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  1. This tattooted newbie on leolist with a British Columbia number is convincing don't be fooled by the send etransfer and give password when she arrives because most etransfers are automatic..
  2. Ashley is very attractive..superwoman body..
  3. Thank you very much GT your the best..
  4. Hello folks These girls have been on leolist awhile are they real they answer texts pics are off the charts IMO
  5. Any information on this new ad on leolist
  6. Any information on this new ad on Leo
  7. Real Beauties..Today..Laylah..Sweetie..Ria..Brooklyn..Yasmine..Bea..just to name a few from my experience..
  8. We have some new talent local girls..Pics are real..😘
  9. It's been a couple weeks to get to this however this lady is amazing..don't hesitate to see her..
  10. Sasha is a great girl lots of fun.enthusiastic..and those tatas are the best..
  11. Can you confirm she's also Grace..Laylah.... Yasmine..as well..
  12. Any information on this person
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