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  1. Come on folks chip in add to the post ..most heard or her..shes a thumbs down👎
  2. Someone must of seen her she's real and said busy dm or add some info to the forum helps everyone positive or negative..keep the negative in a dm..
  3. Sorry to hear that Matador..aces to you though for giving heads up..some are just terrible doing that or leaving to last minute to ask for a deposit.. What's the point no one wins..
  4. What's equally as frustrating is the lack of cooperation in replying to the topic.. ie names and no one shares experiences publicly on forum or private.. That's partly what this site is here to provide..
  5. Blossom is on leolist today I believe is real deal..
  6. Chloe looks real and nice have fun folks..no time wasted here..😉
  7. I'd see her but I'm busy today..don't be shy boys her spot is cool..she won't bite hard lol 2days ago Ottawa..maybe has a transporter..lol
  8. Well it's about time..wow I'm booked in..no messages see for yourself..
  9. Eva new in Dartmouth probably real..
  10. I was mistaken actually the hot luxxe Bella is on leolist now..
  11. Isn't she Bella that's been around awhile..maybe goes by Bella luxxe as well
  12. Try them all doesn't hurt they don't care if u stay or go..they aren't all 10s but either r u lol
  13. Who cares try a couple Asians at least their real and real cheap..not my go to but lots luv them ..why their here in droves..
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