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  1. Hi I'm looking for some suggestions for an online provider preferably someone local still. I have issues with shyness and confidence when it comes to woman especially ones i'm attracted to and well I want to get better, So I'm hoping to find someone to do video calls or something like that on a semi-regular basis doesn't even have to be a sexual thing i just wanna practice talking and maybe some flirting so i can force myself to get better because even something like that still makes me nervous So also hoping that provider will be an understanding and caring person Thanks
  2. A Truly remarkable woman both beautiful on the inside and out. Very kind and comforting while flirty and exciting at the same time. She made me feel special and desired. Never felt rushed and will most definitely be returning for another taste 😋 and I would highly recommend this gorgeous woman to everyone.
  3. Thank you all for the replies and suggestions and Happy Holidays!
  4. I was hoping someone could help me out with my search. I know a lot of them say they are loving and passionate but don't turn out to be. I'd really like a girl that loves to kiss and cuddle and is very kind and gentle and enjoys what she's doing and her time with a client. Thank you for any help/suggestions
  5. Thank you very much Jeastman appreciate the info and i fortunately didn't have a bad experience wasn't gonna decide on my first girl until i got a positive word from someone about her. And now I have :) Would it be possible to pass on that recomendation link. I believe it's her just wanna know even more about her before my visit now cause i'm excited lol :) the link was for another girl i was interested in as well. I was concerned cause Jordyn's add disappeared off leo ( not the link I posted) but after talking to her she just took her add down cause she was busy with personal things for the day but the add I was looking at yesterday was the one you shared in your post. Thanks again Have a Good one
  6. Het thanks for anyones help gonna be my first time so i want it to be a great time and not get ripped off by a fake lol so just doing some checking Sarah -https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_sexy_fun_and_available_now-4351220 Jordyn - Her add disappeared just as i was about to copy it which makes me a bit cautious but i did talk to her a bit and it said she had lyla reviews but i've been unable to find. If her add comes back up i'll edit and include the link Thanks again for everyones help/suggestions Cheers!
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