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  1. BOOM! @Phaedrus nailed it. Well thought out, considered, informative, challenging and enjoyable interview. Great perspective offered. A huge thanks to @Phaedrus and @lydiahardwood for bringing this to us. It's Phaedrus' last paragraph that shows us a road forward.
  2. I can see why he has to keep his stick on the ice.
  3. #troll @danfan who can't spell.... he meant to select the name donfan. Just ignore.
  4. I wish it were a wet one.... but I'm fearful I've just sent more work your way and no pleasure. "All work and no play makes Lydia......." OK, I'll settle for not being a nightmare :)
  5. Shit Notch! I've been curious to meet you - and perhaps we've met at a cerb/lyla social or an OIC social and just never connected...... and now, damn it, I think I'd rather meet your wife. Stated with no disrespect or ill intent... just sayin'.
  6. To be clear the terms new/moderated member are no longer pertinent and should simply be eliminated. @lydiahardwoodThis is an annoying fix as all the excellent work you've done to rebuild the community and board mean moderation and monitoring are impossible..... and now I've gone and contributed to creating another task to distract you from more important contributions 😞 So here's one to correct: he helped me out with a comment on a thread I was interested in and when I checked his username and profile realized he had been on here longer than me, despite at the time having only about 15 posts - @newfy His name leads me to share another suggestion for many members that they can do on their own. Include the general location or nearest larger city as your location. This can help folks make suggestions for you if you're after information. It's usually pretty easy to determine 'where' ones interests are by simply glancing through previous posts and reactions in someone's content listing but this makes it easier and thus more helpful to you and others.
  7. Did he earn any pension by not taking a salary? He declined to salary simply to convince the ignorant he was so wealthy. And regardless he never 'did the job'. He's broke. The salary was a pittance compared to the millions he directed to tRump properties by having foreign visitors stay there, sending Mike Pence to his golf club, directing Air Force personnel to his Scottish club etc. He has run ripshod over the Hatch act and the Emoluments clause - had he made Ivanka his running mate and VP it might have made this more difficult to do but he probably wish he had thinking she (with no authority to do so) would have attempted to not accept the electoral college votes. As for the SS detail, they've no history turning on anyone and the donald wants them guarding him because it makes him feel important. I hope congress does strip him of these. The huge deficit and debt he foisted on the American people, even before the covid financial challenges means any savings need to be made. Besides it's symbolic.
  8. @500 Pound Gorilla Your comments are spot on. The 'new account' label is misleading. It is an artifact, I think, from members who were still in moderation (i.e. fewer than 5 posts) when the platform switched to the new format. Now that there's no moderation period a recently joined member with zero posts is identified as a 'general member'. @yak30000 is closing in on 4 years on the board in Feb. so I suppose that makes his 17 posts prior to starting this thread seem rather sparse. A quick glance at the content posted supports all of your comments. @Greenteal you've been more generous, hopeful and helpful than me. This vague 'project' (proposition?, proposal?) wouldn't elicit a response from any of my reputable lady friends here on Lyla. I'm pretty sure they would decline seeing him as a client. Post history alone would confirm that. This whole thread makes me think of the "Hey, you available?" texts that ladies too often deal with. They ignore them and usually just block the number too. @yak30000 you've been provided with a number of comments here, some a little harsh, none inaccurate and they should direct you to do some foundational work on your 'project' business plan and some reputation building. The OP has left a bad taste in my mouth - appears to be directed to vulnerable SW's during this Covid-19 situation and lockdown. It has left one four letter word bouncing around in my brain. Hope I'm wrong.
  9. Read this thread: https://www.lyla.ch/topic/174683-need-providers-and-hobbyists-for-a-quick-research/?tab=comments#comment-755133 Despite the fact that you started the thread you appear not to have read it.
  10. I had a toddler escape from the seat - either before the belts were installed or he undid the buckle - and fall to the concrete floor..... my wife insisted I take him to the hospital to be checked out. He has grown to be a multi time Olympian so no serious damage done. We all eat a peck of dirt before we die so put the kids in the cart.
  11. Many thoughtful, excellent points made here @OldandNerdy and this one rang very true to me: I find this is stated with understanding and respect. I also want to add that the final banner, which I'm assuming @lydiahardwood provided, "STAND UP FOR EQUALITY" identifies an opportunity for clients.
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