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  1. For clients and other providers who are inclined to share, that they have their COVID 19 Vaccines
  2. I don't have an OnlyFans, BUT I do sell content! Pictures, Videos, Customs, Items to your door (Lingerie, panties, shoes, socks and more) etc... I also offer a Snapchat Premium for $10/month, but don't miss out on my free Trial until June 15, 2021 callistacatrter6 Please Review my Services sections of my website for rates and information at callistacarter.escortbook.com
  3. I'd like to add something here. Not all sex worker stories are tragic, not all of us are doing it for desperation, not all of us are addicted to drugs. (Sure some are and to me that's okay too, because those things are stemmed from traumas I'm sure a lot of people have no fathomable reach, as they'll never know). It's okay for women to like sex. It's okay to try new things and be open minded. It's okay for someone to fall. It's okay for someone to be struggling. It's the power of getting back up that makes the world a different place for each person. We are all living the human experience. And in terms of sex work, we are human too. I am human. I have trauma from varied things including what I've shared. I've had major addiction issues in past. But I am building a future for myself. I don't do drugs anymore. I'm not sharing all my future goals (but they're in the process and I'm crushing it). If I can't inspire anyone from my story, then all the life I've lived up to this point was a waste. Thanks for listening and taking the time to review my interview and thanks again for asking me to share!
  4. Good afternoon Gents, I am working on my July schedule and am returning to the island for a quick visit! Stay tuned for exact date releases, but take a peek on my website for my tentative plan! callistacarter.escortbook.com I look forward to seeing you again! Xoxo
  5. Hey Langely, I am coming back June 24-26! I am accepting incalls near Willowbrook, please review my website at callistacarter.escortbook.com before booking. Please text or email to book at (250) 288-1807 [email protected]
  6. Penticton Last Day Kelowna Tuesday to Thursday Vernon Friday to Sunday Please review my website before booking at callistacarter.escortbook.com Please text or email to book: (250) 288-1807 [email protected]
  7. I agree and thank you for the support! I would have went more in depth if I wanted to and felt comfortable to. I do understand the curiosity though of others, just not being able to understand and wanting to. As for turning a negative to a positve: I have had way far less bad things happen since I've chosen to enter the industry as a sex worker. I don't have to see anyone I don't want to. I get to pick my clients as much as they get to pick me too. That's created so much healing on its own! Honestly, I was having sex often and was going on lots of dates anyways for a while and a friend was like "hey, I work at this agency, come check it out". I talked to Rikki on the phone at Black Orchid Agency, then for Victoria, and started there the next day and didn't look back. She made me feel welcomed, powerful and strong, when I first started anyways. I then had a lovely woman, come into my life and she showed me the ropes as an independent. I worked at agencies part time and worked independent part time. As I gained more experience and gained more healing via varied therapies, counseling, writing, dancing, learning to fish etc. I met another provider who toured often and she also taught me a lot more about boundaries and self empowerment, and I became independent full time.
  8. I chose to become a sex worker from a past of being trafficked, based off of getting my power back. Becoming a sex worker really made me realize that I do have say in what I do with my body and mind. It's been a very healing and liberating experience. I've learned where my own boundaries stand and don't settle for anything less. There's not enough money in the world for me to back out of my boundaries now.
  9. Children in India are being bought from families to old men and that is sex trafficking in itself as an example.
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