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  1. You could always post on Lyla, I know some people are using a Twitter account to post as well!
  2. Ashley was posted about in the warnings section just recentlyand the Britney in question now goes by Amelia Queen and they are not the same person
  3. I'm interested as well was thinking of seeing her tomorrow or Wednesday but I'm a little hesitant, not much for info around here
  4. I forgot to mention originally, also interested in massage that offer a happy ending if there's any of that in Freddy as well. I had no luck searching online.
  5. I have spoked to JMS do I will see her on one of my days but looking for any recos of any other local girls I shouldn't miss out on.
  6. For some reason it wobt let me post in the reco section anymore but I saw her last night in Saint John. I would highly reccomend. She has a beautiful face lo g red hair and blue eyes, well dressed and excellent service. Shes my new favorite and I will definitely be repeating.
  7. She has posted ads in SJ a few times now, anyone kbow if she's real?
  8. Sent her a few messages but no reply, she has been posting for a while now as Britney and Amelia queene if you do some searches on those you can find additional information.
  9. Still looking for any provider in the SJ area, no luck with the suggestions above.
  10. If anyone knows of an SP working in saint john
  11. I know she has been advertising for a while, would anyone be willing to PM if they've met with her?
  12. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/saint_john_oo_o_p_y-5899388 https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/saint_john_-5899413 Anyone have any information on either of these girls Hali numbers but didnt find anything in their forums?
  13. In moncton for the next 4 days, Looking for any recos or endorsements of SP's who are orally gifted. Feel free to PM.
  14. Oh man and I thought she wanted me estimating her tits all by myself
  15. Hello all Iwill be spending a week in halifax for a work event, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any of the local SP's that I shouldnt miss out on, also highly orally talented is preferred! Please feel free to PM me as well!
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