa, has been that most providers only offer location during an immediate pre-meeting phone call. Doesn't offer complete discretion but does limit the risk of that being easily and inappropriately shared. At this stage I'll choose not to comment further, (oh yeah, I've got waaay more thoughts on this but they stray too close the edge of lyla rules) so I'll simply post two video links: one from Arlo Guthrie and the other from the Canadian treasure, Willie P. Bennet. I've shared WPB with Greenteal before but the message hasn't been recognized. Willie and I shared harmonicas at the Ottawa Folk festival back in the late 90's (something that doesn't happen these days!) : Anyway two good questions to address. I know where I stand. I do, and always will, stand with my sex worker friends
  10. Okay: let's add some perspective. First time poster and member since minutes before this first post????? Could simply be Joy Smith, one of the proponents of bill C-36, spreading fear and disarray into the industry she so vehemently opposes. The police don't generally have resourced to execute stings like this. I'm not holding my breath to hear from Lightskinlatin again. As my grandfather used to say: ' I could be wrong, I was once' At this stage no Canadian law was broken. Calling bullshit. Careful assessment and research are always important but let's keep the focus (fuck us?) where it needs to be.
  11. waterat

    Introducing... Member of the Month!

    Have to totally agree. Alot of initiative to bring this board back to what John Hartford described as "the Goodle days" (google it, lol). Lydia's initiative is what's needed to involve new users and share the love! Of course her thoughtful, generous attitude indicates the love be shared among the many wonderful providers and clients here on Lyla! That being said, I see her initiatives, posts and ideas as directing lyla in a positive direction. We all need to step up and support her.
  12. waterat

    Babe of the Day

    Agreed Notch! My brain malfunctions after about 2 posts/4 pictures so I tend to scroll through very quickly but I did notice she mostly doesn't part her lips and, I'd bet, because the one picture where she did revealed a small front tooth gap. Nothing wrong with that in my books. Smile!
  13. waterat

    highlights of the day

    RG I totally agree with your opinion. In the early 60's, whenever we visited my grandparent's house which had a cheese factory about 100 yds (yeah we didn't use m back then!) there would be a nickel, dime, quarter, whichever left on the table downstairs for me. Any coin would provide me with a monstrous bag - 2 lbs. or more - of fresh cheese curds shortly after I awoke at 6 am. That little boy ate alot of cheese curd breakfasts! Heading to my local store now to buy some fresh St. Albert cheese curds. Thanks for the insiration, my friend!
  14. I wish the phrase that got used were "100% real pics OF ME" lol - if it's a pic then it's a 100% real one. My hope is that the woman in the pictures closely represents the provider. Many ladies wish to remain discrete so hide tattoos and don't provide face pics. Professional pics are costly and don't always fit into the provider's business model and price point. I made a leolist mistake last fall and not only were the pics a totally misrepresentation but the service was too. I went through with the encounter as the 'little head' was running the life that day. Silly me: didn't follow Greenteal's advice and do any image search.... There was an interesting thread on 'fake pics' here in Ottawa some time ago and if I manage to find it I'll link it here. Luxe Mulvari made a thoughtful contribution to the discussion comparing service price to the service offered at various 'levels' of grocery stores - don't expect your grocery's bagged and carried out when you're shopping at a Food Basics rather than a regular Loblaws. I'll have a look for that thread as she said much more eloquently than my goofy precis. (Aside: I was very impressed with her comments and about a year later I managed a few visits with her and plan to see her again! Her profesional pics are her absolutely but they don't look exactly like the woman who came straight out of the shower the day after our first encounter to join me walking my dog. I can assure you it was still the same warm, caring person inside.) Whew: too much. Lessons? You're more likely to find an accurate impression doing your research here on lyla. If you see a provider and have a positive experience recommend they join here.
  15. waterat

    Happy Masturbation Month!

    Notch: that is simply what happens when you 'live life one orgasm at a time'! Keep doing that buddy, it works :)