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  1. No replies must be another fake ad number ends 6356
  2. Any information party friendly pm details
  3. Any information on this black girl and duos in moncton
  4. The no deposits I'm referring to would not include regular working sps if you feel it doesn't compromise your privacy..
  5. Any information on this duo..lots of views seems legit
  6. Emily or Tailia are super nice girls and you'll never forget either..
  7. Any information on Taya and duo couldn't find anything..hopefully real
  8. Joe makes a valid point..I'm sure the local authorities already have sights on them and wouldn't want to get caught in the crosshairs..If we don't contribute they will leave..I know I won't be..
  9. By taking a look at lyla announcements seems Sydney is where the best service providers are going..Take notice ladies it's the place to be I visit sometimes beautiful ...kind ...generous people..Although I find it has more than its share or obvious fake ads..however obvious ..key no deposits period..
  10. Folks we know alot of ads Asian and mixed with Hollywood photos are what they are Hollywood.and after we get location information confirms ..I agree with the girls in that respect don't share locations I've been guilty myself however the out of town Lyla beauties Cheryl..YFL.. and many local ladies are the real deal and Gorgeous ..just be smart..
  11. Nice location and girl..no messages please see for yourself and comment..
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