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  1. …none of this sounds like people working independently and maybe even freely. Personally I find those ads and situations concerning.
  2. Michelle is only outcall though, correct?
  3. Are there more massage places aside from Leta, Lily, Jordyn (been off a few months), Olivia/Sarah (not taking new people), Julia H/Mesmerizing massage? I feel like there’s only like 5 or so providers
  4. Just curious if anyone knows who a good provider might be for nervous couples looking for a first time experience. There are lots of great providers, but looking for someone that would be great at calming the nerves and hand holding a nervous partner through the process 🙂 thanks!
  5. Is there a FS option, or is it strictly massage? I’ve seen the add posted on the escort and the massage threads on LL, but it wasn’t clear. feel free to pm if that’s more appropriate.
  6. Gonna bump it one more time. It’s a long running add, but not a single review or mention.
  7. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/nova-scotia/halifax_naughty_latina_masseuse-7961129?source=list has anyone visited and would they recommend?
  8. Anyone? Over 60k views on the ad, no review though.
  9. Interested in knowing as well. multiple adds over a long period of time, so it’s strange there’s no reviews.
  10. Does anyone know what the options offered are? Feel free to pm
  11. Sorry for the confusion, I meant a happy massage, not just a massage. Some people may prefer massage because it eases them into the process. I imagine most people don’t just jump into FS PSE without testing the waters of massage first. Or they may want a less pressured situation to get to know the provider before committing to something more. I was just curious if there was another site or way to find local providers that have been around for awhile that provide this service, but may not use LL.
  12. Aside from LL, where would you find out who is offering these services? There seems to be a consistent 5 or so on LL, but not sure how you would find others. thanks
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