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  1. Last week I has the great pleasure of spending time with Sasha May Fields. So happy she has come back to Kingston. An absolute stunner, passionate, easy to talk too. I booked at 1.5 hour session. I always recommend a longer duration to get the full experience. I am not a big kiss and tell guy, so I will simply say she makes a guy feel great absolutely love spending time with this beauty can’t wait till the next visit check out her website https://sashamayfields.wordpress.com
  2. There two off the highway off division the courtyard by Marriott and holiday inn express I try to avoid comfort and quality inns especially after Covid as they don’t seem to be investing in keeping the rooms clean on another note so excited you will be back in Kingston xoxo
  3. I would love to nominate @Sasha May. She is so wonderful in so many ways. Kind, sweet, personable, and absolutely breathe taking i love all my time with this gem of a woman....love you @Sasha May you are amazing....
  4. Fully interactive, and so worth it My first experience with a threesome and it was awesome
  5. On Thursday I had the great pleasure of a duo with Sasha May and Kylie 2 gorgeous and fabulous ladies They did a great job at making me feel at ease and relaxed and the experience was mind blowing Spent 1.5 hours with these two fab ladies and it was so worth it Loved every minute Thanks for the great time ladies Xoxo Guys if you get a chance book this duo at the next opportunity
  6. It could also be under Sasha May
  7. Had the pleasure to spend time with this gorgeous fabulous lady last week Definitely a true GFE with one addition, she makes you feel like her man she hasn't seen in 3 months Great kisser Beautiful smile I don't really like to kiss and tell But she made me feel great Beautiful sweet personable She is amazing You won't be disappointed Lots of love Princ3ss xoxo
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