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  1. didn’t see her but i tried to about 5-6 years ago in NG, i made a time and when i found the place it looked like a big old haunted house , i said fuk that , kept driving
  2. good god where to start it says asian and curvy , pics are white , not curvy advertises bareback must send deposit ? run away
  3. says right in the ad indian / native that’s not east indian
  4. ugh wish i saw this before i went the other day it’s a back rub not a pro massage
  5. why do they agree to a time which obviously won’t work , you know when you’re checking in and how long it takes to get settled
  6. and the text sounds like it was written by AI
  7. i don’t mind either … if it’s someone i Want to hear from …
  8. ya i figured there would be opinions on that 😆😆
  9. pics look too good , search them says hispanic , she’s white as rice ?? deposit required = Nope local milfs , try charlotte , kylie jane ,
  10. she used to message me off and on after i inquired one time , sending pics all the time finally broke down and saw her , one and done , the pics are not current
  11. i saw her a year or two ago she is nice and the place was fine , a little out-of-the way
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