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  1. Grishnak

    Tipping at EB

    I've been going there off and on for years. I don't want to throw names around as personnel changes, new talent comes in with a matching name, what ever. I was told by desk staff once that it's 40 or 80. That was a while ago so it may have changed. In the room though, it depends on who you're in there with. Some of them play it straight and it is 40 or 80 depending on what you want. The last time i was there I was offered FS for 300$, if I want anything more than a HJ it would be 100.
  2. Grishnak


    New advertiser on Leolist. Only puts her ad up long enough to book 2 or 3 appointments per day.I lucked out and got one yesterday. She is the person in the ad, matches the pictures. 100$ for an hour. Excellent massage, she really worked on my various aches ,pains and sore spots. Hand release included, other extras can be negotiated but FS is not available. She'll only be here for another week, may return next year for another short time. IMHO, the massage was worth the visit, she has talented hands. knows how to use them.
  3. Greenteal. You seem to enjoy complaining about any posts I make in this category. You need to take a look at the heading for this category where it tells us this is where to go to report bait and switch. And , on this particular woman, I did not stick around and do anything with her. Turned around and walked out. In the future, when I run into another bait and switch, I'm going to report it here again. Not crying wolf, not even complaining. Just letting everyone else know . So please stop jumping on every post I make. Please. Please .pretty please.
  4. Grishnak


    I keep trying. Sent a text to "jenny" last night. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/winnipeg/winnipeg_sexy_jenny_available_24_7_incall_downtown_or_outcall-3547194. 30 minutes later I get this reply; " I host at my condo downtown for incalls, rates for outcall are the same as incall. 200 for half 250 for 1 hour. Bareback full service with no restrictions, creampie,anal,bbbj and fetishes. I only accept interac transfer via email for payment prior to meeting for my safety as I'm independant and to be sure you're not a cop or law enforcement" Needless to say, the conversation ended right there. Clearly fake on so many levels.
  5. Grishnak


    Once again, thanks to all who have commented on this topic. I didn't think it would generate this much interest, was really only hoping to hear from others who had booked this way and that it went well. I have seen positive and negative posts surrounding this. Cinelli's post is a positive. On the negative side, two guys posted on the Brandon site that they sent a deposit to an SP and lost their money. Doing some research and only going to see reputable SP's seems to be the way to go. Overall, in the time I have been a member of this site, I have to say I'm very disappointed with the number of reputable, real SP's in Winnipeg. A lot of women I try to contact don't even bother to respond. There are tons of bait and switch ads, of the women I've seen recently only Valerie Sinclair, Ella and Brittany match the photos in their ads. Apologies to all that I have not met who match their photos. All in all, as much as I enjoy this pastime, it's getting harder and harder to enjoy it.
  6. Not looking for sympathy, big Green. Just trying to give you and all the other pooners out there a heads up.
  7. Jessica Lee. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/winnipeg/winnipeg_winnipeg_short_stay_36dd_young_busty_5_star_modeling_body-4143948 Currently on Leolist, Ad pops up several times daily. The woman who meets you looks nothing like the woman in the ad. Not even close. Maybe 20 years ago and 40 pounds lighter.
  8. I agree with you blue. Body pics would work just fine, no face pics needed.
  9. Greenteal, it says this is where you go to report bait and switch. Thats what I did. I don't spend my days doing picture searches on google. And,IMHO, most of the asians who come to Winnipeg don't really look like the photos they use in their ads. The only reason I mentioned this one was because it was polar opposite. And, after I posted they changed the pictures in the ad to someone who is closer in appearance to the girl doing the work. The stupid thing is they could easily just use pictures of the girl who meets you. She's attractive , slim.
  10. Fresh ad on Leolist for asian Anna.https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/winnipeg/winnipeg_new_yong_beautiful_asian_girl_airport_txt_now_613_608_4271-4068424 . Pics show petite blonde, pale skin, pink nipples, C cup. Woman who meets you at the door is tall, brunette, darker skin, smaller boobs A or B cup size dark brown nipples. Claimed to provide services including BBBJ, COF, CIM, DATY. None of that happened, it was a clinic on asian providers. Very quick, clean. A couple of minutes of her going down on me, covered. Then she rides for a bit before moving to missionary. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every second of it, she was young, cute and snug. Just not the woman in the ad.
  11. Or maybe it's an old one with fresh wrapping on it. There's rotating ads on leolist about a chat line that's free to call and talk to local women. Lots of pics and descriptions of the women available. But it said free to call so I took a shot. Was on the phone for about 3 minutes, it's all recorded , no live people at all. Hung up the phone and immediately got a text saying I would be billed 15 dollars and change for the time I spent on their chat line. Here's a link https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/winnipeg/winnipeg_winnipeg_girls_free_call_204_800_6462_or_mobile_6556-4066640
  12. Thanks for the heads up. She (?) is advertising in Winnipeg at the same time as she is in Brandon..I liked her pics and was going to book but not now.
  13. Grishnak

    Kendra Banks on Leo List?

    Kendra Banks is her latest name. I saw her a few months ago when she was Kylie Foxx. She's a bit bigger in person than what her photos show. If you like big butts, you'll love hers. Appears to enjoy her work. Incall location is not great , her bed is only a few inches off the ground and the mattress is brutal, almost non existant, more of a futon than a bed. But, she got the job done, twice, in under an hour so she must be doing something right.
  14. Grishnak


    Thanks to all who took the time to reply.Every time someone requested this I backed off. Just wanted to see if anyone else was running into the same problem. I haven't been on this site for very long but i have been enjoying this activity for over 20 years. As far as developing a client\SP relationship, I don't think I could. I like variety and rarely visit an SP more than once.
  15. Grishnak

    Sarah Jane

    Let us know how it goes, I was thinking of giving her a call myself.