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  1. For Joy... YMMV. I saw her a few months ago , it wasn't great. My biggest problem was that she spent more time complaining, explaining etc. about problems she'd had in the past.than she spent on our session. In the end she didn't get me off and wanted to stop roughly 15 minutes short of my paid for time. Like you said there are some good reviews for her, maybe you have to catch her on the right day. As a general rule, I don't repeat with many SP's. I prefer variety. Having said that, most of them I could repeat with if the mood was right, timing was right , whatever. I will not ever go back for a second round with Joy. NOT EVER.
  2. I had a go with her a couple of years ago. It was an OK session, nothing spectacular. Pics in her ad are accurate. Nice body, not the prettiest face.
  3. E transfers have been discussed at length in this forum. At the end of all of it, use common sense. Do not send money electronically to anyone you cannot trust. There are a lot of women who are well known on the review boards that ask for some cash up front to weed out the idiots. When you come across an ad thats flaky, no reviews or fake pics, do not send them cash.
  4. Take a look through the forums on PERB.She pops up a few times there.
  5. There's another Toya out there https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/winnipeg/winnipeg_dream_girl-4114144. Saw her a few years back and it was great. Doesn't look to be the same person .
  6. I've been there 3 times this year. Every time I go I act dumb and say it's my first time. The lady at the desk then tells me what the room rate is and what the tip will be. I'm guessing that she then passes the information on to whoever I picked. There's never been any upsell, I put my tip out before the attendant enters the room and away we go.If you want more details ,PM me. I feel that if I get too graphic my post will be deleted.
  7. I've been offered FS there a couple of times over the years. At a high price. From what I understand the owner doesn't want the staff doing it and they're likely going to get fired if he finds out.
  8. I agree with you completely. No one gets to tell anyone in this business what to do , how to do it or what to charge for it. And the overhead they have for everything you mentioned must be enormous.If none of them wants to lay a finger on the guy with 70$, perfect, no problem with that. If a woman puts up an ad for 1,000 an hour, I also have no problem with that. Just don't be insulted when a guy says I only have 300, where can I find someone? I get to go about twice a month with one of these lovely ladies because that's what I can afford. If I win the lottery, I'm going to get some every day. My comment wasn't about whats being charged it's about spending what you can afford, being smart with your money, budgeting etc. The guy who's spending 70$ is never going to lay a finger on any of the women on LL or EC, and that's too bad for him, because they're fantastic. But should we be allowed to sneer at or belittle someone based on their financial situation?No.
  9. Without getting too many people too fired up I'm going to have to say from a purely economic standpoint, I can see where he's coming from. I don't know what he does for work, maybe he only makes minimum wage. Do the math. For someone making minimum wage it 's 2 or 3 days wages to visit the reputable SP's who advertise on LL or EC. Did he advertise in the wrong place and was he fairly crude?Absolutely. But he's just like the rest of us, wants to have a good time. Wants to be with a beautiful woman. That guy knows how much he can spend, was looking for information on where he might be able to find it and all he gets are people ragging on him for being cheap, disrespectful etc. Katie, Gia, please don't be offended by my post. Try to see the point I'm making, a lot of SP's are asking for more money than a large portion of the population can afford. There are several ads up today at 400\hr. I have a good job, I can't afford that. If you're offended at the thought of 60-70 dollars for anything, OK.Try to imagine how many guys there are out there right now, wishing they could spend an hour with one of the beautiful women they see on line. Check the bank account, got 200 and payday is 6 days away. Still horny.Could realistically drop 60-70 maybe 100 and still make it through the week. You may think it's disgusting or whatever but it's reality for a lot of people.
  10. She's real, that's her in the pictures. She's obviously very attractive but when I was there not very energetic. YMMV.
  11. I saw her a few years ago. Didn't get to do anal,maybe thats something new. Nice body , but not my type. And, while trying to be delicate, not the prettiest girl I've met.
  12. I've been going there off and on for years. I don't want to throw names around as personnel changes, new talent comes in with a matching name, what ever. I was told by desk staff once that it's 40 or 80. That was a while ago so it may have changed. In the room though, it depends on who you're in there with. Some of them play it straight and it is 40 or 80 depending on what you want. The last time i was there I was offered FS for 300$, if I want anything more than a HJ it would be 100.
  13. New advertiser on Leolist. Only puts her ad up long enough to book 2 or 3 appointments per day.I lucked out and got one yesterday. She is the person in the ad, matches the pictures. 100$ for an hour. Excellent massage, she really worked on my various aches ,pains and sore spots. Hand release included, other extras can be negotiated but FS is not available. She'll only be here for another week, may return next year for another short time. IMHO, the massage was worth the visit, she has talented hands. knows how to use them.
  14. Greenteal. You seem to enjoy complaining about any posts I make in this category. You need to take a look at the heading for this category where it tells us this is where to go to report bait and switch. And , on this particular woman, I did not stick around and do anything with her. Turned around and walked out. In the future, when I run into another bait and switch, I'm going to report it here again. Not crying wolf, not even complaining. Just letting everyone else know . So please stop jumping on every post I make. Please. Please .pretty please.
  15. I keep trying. Sent a text to "jenny" last night. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/winnipeg/winnipeg_sexy_jenny_available_24_7_incall_downtown_or_outcall-3547194. 30 minutes later I get this reply; " I host at my condo downtown for incalls, rates for outcall are the same as incall. 200 for half 250 for 1 hour. Bareback full service with no restrictions, creampie,anal,bbbj and fetishes. I only accept interac transfer via email for payment prior to meeting for my safety as I'm independant and to be sure you're not a cop or law enforcement" Needless to say, the conversation ended right there. Clearly fake on so many levels.
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