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  1. You can't help yourself on any post let alone this one.
  2. The problem is, you arent going to not shave for a couple months 😞
  3. Haha I am probably not much older then you! I just like the women the don't conform to the norm of society and shaving.
  4. What a shame, to go back to 1980 lol
  5. Yes, I'm curious about others.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It's been something I have asked in the past, but it's been awhile so I thought I would post again. I am looking for an sp who stays au natural and doesn't shave. I also don't mean a week or two of growth. I think there is only one in the city that I am aware of.
  7. Trying to find a bush is super difficult
  8. Awesome Does she have a nice full bush?
  9. Hey! Thank you for your insight. Yes please do, that would be greatly appreciated. I've searched with no luck ... unless I want to travel to TO. No tks !
  10. Bush!! .. bring back the bush and stop shaving it off! 😋
  11. Some of the people in here are unreal, they will attack you for anything. Especially the truth
  12. After your replies I find this so bizarre. Weird flex, but ok.
  13. Everyone has their own taste in what they like in women and none of you can judge me for what I like. Who is laying out a complete blue print ? Greenteal you seem like your acting like a mod on this site based on what I've read on this post and others. If you dont like what I've posted. Move on, I dont need your judgement on what I like and how you think sexual excitement should be for ME. If you only like women with small breasts would you see a SP with larger ones ? When your spending good hard earned money upwards to 300/hr I think it's only fair to say we want to spend it on what turns us on, not just in hope's it's what you want. Everyone has specific interests, obviously I'm just more open about mine which might not be main stream. Once again you all know what this site is for and I think privately there is no issue with guys reccomdations for the questions I had asked. Yes looking back now I can see why discussing it in this post might not be the best idea, I almost didn't add that but decided to in the end when posting. I took some advice and asked a few providers in PM's or text and you know what ? - just the answer I was expecting. Hence why I made the post.
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