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    Welcome to my profile. I am new to this service and am looking to explore many new experiences within this lifestyle. Hopefully with more research, practice and training session with SP and MA and information on this site and this lifestyle i learn more through experience, enjoy pleasure and giving pleasure to my companion for memorable experiences. I am also hoping to find some regular ladies that will become FWB and will help me experience all that this lifestyle has to experience. I am attached, clean discreet play safe tested negative Jan. 2018. I love massage, hot soapy showers, 69, and kissing all part of a beautiful women. I love giving pleasure to my companion using all that is available to me and her including her toys or other participant. Respect, discretion is a must to truly enjoy each other and reach the ultimate sharing of sensuality, excitement, lust, orgasms, satisfaction of the physical, mental and emotional being. The positive sharing of sexual energy, lust, desir in a session by all participant will lead to a moment of relaxation, well being and happiness for all involved. Looking forward to meet you in the near futur and experience all there is to this lifestyle. Cheers. Should you wish to contact me pm me on this site for more info.
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  1. Thestarlove69

    Is Kimora still around?

    Yes she is still around. They have a place on Merivale near The merivale mall. Very nice and private condo. She shares it with Allison. She advertise on backpage.com for body massage. You can still send her private message here on Lyla. I saw her in December 2017 and had a nice body massage session. She is a very nice and also very pretty lady, very clean andnice provider.
  2. Thestarlove69

    Beautiful... Wow...
  3. Thestarlove69

    Location, location, location

    Hello Miss Molly. A great condo with discreet entrance and convenient parking for your clients. Nice shower in the onsuite to facilitate taking a shower for two. Nice massage table with mirrors on both side so we as client can truly enjoy your beauty andbody movement as you enjoy giving a nice massage, bodyrub and other delightful services. Try to have a bigger massage table to facilitate a duo experience for your client if you offer this type of service. Maybe have a sofa in case your client would like more specialized full service experience. I would love to see photos of your beautiful body. Your lips are very inviting and commwnts sweet to my eyes as I read them out. Cheers. Mature man who loves everything about a women's body and the trembling and goose bumps she displays receiving pleasure from a client who love giving same to beautiful ladies....
  4. Thestarlove69

    Kimora and Allision

    I had the opportunity to meet Kimora last week. She shares a condo on Merivale and Hunt Club areawirh Allision which is new, very clean, discreet, free paking and very private. Kimora welcomed me inside their place where i was greated very nicely and also received a nice hug from Allision. Being a mature gentleman both girls made me feel very at ease and comfortable. I was brought to one of the bedroom where a beautiful large massage table well set up with clean towels were waiting for me. The room also had a nice shower area large enough to accomodate a shower for two or three and also very clean. Beautiful Kimora with a wounderful body, all natural and beautiful booty had very agile hands and massage skills. Her bodyslide and breast running up and down my back was very sensual, her skin very soft, her nipples very exciting. Her intimate pleasure zone was mesmerizing and so inviting to the touch and would have been nice to truly taste her special and personal pleasure juice but I was fine in respecting her restriction as being able to touch her and feel her pleasure zone made up for the restriction in place. Being new to this area of pleasurable meeting i did not take all available services offered by both Kimora and Allision and decided to keep some fun for another session the next time i see Kimora. I need to do more reasearch on what is offered in this in this field of sexual pleasure. Kimora told me that she offers duo with Allison and that if I never experience such a session that i would not be disappointed. If i compare what I had with Kimora to the possibility of having both Allision and Kimora in a duo I am sure that this will be a session i will truly enjoy. The shower I had with Kimora at the end of the session was very special feeling her beautiful breast in my hands, her neck with my lips her sexy silhouette, her beautiful curves and booty really woke up my sexual appetite again and i was ready to do more but decided to hold off even after her skilled hands were stroking my hard mahood and my chest feeling her soft back and both of my hands enjoying he nice perky breasts. Although i might not be the stallion i used to be when i was younger Kimora made me feel very nice and adjusted well to my needs that day. Next time i will definitely try to enjoy her even more and feel her beautiful body with my hands and probably try the reverse massage for a while. Kimora and Allision do have a great thing going and hopefully they will be able to continue for a while more. THank you Kimora for a wounderful session. See you soon I hope... Big gentle bear.